Lionel Scaloni renews Argentina national team contract until 2026 World Cup


Lionel Scaloni has renewed his contract and will remain coach of the Argentina national team until the 2026 World Cup.

Scaloni has signed his contract renewing with the Argentina national team. AFA president Chiqui Tapia confirmed that Scaloni has signed on until the 2026 World Cup following several weeks and months of negotations.

He first became interim coach of the Argentina national team in 2018 after being part of the 2018 World Cup coaching staff. He would become permanent coach in 2018 and coach the team at the 2019 Copa America.

Still only 44 years old, Scaloni became the first coach since Alfio Basile to lead the Argentina national team to a trophy. The team would win the 2021 Copa America in Brazil and the 2022 Finalissima against Italy.

The Argentina national team are presently undefeated in their last 35 games.


  1. I am so happy to hear this. Happy for him as well as happy for us. Hope he got a good contract. It is amazing what he has pulled off since 2018. We actually have a better squad than 2014 and that is incredible.

  2. La Scaloneta lives on.

    Nice timing for the continuity announcement. I’m sure it relieves some unnecessary pressure for him and the players. Last thing they need is feeling responsible for his contract and it gives the players something to look forward to after the WC.

  3. Macalester had a good game. he perfectly done his duty, looks cool, simple as always..
    After messi he is best on the field today.
    Tyc sports also give him 2nd highest rating..lolšŸ«¢

  4. Great news for Argentina. The Scalonita must continue.

    Congrats Scaloni, you deserve this extension. You have already become one of the greatest coaches ever for our NT.

    35 unbeaten games, hope it extends beyond world cup.

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