Lionel Messi scores a free kick goal for PSG in 2-1 win vs. OGC Nice


Lionel Messi scored a free kick for PSG in their 2-1 win vs. OGC Nice.

Messi has now reached five league goals and seven assists for PSG in nine league games. PSG were awarded a free kick and it was Lionel Messi who took it and scored to give PSG the 1-0 lead.

The Argentine has now scored in his last five games as he got two goals before the international break. Both goals came in the Champions League and in the league.

He would score in both games for the Argentina national team, one of which was also a free kick.


  1. If fit Pablo dybala should be lautaro Martinez backup no doubt. Rather than always passing julien Alvarez should try to take on defender because he’s striker not midfielder. Teams expecting goals from him…

  2. Common Scaloni take Icardi or Alario or simioni in No.9 position as a backup for Lautaro. It’s terrible Coach is not interested these strikers. These three are in good age and experiened..I think it’s very took any one of the above.

  3. Fortunately Dybla playing under one of the best coaches in the world . Juventus spoiled and mishandled his 2or 3 years.bad luck.Before WC he is in gud shape.Hope he is injury free for WC.
    i don’t like Licha playing in Cb atleast in this WC for arg. I think a CB should be a gud leader in backline. He needs little more experience with Arg national team.

    • What did Licha did now? He was the only one playing well for United. His positioning and passes were great under pressure. After today’s match I am convinced that Licha should be paired with Cuti and Otamendi should come off the bench. Other than the third Haaland goal where he was ball watching along with Luke Shaw, who left Haaland unmarked non of the goals was his fault.

      Julian Alvarez is the one we should worry about. He is only going to get 10 to 15 mins maximum as Haaland is not only irreplaceable, Pep has stopped subbing him out. On top of that Haaland is so young and fit that he is going to play every Epl and Champions league matches. Alvarez decision to move to City was very poor and at this age when he should be playing regular futbal he is forced to be a spectator like Ronaldo. 🤣. His one on one misses for us was clear indication of how lack playing time is affecting his scoring. Kudos to Enzo Fernandez for selecting Benfica and getting regular playing time. He will move to a big club next season with a huge transfer fee. Dybala’s current form and Alvarez lack of playing time means, Alvarez should be third in pecking order and Dybala must be the direct sub for Lauraro.

        • @ElCholo if you still think Dybala is a direct sub for messi thn don’t include him in ur squad there is no point for including Dybala for a player who never subbed off. Dybala should even be starting with messi lautaro. He is playing at right wing at roma and u can’t drop him dimaria is out of form now and i don’t believe he can last the whole tournament starting in the wc we should save him for the later stages of the tournament

          • Good point. Well, Messi might get injured.
            Haven’t seen Roma this season. Wondering if Mourinho has him playing wider than ever. Agree about Di Maria but N. Gonzalez is a better option assuming he is fit and in form. Di Maria should be used as a super-sub. Maybe starter in important match if we plan to counter.

          • @ElCholo Nico will play at left wing but he can’t play in right wing. Messi doesn’t play in wings anymore so we have only 2 options in right wing dimaria or Dybala or we can even play lautaro and Dybala upfront with messi behind as a no. 10 and play 4-3-1-2 formation.
            Another formation could be 4-2-1-3 where 2 holding midfielder could be depaul &enzo or paredes &enzo or paredes & locelso and then messi as no.10 and then 3 forwards nico lautaro and Dybala/dimaria

          • We won’t play anyone as right wing. It will be


            When Di Maria comes on, he moves between left and right. Either way, we don’t play 2 wingers. We rely on fullbacks.

            Don’t see any spot for Dybala.

            One thing Scaloni is doing that other trainers failed to do, is not playing every talent but rather making the team work. Players in the proper position, no players playing together who step on each other’s toes, don’t work well together.

  4. Lucky for our boy Licha, non of the goal were scored by the player he was marking when city was attacking. Both goals scored by Haaland was when others were marking him. 🤣🤣🤣

    Other teams go for a draw against City and defend deep waiting for occasional counter attack but that early goal forced United to attack and push their players forward, resulting in 2 goals from City counter and 1 from corner.

    • Look at the 5th goal. Licha completely loses Haaland in the box. Clearly at fault.
      6th goal Licha tries to spring the offside trap and the other United defender doesn’t move up. Probably not his fault but communication should be better.

  5. Spurs fans are not happy Antonio conte’s style of playing even though Spurs were winning games some fans were complaining how boring to watch thier team it wasn’t convince performance lately but he was just getting results however arsenal dominated yesterday and that is how to play football attack attack get your fans exciting.

    • I think there is something to do with their fullbacks. In a 343 or 352, the key players are the fullbacks, in some teams, they play almost as playmakers. Once they sign different players in those positions, that should be better.

  6. Dybala continue to impress under Mou. Lautaro and RDP hasnt been good at their clubs in recent weeks but they showed no rust when playing in national team.

    Messi has reached 60 FK, he could surpass the likes of Maradona, Zico, Beckham and Ronaldinho who has 62-66 FK.

  7. I have three things to state:
    1- Rest In Peace to those whom lost their lives in Indonesia.
    2- never in the history of soccer has someone scored such a great free kick and on the next free kick (in almost the identical place) was NOT allowed to take the free kick. Its soccer blasphemy !!!!
    3- Leo Messi is no longer the best scorer in the world. The team doesn’t pass it to him in scoring position enough to be so. But Messi is STILL the greatest player on the field. His dribbling, chances created, passing… STILL EXTRAORDINARY player of the match yet again for PSG.

    • They will host u20 World cup next year, probably will be cancelled. Also, I just watched Deep purple Live in Indonesia 1975 documentary last night which documented the violance happening during their show with 100,000 people in it. Crazy stuff.

  8. According to Joachim Klement who predicted the WC previous 2 winners correctly: Germany and France. Argentina will win the World Cup beating England in the final and Spain in the semis.

    Nobody knows what will happen in the WC but if what he says is right, which is quite realistic, would be interesting. That means Spain would likely beat Brazil in the quarter final and meet us. On the other bracket England would probably beat France to make it to the final.

  9. Sending prayers to the family of the deceased. A black day for Indonesian football! So Sad

    Riot and chaos at an Indonesian soccer match after police fired tear gas to stop brawls left 153 dead, mostly trampled to death. Several fights between supporters of the two rival soccer teams were reported inside the Kanjuruhan Stadium in East Java province’s Malang city after the Indonesian Premier League game ended with Persebaya Surabaya beating host Arema Malang 3-2. Hard to think! No football match is worth human life

    Rest in peace

  10. 2nd seasons at psg shows that the happier messi =dangrous+inform messi
    This is why i am so excited to see him at Qater because i am sure coming to a worldcup he was never so happy abput his squad (if by the sake of god no injury to our players)

  11. I hope Messi will lift the trophy in Qatar this time because it is the perfect ending for the best player of all time. Above all, he is also the most ideal model of the young generation who love football around the world. After the World Cup, it doesn’t matter if he stays at PSG or returns to Barca. He can continue to play because it is his passion, his happiness and also the football fans. After that, nothing in football can hurt his spirit anymore. I believe God will bless him for his humble personality, exemplary lifestyle and what he has contributed and shared. In the end, I think he will return to Barca if Barca welcomes him again because he and his family are used to living happily there. He is an introvert and Barca has given him everything throughout his career since he was a boy, so he considers Barca as his second home after Argentina, where gave birth to him. He is someone who is always grateful for those things. Either way, Barca still always be in his heart.

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