Walter Benítez comments on wanting to play for the Argentina national team


Walter Benítez spoke about wanting to play for the Argentina national team.

Benítez has not been called up to the Argentina national team but has been playing well for his club. Now at PSV, the Argentine has represented the Argentina national team at youth level. He spoke in an interview with Ole about Argentina. Here is what he had to say:

“I never lose hope about being in the Argentina national team. I maintain the illusion. Today, the coach has picked the players for the upcoming games. But on my part, I will continue to work and to give my best on the pitch. Today, it’s not given. But maybe tomorrow yes.”

His views on the Argentina team and Emiliano Martínez:

“There has been a big change. Today, it’s a group with young players that get the chance to soon play at a World Cup. It’s a very good process in which many consecutive games were won.

“And in terms of Emiliano, he has done a very good job in these games. He has shown that he can be with the Argentina national team. As much with Aston Villa as with Argentina, he has done well. Obviously, his place is deserved.”


  1. Benitez over rulli…any time..
    Marshesin over Rulli…any time
    Musso over Rulli…any time
    Ledesma over Rulli… Any time
    Even Armani over Rulli.. Any time……

    We dont need any error pronens Goal keeper. Its too much risky…

    Just Imagine… World Cup final match. Face off Argentina vs France but the goal keeper is super nervous Rulli….bcoz Emiliano Martinez wad injured in da semi final..🤐🤐🤐

    • Rulli is among our 2nd and 3rd best goalkeepers. That’s a fact. He’s had CL team of the weeks and MOTM performances. But his greatest weakness is PRECISELY handling pressure, which is exactly what the World Cup demands a ton of. His performance under pressure against Liverpool was dreadful, lost the game almost on his own. Then on the other hand we have Armani who has more experience, is a captain, and is very used to the pressure of Libertadores knockouts and finals while also having WC experience under his belt. But his level is very very low compared to that of what a WC demands on the pitch. He’s had some suspicious moments for a while now in the local league for River. Weird dilemma, fingers seriously crossed that nothing happens to Dibu.

  2. I hate Pep even after haland scores hatrick he is not substituting him and bring alverz as a striker instead he always plays alverz in the wings that too after attacking mids substituted.
    He is killing his potential

      • If Alvarez has learnt any lesson he will force a move next season. If he doesnt and agrees to continue as a bench warmer then he will lose his spot in the national team too. It won’t be very long before Argentina produces another good striker.

      • I wish alverz joined bayern liverpool mancity has too many stars and alverz is very important for us post messi era
        Also GRANCHO AND SOULE CAN OUTSHINE ALVERZ FOR WINGS alverz finishing skills are superior to all other argentine youngeters

  3. Gentlemen listen this , I just met spurs fan and we were discussing about football he was just tell me that cuti Romero isn’t that good he says he rushes bit too much
    I ask him how about Eric dier is he big liability? I also told him if cuti Romero was playing middle of the three he would have much better. My point is this spurs fans and English media won’t back down to hammer foreign players for single bad game. He is instantly forget how good Romero was through last season without him they wouldn’t have made uefa champions league. I don’t care what spurs fans think of Romero to me he is the best defender Argentina produce such long time a long with licha and Argentina will go far world Cup bcz of cuti Romero.

    • If you ask a spurs fan after his worst EPL game, of course people would say he is not that good. Ask that guy again after he becomes MOM against City or Liverpool.

      This week is a bizarre day for any world class CB. Licha, Varane, Van Dijk, Dias, Cuti all performed below expectation.

      The reality is Cuti is loved like crazy. They think of him as the best signing in the last 10 years. Conte is also loved. They love him a lot. No way they would want him removed.

      What is good about the Spurs fans is that are very very fair and not biased. If their favorite players play bad (like Cuti or Kane), they would say it. For example they agree that Cuti needs to improve his concentration. If they play good, they will worship. And no Cuti does not get treated like Lo Celso. Lo Celso always got the blame in the past because of his price tag did not represent his true ability according to them.

      • I agree most of your comments above.
        I think licha had good game at personal level but his teammates let him down I got it when your team conceded six goals doesn’t look good at any defender and that is the case for licha I’m afraid 😉

  4. Halaand is has a great start to his EPL career but now every team will deploy extra defender to mark him unlike until now where only one defender was marking him. His explosive start will force teams to mark him with multiple players. His real test will start now.

    • Buendia is just not that good. Doing well in the English second division means nothing as English second division level is much lower level wise than MLS or Mexican league. I mean I am sure Gonzalo Higuain today would score 50 goals if playing for any English second division league.

      On the top of that, Liverpool have a bunch of average-better than average AM that Buendia needs to compete with such as Coutinho, Bailey, and Watkins. Buendia is fine but I don’t think his ceiling is that high.

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