Joaquín Correa suffers strain to his left knee


Joaquín Correa has suffered a strain to his left knee.

Correa was injured during Inter’s game vs. FC Barcelona on Tuesday in the Champions League. According to Inter, the 28 year old has suffered a strain to his left knee and the club will be evaluating him in the coming days.

He underwent medicals tests on Wednesday as he had some discomfort during their Champions League game.


    • There is no relation with angel Correa.
      J. Correa injured means there is a chance someone out of simeone, alario or even icardi can get a chance

    • Enzo has played a great match but he is nothing like Roman. He is primarily a defensive mid and does not dribble.

      Enzo has been all over the pitch tackling and intercepting. He is tidy with the ball. Only lost it one time when he had little space on the play he got booked.

      The cross was brilliant. Dropped right between the 2 defenders.

      • Call me troll or whatever but in my memory, Riquelme was good player but he was not the “Wow” best playmaker Argentina had. And he is/ was overrated in my opinion. The guy was too slow to influence the game against quality opponents, except for that one WCQ in 2005. I see to get frustrated when would hold on to ball make countless back passes to Mascherano instead of organize plays for Messi. I was not a fan simply because he never cared to set up Leo when he was in open spaces. So Although Maradona was bad coach, I don’t regret him criticizing and eventually Roman retiring from the NT. I preferred Aimar or D’Allesdandro as playmakers because they were much suited to Messi’s game. Had Pekerman been brave enough to trust Leo and replace Roman with Messi who was a starter alongside Ronaldinho and Eto’o for then UCL champions in 06, the Krauts would have been on the back foot. For me, I remember Redondo, prime Veron and Aimar as the great playmakers over Riquelme. And in today’s team where would Riquelme play?

        • Agree that Messi should’ve played in the 2006 WC. He was good enough but Argentina normally overvalues experience.

          That said, I remember Riquelme playing well with Messi. At the time Messi was a winger so they were not incompatible at all. Problem was personal. I don’t think Riquelme liked Messi que he was outshining him. Riquelme was a difficult character.

          Riquelme and Mascherano were great mids but very unbalanced. I prefer all around mids like Simeone, Redondo, De Paul. Enzo is a balanced mid, more on the defensive side.

        • I strongly disagree with you on this
          one. Roman was a monster. No Argentine supporters or Argentine nationals will say anything bad about Roman. Aimar or veron wasn’t on his level..

          • Gonzalo, Ive been following NT since 1976, and Argentina football. To say that Aimar wasn’t every bit of the player that Riquelme was is total buffoonery. Lets be clear about something and not mix words. First, Aimar had a problem with injury. He was always injured. Second, he was a slight build and couldn’t take the kicking. Notice how different Messi is built than Aimar. Speaking of Messi, Aimar was his idol. I respect Riquelme, but Roman is a miserable SOB back then, and even today. The only thing that saved that guys Argentina rep was his association with Boca. Was he a great player, yes. Was he Redondo all around, not in his wildest dream. He was slightly below Aimar. Had Aimar been more healthy, we wouldn’t have this discussion. Also, if you want to talk about Roman, don’t forget about him crapping all over Boca in 2 years, and his BS fight with Maradona. Roman has an ego bigger than his resume.

      • When he was playing as an attacking midfielder in River he wasn’t static. He is playing as a defensive midfielder against a top attacking side what you expect to do??

        • Overall a slow guy with even slower dribbling speed a la Paredes. Good retention dribbler. He reminds me of Banega with more physicality and versatily but less vision and passing skills

          • @Csabalala he is not playing in attacking midfield, he had to dribble fast, he is playing as defensive midfielder here you have to observe more, he can perform as attacking midfielder he did it in argentine league, if coach wants to use him as attacking midfielder he can perform that role too, but not like locelso i agree on that

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