Lionel Messi on winning the Copa America with the Argentina national team


Lionel Messi spoke about winning the Copa America with the Argentina national team.

Messi was crowned 2021 Copa America champion with Argentina after having lost four finals. After several tournaments lost, he was able to win a trophy with Argentina and in Brazil.

The Argentine spoke to Star+ about the 2022 World Cup, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni and Sergio Aguero retiring. He also spoke about all four World Cups he has participated in with Argentina. He also spoke about the current Argentina team and winning the 2021 Copa America. Here is what he had to say:

“I’m one more in the group and in this case, I try to join them because they were all kids who already knew each other from before, they were young, I got there later because I wasn’t there in the first games of that process.

“I did more than normal for the way that I am to integrate as quickly as possible. I was the one who tried to get closer.”

On winning the Copa America:

“I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t know how to celebrate in that moment. I was there, what I was missing was given. One of my objectives to close everything for me was fundamental to be able to win something with the Argentina national team.

“If not, I would have always been left with the thorn of the lost finals, of not having been able to win with the national team. It was the moment to say that’s it. I would have liked to have enjoyed being champion with the people in Argentine for a few more days. Because it was crazy beautiful.”

How the country lived it, the days after, until today, I believe that people are crazy with the national team, with what is coming, excited…


  1. Dybla in good foam. I think scaloni is happy about his current performances. And he is worried about lautaro. Foam and fitness is important in a major tournament. Hope dybla continue this and we can pray for his good fitness..
    Messi dmaria dybla these three are back in thr best foam before starting WC
    it’s a blessing for Scaloni & Co.Similarly DePaul locelso and Paredes also need to get thr full foam back.

  2. Nothing lasts forever and I’m glad Messi said that this would be his last WC unlike the shmuck whose arrogance knows no bounds, thinking he’ll play until he’s 50.

    Messi came a LONG WAY leading up to this point, we witnessed his progression first hand, supernatural talent who shied away from the media who always praised him BuT BUT “not the same player for ARGENTINA as he is for Barcelona’, always echoed. We saw his pain and anguish displayed openly for everybody to see, we heard how he’s better off quitting the NT because they don’t appreciate him enough to help him. Criticism galore, how he’s no leader, Not worthy of the captain armband …………. and then something clicked, a more aggressive, angry, determined, verbal, a Field Marshal appeared on the battlefield leading his army FROM THE FRONT, leaving no doubt whose team this is.
    I hope and pray that the final chapter is the happiest of all.

  3. I was thinking same about opposition who plays against us. It’s like they get extra motivation when they playing against Messi. They know world is watching them so they wanna prove a point. Sometimes some of us speaks like there are no one opposing in the against us. Like We do need luck too aswell. Plus football changed
    now there are good players that actually really good nowadays in every national team. But certainly agreed with Messi that this team looks like good form like 2014wc. Whenever we had good project with good coach tactically we did good. People blame Messi but I feel bad for him that he had to deal with some bad choices of coaches we had during Messi rein in NT. We should atleast put a good fight this world cup. Also don’t understand the hate against Lo Celso here! I never like Tim Vickery because he never rates Argentina players i feel like but even him was praising our midfield trio when people here talk low. I still remember before 2014 world cup people here was crying about that we didn’t have world class CB and I asked few of them DEFINE world class! But I didn’t think any of them answered me properly but thankfully our cb did answer them because our defence was one of the beat defence despite we lost and it was because of our strikers misfired. Now I see people here talk about our midfielders as same they were in 2014wc. Hopefully Paredes, Lo Celso and De paul proves them wrong. I don’t remember all those people from 2014 as many of you changed their name but I do kept some names this time. Let’s the world cup begin and I will see you lot. Bytheway loved the way how Tim vickery described Argentina. He said,”Argentina are like prime time of Muhammed Ali. They keep jabbing you to make you tired then knock you out suddenly with big blow.” Probably only Varzilian i like at the moment for this remarks.

  4. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar next month will be the last of Lionel Messi’s storied career. We all pray and trust that he will lift the trophy in December. And Copa

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