Nicolás Pareja to join Jorge Sampaoli’s coaching staff at Sevilla


Nicolás Pareja is set to join Jorge Sampaoli’s coaching staff at Sevilla.

Pareja will start his coaching career with Jorge Sampaoli. According to several reports out of Spain, with Julen Lopetegui no longer coaching Sevilla, it will be Sampaoli coaching the club.

Jorge Sampaoli previously coached Sevilla in 2016-2017 before he took over the Argentina national team. And per the reports, Pareja will be joining him.

The now retired Nicolás Pareja previously played at Sevilla for five years. He won Olympic gold with Argentina in 2008 in Beijing.


  1. I don’t know what Mascherano is doing… the team is eliminated loosing the 2nd match against Colombia….!!!!

  2. Di Maria is an artistic player. Every goal he scores is a beauty and his assists even more so. Hope he beats Ronaldo to the #1 spot for assists in the CL. If he’s able to exploit space that Messi’s markers might leave that would be deadly, hope they both go in good form and fitness to Qatar

    • Even more impressive per game and id bet per minutes its even better. (Neymar damn good as well). ADM will def pass CR7 this season and take a comf lead by next if he’s still around. Messi as well although its highly likely ADM will beat him. At least ADM gets 1 record over Messi 🙂

      Games / Assists / Per Game
      #1 Ronaldo 183 / 43 / 4.4
      #2 Di Maria 101 / 38 / 2.7
      #3 Messi 159 / 37 / 4.3
      #4 Neymar 78 / 32 / 2.4

  3. Watching United vs Omonia , beside his safe and secure defending Licha is supplying some really great balls from the back. He has created few chances already. United’s second goal was because of his very good pass / pre assist. His footballing IQ is quite good!

    • With Ronaldo in the team, Ten Hag must be feeling like being forced to use a totally blunt and old knife which can’t be sharpened any more to cut through bones.

      Looking forward to Pezzella and Guido against Dybala. Hopefully Dybala won’t get himself injured and keeps its smart and simple !

  4. So instead of the maximum 55, Scaloni will call up 35 instead and trim it down to 26. The last time against Honduras and Jamaica we had 29 players (plus Nico Gonzales) if I am not mistaken. 6 more should be: Musso, Foyth, LM Quarta, Palacios. These four were in the 33 players squad before the Honduras friendly.

    2 more should be players from the older list. Maybe Nico Dominguez, Buendia, Ocampos, Roberto Pereyra, Simeone, Alario. 2 of these.

  5. Messi confirmed that Qatar 2022 will be his last WC, but I think he will be around till 2024 Copa. Every single player in the final squad should give their 110% to honor Leo with biggest sporting prize. I hope the long awaited glory will finally come in Qatar.

    • The sure is he will not be around for long more.
      But everything depend from result of world cup. if we win maybe he will want to retire in top of the world and follow Di maria that already announce his retire after world cup.
      But anyhow as i said he will not be in national team for long more.

  6. Screw FIFA and their rankings. We beat Brazil in copa, haven’t lost a match in 35 games and still and old piece of crap Belgium and Brazil are ahead of us. How many f’ing games does a team have to win to be ranked higher than them?

    • It may be due to the draws against Paraguay columbia chile twice and especially against Ecuador. Ecuador is way too behind in rankings and that draw resulted in minus points for us and against Paraguay. Also we were 5th or 6th during copa. So beating a 2nd ranked Brazil won’t increase that much points. If Brazil got defeated by smaller ranked teams then we can close in and achieve that first rank. Or else winning the world cup is the only way.

    • who cares about FIFA ranking. it doesn t give any trophy if you are 1st there.
      The only have meaning there is to be in top 8 for be able in world cup draws to be in 1st Pot.
      even and that from next world cup will lose it meaning because with the new idiotic system from 2026 it will not give any advantage at all.

      • This is the fourth time Brazil goes into the World Cup ranked #1. The other three times they lost the final of 98 and were eliminated in the quarterfinals. As far as I’m concerned keep them there.

    • Fifa rankings are idiotic. I can’t remember belgium reached any final of any tournament in recent times bt still they were no. 1 for long and still they are no. 2

  7. Seville have officially appointed jorge sampoali as first team coach , I hope that he revives gonzalo montiel career at Seville bcz he looks completely lost and hopeless atm.

  8. Dmaria played most of his carrear in left wing’s. Once Scaloni took charge he opted him to play right wings. Things changed after that. He is sensational and terrific when playing in right.

  9. What happened to acuna?? I observed he wasn’t even in the bench vs dortmund. Is he still injured?? When will he comeback?? He is an important player for us

  10. Lautaro’s form is concerning many will argue here that his international is good enough but this is not the case this club form will sooner aur later reflect on his national form hope its not in the WC.

    • Lautaro definitely doesn’t look very sharp at Inter currently, but the large part of it has to do how little chances they are creating for him. He isn’ t the type of player who can get involved in build up play to score goals like Messi or even Mbappe. You need to feed him the balls to score like Haaland and Inter right now isn’t supplying him those balls. Their players are instead going for the goal themselves. These are the reasons why Lautaro looks so out of form. However, him not even getting chances to shoot regularly could affect his finishing when playing for the national team where he will get tons of chances !

    • It’s concerning to say the least. I know there’s still time but i’d be lying if i said some players club form isn’t alarming. Messi and ADM in form just in time. Not peaking too early. Paredes and GLC getting plenty of minutes and will continue to improve. Ota and Romero holding it down but fullbacks are concerning.

      Stay calm stay calm woosah.

      Di Maria ✅ – Toro ❌ – Messi ✅

      GLC ✅ – Paredes ✅ – RDP ❌

      Tag ✅ / Acuna – ❌ Ota ✅ – Romero ✅ – Molina ❌

      Emi ✅

      • Just guessing on my part
        Enzo in, RDP out. (unlikely I know)
        Molina out, Maffeo in. (who knows)
        Replacing Toro is not easy, maybe Dybala

        • Enzo in , RDP out? Based on form and playing time if anyone that needs to be out is Papu!! Palacios has always been able to pickup from where he left off after coming back from injury and everytime when subbed in never compromised the team’s pressing and tempo. MacAllister might not provide much when attacking but his work ethic and ability to play deep is what Scaloni likes about him and Enzo has impressed everyone with his form and skills. If anyone that has to be dropped for Enzo , right now it looks like Papu but it could change once he starts to get more playing time under Sampaoli who again did a huge blunder in 2018 by not picking prime Papu along with prime Pezella and Icardi .

  11. Di Maria oh my goodness. When healthy, he is playing the best futbol of his career without doubt. He got 3 assists but should have had 6 assists honestly! One is ruled out incorrectly due to Vlahovic’s offside. Another one Vlahovic wasted the chance. And another one Rabiot’s poor touch.

    If you check his 3 assists, I mean those assists are like perfections. I remember Careca used to say about Maradona’s pass in Napoli, “He (Diego) knows exactly where I want the ball to be most”. Di Maria’s assists were also just perfection last night. Perfect power, angle, timing, everything else. No wonder why he is number 2 of assists (or 3) of all time among all players.

    I just hope he can play like that in the World Cup. If we have the number one and two of assist leader of all time in Messi and Di Maria at THEIR BEST (please don’t argue that they are not at their best for Argentina. Tell me when Messi and Di Maria played better for Albiceleste please if not 2021-2022?) Man, that’s deadly. No wonder “the world best team, FIFA number 1 ranking” Brazil is beaten.

    NOTE: Soule was on the bench. I hope he learns as much as possible from his mentor.

    Oh btw Sevilla did not use any Argentines at all in their starting line up and lost 1-4 at home. There must be something fishy there. Good thing the coach is sacked.

    • Di Maria is a super star and no doubt about that. He is a game changer, difference maker, and a winner when he is fit and is deployed properly. I observed that since Scaloni overtook Argentina’s management Di Maria has become a different player. He stopped overdriblling and his passes are more accurate now than ever. Him and Messi are the only players in the NT from our 2008 gold medal winning team, so I hope that experience and chemistry between them will benefit us in Qatar and finally lift the WC.

      As for Sevilla, I think Lopetegui was in a very difficult situation and he was trying to take the pressure off of himself, that’s why he used different players and made rotation to grab the three points. He loves Argentine players more than some Argentine coaches. Wish him good luck and let’s welcome our own Sampoali once again.

      • Leading Champions league assist of all time:
        1. CR7 42 assists
        2. Di Maria 38 assists
        3. Messi 37 assists

        Di Maria past his best is the best joke of the day to be honest. He has never player better in his career. That’s the truth.

        • “Di Maria past his best is the best”

          Where in the comment have you read this?
          The guy is still maintaining his best, and even become better with the instructions of Scaloni and co. People hated Di Maria because of his wastefulness and if that bad trait is no more then there is no point of hating him. This version of Di Maria is what every Argentina fan wished to see from him since his days at Rosario. Finally we have the “Fideo” we wanted to have.

      • > He stopped over driblling and his passes are more accurate now than ever.

        Yes, he does seem be more aware now. i don’t see the headless chicken noodle runs into the corner as much but i think the team deserves credit too….they have evolved tactically and overlap and support more giving him passing options. In the past, mostly due to coaching tactics, he was often isolated, furthest up the pitch and would corner himself frequently.

        His overall passing is still insane but there might be 1 area that has decreased. It seems like he doesn’t have the same precision passing from the far corners. I don’t think i ever seen wingers pass with such millimeter precision into the box..truly jaw dropping. i don’t see as many these days.

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