Lionel Messi doesn’t train with PSG, out for Benfica game


Lionel Messi did not trainw ith PSG on Monday and will not play against Benfica.

Messi wasn’t part of PSG’s group training on Monday and will not play in Tuesday’s Champions League game.

The Argentine scored and was substituted out for PSG in Wednesday’s Champions League game vs. Benfica with discomfort. He did not play PSG’s league game on Sunday due a calf injury.

PSG held a training session on Monday prior to the Benfica game and Messi was not present. According to Le Parisien PSG, Messi did not train and will not play on Tuesday.


  1. Leo will move heaven and earth to be in Qatar. it is destiny.

    It was really foolish of these national associations to not start their leagues a month early. All these great players will be exhausted.

    • Messi is unbelievably important. Without messi we can’t win simple as that. Others we can manage without them but we can’t manage without messi. But i don’t think its that serious he is extra cautious this time and rightfully so

  2. Btw surprise that no one comments here but Licha had a very good game last night against Everton. I would say he deserves an 8. Maybe one of the MOM of the game too. But as usual the stupid whoscored gave him a laughable 6.6 rating (the second worst of all MU players) when he is one of the best performers.

    • I watched whole match yesterday I surprised they just give 6.6 rating he was solid and good on the ball as usual plus he had great game in Thursday night Europe league match he made most forward passes more than any other player on the field he was so amazing how he was breaking the lines with exquisite passes.

  3. All the players especially key players like Messi, Di Maria, Cuti, Emi, Lautaro, De Paul etc should take it easy. No need to go all out in club matches. If they feel tired or not to well, better ask for a rest. Messi sets a good example here. Most of their clubs play once every 3 days for the next 20-30 days or so. It is impossible to play them all 90 minutes.

  4. All our stars have been suffering with injuries. Form and fitness is important to win any big tournament. Currently, the situation is getting worse. Hope everything will be ok before the start of the tournament

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