Paulo Dybala out for at least 21 days for AS Roma


Paulo Dybala is set to be out for at least 21 days for AS Roma.

Dybala suffered an injury while playing with AS Roma and tests results show he will be out for three weeks. According to Gastón Edul, test results on Monday showed that he has a muscle injury and will be out for at least 21 days.


  1. I dont see him playing until WC knockout stage or at least the last group game. Then again, we all know for Scaloni he is always behind Lautaro , Julian and J.Correa. So its not like we’re missing a starter.

    Since his role has always been as super sub, I dont mind him skipping the group game so he could be more fit when we need him at knockout stage where there could be an extra time.

  2. 21 days is okay. Better than expected. But still not sure he will be fully fit before the WC. If Angel Correa and Simeone is in form, it will be tough call to include a player who is not match fit.
    He’s very important player for us. A real goal scorer. Need to wait and see.

  3. The fact remains he is not a favorite of AFA, I suspect because he is, however erroneously, seen as Messi’s replacement, and they think they are sucking up to Messi by keeping this one away. (Although I am 100% sure Leo does not care and would love to have his best Argentine compatriots in the starting 11.) This is a convenient excuse to put him out of the equation for good, even if he is expected to recover before 22nd Nov.

  4. I think 21 days is the best case scenario.

    I found this:

    Few hopes. Paulo Dybala understood this immediately, as did Mourinho. In fact, from the first ultrasound checks to which the Argentine would have undergone today, the presence of an injury to the left quadriceps caused by a strange movement of the leg when taking the penalty against Lecce. To evaluate the size and entity, to do this, it will be necessary to wait for the resonance of tomorrow when the effusion has been partially absorbed. Roma prefers to wait since there is no particular rush.

    TIMES – However, the times should not be less than 25-30 days, if not more (for injuries of this type it usually lasts from 4 to 8 weeks). This would prevent Dybala from playing the 9 games (between league and cups) that Roma are missing from here to the stop for the World. And at this point the show in Qatar becomes the goal of Joya who hopes to be summoned by Scaloni anyway. With Roma, the appointment was postponed to January when Wijnaldum will also return.

    — It can be between 4-8 weeks. Even if it is 8 weeks, he should recover in time for the World Cup.

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