Lionel Messi out for PSG vs. Reims


Lionel Messi is out for PSG’s Ligue 1 game vs. Reims on Saturday.

Messi will not take part in PSG’s next league game due to injury. The club announced on Friday that Messi has discomfort in his calf, but that test results are reassuring.

The 35 year old was substituted off for PSG in their Champions League game vs. Benfica this week following a tackle. He felt discomfort and asked to be substituted.

He has also recently been making the headlines following an interview which was released on Thursday where he stated that the 2022 World Cup would be his last.


  1. So as per the opinion of “El expert” here,
    Sofa score, Whoscored, tycsports, ole, transfermarkt etc sites are, either not watching the match or “only fools will believe them”. So we can’t trust their ratings.

    Then he searched internet and put here the rating of daily mail, 901 etc…and says they really watch the match. (Even in those sites they say, Mac Allister was good in previous games.) Some of these sites giving Romero also low rating…they really watch the match…huh.

    So everyone please use the sites he says for the players rating.

    • Arsenal should target Moises Caicedo and Alexis Mac Allister, says Gunners hero Emmanuel Petit

      Emmanuel Petit would like to see Arsenal make moves for Brighton pair Alexis Mac Allister and Moises Caicedo, believing them to be better options than Youri Tielemans and Douglas Luiz, who the Gunners were linked with over the summer.

      Arsenal news, exclusives and
      Arsenal are doing just fine with the squad they have, sitting top of the Premier League table after eight games, of which they have won seven including the north London derby against Tottenham last weekend.

      However, they were linked with other signings over the summer transfer window, long thought to have an interest in Leicester’s Tielemans, while they made a late move for Aston Villa’s Luiz.

      Petit, though, feels there are two better central midfielders his former club should be pursuing and they both play for Brighton.

      The Frenchman has been impressed by 20-year-old Caicedo and 23-year-old Mac Allister, both of whom he believes could make an impact at the Emirates.

      ‘I have been hearing about Tielemans and Douglas Luiz. I would go after two Brighton players,’ Petit told

      ‘Moises Caicedo and Alexis Mac Allister, they are playing very well every week. I’m a huge fan of both of them. If I got the chance I would take them for Arsenal.
      This is not the first time Petit has called for Arsenal to go after Mac Allister, who has now won seven caps for Argentina and looks set to go to the World Cup with his country.

      After the Gunners were linked with Juventus midfielder Arthur Melo, who ended up joining Liverpool on loan, Petit was arguing for a move for the Seagulls man instead.

      ‘Not signing Arthur Melo isn’t a big miss for Arsenal. But I know they were looking for that link between the midfield and striker,’ Petit told Lord Ping.

      ‘If I were [Arsenal technical director] Edu, I’d make an offer for Alexis Mac Allister from Brighton – I really like him.

    • There was a rumor that Foyth suffered a relapse in his knee injury but Villareal denies that. No further update except they are saying his injury is delicate and they monitor the progress one day at a time. When he got injured the initial reports were saying that he was expected to be out for at least eight weeks .

      Palacios has a hamstring with no update when he is returning. He is one of our most injury prone players.

      • yes palacios is our most injury prone players, it is also good it happens early, palacios and enzo this two are important midfield player, macclister defensively may be smooth but in attacking output i will always agree with el_principe in attacking he doesn’t build that way no matter who speaks what his best position is defensive mid or little bit central position and in his place there is guido who is good in air, if guido get injured that is the only reason should Macalister inclusion, i also like thiago and messi playing together, i will also not mind if thiago also get included, i wanted garnacho he has pace dribling skills and some more but his experience is very low, his lack of game time makes him out of contention

  2. After romances king you are the main troll in are the example, how can a man hate to a single player! Are you watched the game?

    -You can say whatever but I will never accept anybody labeling me as a troll. People who know me since 2010 know who I am. As a matter of fact, it is you who is more similar to a troll.

    You were the one saying you want all reserves to play against Jamaica because of ur love to MacAllister. That sounds so much like the biggest troll that ever lives here named Outlaw. That dude also always against Argentina put their best line up and want Argentina to play the 11 nobodies.

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion yes, just be careful when calling me a troll because you sound more like one: promoting mediocre players at max.

    • Totally crazy..when i Against to put the best line up lol..just before world cup in friendly match, every coach, every fan want to see their reserve branch quality thats it…whats wrong here lol..And whats the connection here to love macalister.. You may more knowledgeable than me but i am proud of me that i am not blind hater or blind lover like you..Even i like Enzo more than macalister but just only for your blind hate to single player i have to talk about him more

      • If u disagree with someone is fine. It is normal to have different opinions, but calling me a troll is an offensive word. It is same like I am normal and u tell me I am gay.

        If u disagree with my posts just never read them. Like I also decide not to read the posts of certain posters here.

        I never agree with whatever you said but I never say that you are a troll. Learn some lessons here dude.

    • Romance King and Kidulthood are in the league of their own.

      el_principe is not a troll, he is a veteran who just “loves” Mac Allister, that’s all 🙂

      Every world cup has it’s Sosa, Guiñazú, Braña and Ricky Alvarez, maybe Mac Allister is something like that…


    Love this, an Aerolineas Argentinas plane has been painted with a Scaloneta theme. Say we get some tickets, fellow mundoers?

  4. Wow I’m amazed by our Argentina Players. Dybala, Guido Rodriguez had great Games GLC was pretty good as Sub. Enzo is playing great MacAllister was very good today so was Romero.
    Even Montiel was good today and Acuña back from Injury…
    It does look pretty good for us this year. Only thing that worries me is RDP. He is not playing much and if he plays he doesn’t impress me… But as for our Midfield we have a lot to offer right now.

    I’m really looking forward to the WC

    • Off the pitch rumors about RDP aside, I seriously urge some of you to look at how overplayed MANY of the European team’s players are. You could tell by watching some of the Nation’s League matches. Assuming he still gets enough minutes to keep form, this could be a major blessing in disguise because RDP is our motor and having him make it to the WC overplayed could be much worse. He has four matches to get into things before the tougher knockouts. Actually, if there are two players I would chose to underplay before the WC they are Messi and RDP. Our most important players, keep them fresh.

    • MacAllister was very good today?

      These are the rating from credible sources who are very fair who cover the match of every Brighton games and give real rating (unlike whoscored)

      Alexis Mac Allister – Unusually quiet and didn’t really affect game. Will want to cement his place as a regular starter under De Zerbi in the coming weeks. 5

      Alexis Mac Allister: 6 – The man who was so influential in the last home against Leicester couldn’t quite live up to that stellar performance but he was mostly cool and composed throughout. A blip early on when he fouled Kane just outside the box. De Zerbi also clearly unhappy when the Argentine played a pass back to Sanchez late on.

      CM: Alexis Mac Allister – 6/10 – Wasn’t allowed to settle by Tottenham’s midfield three. Dictated more in the second half, but his creativity and threat was not present as it has been recently.

      So here 5-6-6 is “very good”. I see…

      • The guy played well against one of the best club teams in the world and y’all are nitpicking and searching the deepest areas of the internet just to find negative reactions to his game this is pathetic, let him be, he is a good player not amazing but definitely not garbage like the retards on this site make him look like.

      • So as per the opinion of “El expert” here,
        Sofa score, Whoscored, tycsports, ole, transfermarkt etc sites are, either not watching the match or “only fools will believe them”. So we can’t trust their ratings.

        Then he searched internet and put here the rating of daily mail, 901 etc…and says they really watch the match. (Even in those sites they say, Mac Allister was good in previous games.) Some of these sites giving Romero also low rating…they really watch the match…huh.

        So everyone please use the sites he says for the players rating.

  5. Brighton vs Spurs 0-1

    Brighton best players were Bissouma, Cucurella, and Troussard. The first 2 were sold already. Troussard is the only one left. He is the one who scored a hattrick last week. But he couldn’t do anything against Cuti. Playing as a left forward, where he would meet Cuti all night long. Cuti totally shut him down.

    Cuti was great. Almost no mistakes, Brighton players all were scared of him anytime Cuti being aggressive. I would say he is the MOM if not close to being the MOM.

    MacAllister was shaky in the first 15 minutes. Losing ball 2 times which resulted in dangerous FK for Son. After that he is just being MacAllister. Just do all the simple passes and very bad when he had to do: killer balls, flicks, key passes, first time shooting. I would say he played below average.

    Deep lying playmaker my ass. Deep lying playmaker has to be good at passing/killer pass/key pass/vision like Pirlo or Xavi for example. Killer pass is one of biggest weakness of MacAllister. He is a “limited midfielder” at best.

    But he is one of those whose rating would never be low because of his tendency to make the simplest passes. Site like whoscored and others don’t watch the games, they just count how many passes or unsuccessful passes or tackles or interceptions and so on to decide the rating.

    Last but not least…

    EAT THAT SHITE Spurs haters and MacAllister fans!

    Form is temporary, class is permanent.

    • I was waiting for your comment. I knew how partial you can be. Because “Mac Allister is below average and will never be a good player” for you.
      I watched full minutes. Mac Allister was the one of the best players on the pitch. If Brighton had converted their chances a man of the match candidate.

      Many recoveries, almost every ball was going through him, holding the ball well in difficult situation, in second half he was the best player.
      Soft score ratings. 7.9 and highest on the pitch both side
      Who scored 7.1 and one of the best on the pitch both side.
      Your hate will go on…never ends..

    • After romances king you are the main troll in are the example, how can a man hate to a single player! Are you watched the game? How funny..below average lol😂Macalester had very very great game, after close to 15 min macalister dominated mid with brighton

  6. Enzo Fernandez best match in Benfica so far, he is on fire. In first half: assist, 7 key passes, 3 big chances created, 72/72 passes, 7/7 long passes I said he is most similar to Banega.

      • Subbed after first half, too important match is coming. So far in 8 matches he gave 9 key passes, 3 big chances created, 1 succesful throughball, today in 45 mins 7 key passes, 3 big chances created, 4 succesful through balls.

    • He’s more aggressive and more dynamic than Banga. That’s why I believe he will grow to be one of the best midfielders we ever had. A modern midfielder.

    • Also macallister is playing well. He is mostly going for safe options but he is getting better for sure. In a 4 4 2 with another like Paredes or guido macallister will play for this safer options but he is not a good option in a 4 3 3 at all. Won’t do like Paredes or guido in taking 1 vs 1. But Enzo is more good and versatile. And it’s upto scaloni.

  7. Its painful to watch football team like Atletico, Inter,Spurs.. So so boring football.. Frist time today i skip inter and watched city match without any Argentine footballer..
    Coming spurs vs briton..lets see

  8. Guys Sensei has been playing regularly now does anyone see him? Is there any chance he can be in the roster? Going to the world cup with only 4 central defenders Otamendi and Romero very aggressive and bookings prone….I really hope that they bring another CD like Sensei, LMQ, or Foyth…

    • I hope he will use this furstration against top teams in wc. We needed 3 weeks training camp before wc and 2 warmup games before wc. Now we have to find our rhythm and chemistry back during the wc. I like that we r not very tough group also the all opponents in the group will test us and make us stronger.

      • When talking about chemistry in the WC it’s a good thing that every game we play rises in difficulty, so we start out with the easiest game and grow from there. Better to group up and practice attacking moves against Saudi Arabia and UAE than begin in a tough match like Poland. Hopefully we can do it like the last Copa America where we progressively improved throughout the tournament

    • So anytime Angel Correa starts, he scores. Anytime losers like Griezmann, Felix, or Morata start, they score 0 and Atletico kept losing.

      But Simeone somehow still thinks that Correa is not good enough. SMH…

      Maybe Simeone will be like Mourinho. 8 years ago or so Mou was one of the best coaches in the world along with the likes of Pep. But after Madrid and Chelsea, his career went down drastically. Even up until now the Spurs makes fun lf Mou’s boring futbol.

      I think Simeone is the same. His coaching is regressing a lot. If he doesn’t change, I won’t be surprised if Atletico won’t make the CL in a supposed to be easy La Liga league.

      De Paul? Oh my goodness. Speechless.

      • Yes, El Cholo is playing an outdated football. I watched the first half, but never liked the way his team is playing. Very boring football and anyone watches Atletico feels something like a torture.

        • Bro totally agree I wanted to see how molina and correa do but I couldn’t watch much bcz it’s so boring it’s big time outdated football from chola no big club will ever hiring him because his ugly approach.

    • According to a supporter, RDP missed the game against Sevilla for “personal reasons “ to go to an event with his singer girlfriend in Miami. If that’s true, he’s lacks professionalism for club and consideration for the NT. With his poor start last season, struggling to get minutes this season, and with the World Cup in a month, he should be fighting for EVERY GODDAMN SECOND. that includes skipping the stupid event. He’s a critical player for NT and he ought to fighting to improve. Let’s hope he can get his head and form back in the next few weeks

      • Fake news…His pic with his gf was during Argentina’s match in Miami. He skipped b/c his father was ill. I think he’s going to rev-up the motor for the wc.

      • I’ve heard lots of Icardi-esque rumors over the past few months about RDP and I’ve just been hoping they were media exaggeration or something. I have heard some rumors about the Sevilla match but if it’s true that extremely disappointing and might explain why his minutes are limited.

        Did a bit of digging and here the story is confirmed. I think Haslin’s interpretation is still possible and I hope it is. RDP is in a very privileged and demanding position. His face is on billboard designs in Argentina and he’s one of our savior’s with all the work he did to make us become champions. IF this is correct he better wake up from his dream real quick and start grinding. Otherwise he would have picked the worst time to tap out.

  9. I think julian alvarez is great player with Very good finishing skill.This city team create so many chances so if he get full match time like hallland he also at least score 1 goal per game

      • You expect a youth moving directly from Argentina local league (no disrespect to the local league) to one of the best clubs in the world right now to regularly feature for them even in his first season?

        How ridiculous and irritating you can be!!! How about writing few but more quality posts in the forum?

  10. Argentina is the worst affected by form and injuries going into the world cup. Our fullback situation is now a big concern. Acuna is injured foyth is injured Molina is not in form and montiel is not getting regular playing time. I don’t know if acuna and foyth not be ready for wc thn who will fill their absence?? No wonder scaloni watched maffeo and went to that barca-mallorca match to have close eye on him

  11. He is in sublime form and everything he does is working for him which is why it seems he is enjoying pushing himself. This injury will remind him that the biggest prize is after 1.5 months and hopefully he will go easy on the dribbles and sprints .

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