Ángel Correa speaks on Argentina national team, World Cup, Lionel Messi


Ángel Correa has spoken about being with the Argentina national team, wanting to play at the 2022 World Cup and Lionel Messi.

Correa has been playing great for Atletico Madrid. The Argentine scored two goals in their last league game on Saturday and is part of the Argentina national team.

The 27 year old was part of the team which won the Copa America and the Finalissima. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, Correa had this to say:

“I feel well. I grow more every year, I notice it on the pitch. Maybe years ago I accelerates and I wanted to resolve things in a different way. Now, I understand football a little more and I enjoy it in a different way.

“Cholo Simeone had a lot to do with this, I’ve been working with him for many years, everyone sees him as he is. He’s unbearable (laughs). He always wants to win, he sees football like this.”

In regards to the Argentina national team and the World Cup:

“As it gets closer, the nerves are felt more and more. I think the group is doing well, we have been working together for a long time and things are going well, so we have to continue this way.

“I feel part of the group, every time I’ve had to play, I think I have done well. It’s clear that lately, it has been easy because of the quality of players that the national team has and because of the dynamics that it has. All positives, that each player that enters, does well.

“Hopefully I am on the list. It’s the idea and it’s what I work towards. Representing the country would be the maximum. I have had the luck of always being there and to be able to accompany the group. Every time I am selected, I enjoy it to the maximum because wearing the national team shirt is the most beautiful thing.

“Our secret is that we are a team of brothers. The union make us play well. We don’t feel less than anyone.

“It was complicated. In June, I felt discomfort in the wire that they had put on me due to the surgery and I didn’t say anything because I wanted to be there vs. Italy. But the truth is that I should not have been there. It’s for that reason I had to leave the camp before the game against Estonia to be able to get operated on.

“Molina (Nahuel) and Rodri De Paul, we talk every day about the World Cup. We don’t think about anything else. Hopefully, my career doesn’t end without playing a World Cup.

“My big dream is to play a World Cup. The last time (2018), I was left on the preliminary list. That affected me a lot, being there is every boy’s dream.

“In order to go to Qatar, I’ll go as a water boy, as anything.”

About Lionel Messi:

“I see Messi very happy, enjoying it every time he goes to the national team. That is good for everyone and more for us, that he makes us enjoy every training and ever game.”


  1. Anuparno i don t know how old are you but sure you are very young because of the way you speak. the fact that we want to win world cup doesn t mean that we have sign contract with destiny to win it. the other teams playing football too. some of them are very good too.

    if one team reach semi finals for example nobody can say that this team is failure.
    other thing our desire (especially when we have to win long time ago) and other thing the result.
    In 2014 for example despite the suffer we feel from our loss it is idiotic to call us failure.

    the fact that Messi and Di maria will retire after this world cup doesn t mean that after that we will be B class team. talent like Messi don t come every day true BUT Argentina will be always in the elite level of teams in every world cup even without Messi.
    about sentimental point of view yes i agree with you it will be perfect we win before Messi retire but as i said we didn t sign contract with God that this will happened BUT in same time it is not the end of the world if we don t.

    something last. You remind me myself in 1990-1994 era.
    i was very young kid then and i felt exactly like you now. exactly this thinking about what future we could have without…. Diego !!!
    after some years i get older and i have the bless from God to see Messi era.
    so as much more mature now i can tell you that when Messi will gone it will be just an end of an era and begin of one other new.
    Just don t worry. sooner or later will come the 3rd one.
    i don t know his name or who will be.
    just i know for sure that he will come because it is in Argentina s history and dna. we should just wait with patient for the 3rd to come.

    • Whatever but i can’t see messi retire without a world cup. It will be like Cruyff not winning the cup. If Argentina loose will it be the end of the world for me?? No not at all but for me if Argentina doesn’t win this time that sadness will remain lifetime. Just like i still feel the disappointment and sadness of the 2014 final loss that was heart breaking. Everyone remember the winner nobody has any sympathy for the looser. We lost 3 finals and everyone mocked us like crazy and we win Copa suddenly we r getting favourite tag. If we don’t win this wc again many pundits and players will be quick to dismiss not only us but also will mock South American Football saying Copa is a nothing tournament. I don’t want that. We r playing for pride this time we can’t falter

      • well i can t say i don t understand you. i am only trying to say you that in case things don t go according to our desires then we should accept it and learn to live with that. this is life. Not only in football.

        just to share something personal. the 2010 world cup was my and many others in Argentina dream world cup because we had Messi and coach Diego. can you imagine how world football history could be written if we won that cup? Argentina won the world cup with Maradona as coach and Messi as captain !!!
        it would be mythical if we could win the tittle then but…..
        other thing our dreams and our desires and totally other thing the reality.

          • So we want Argentina to win only to avoid criticism from pundits and twitter commentors? For an online Cr7 argument? We should want Argentina to win for the nation itself or if we are Messi fans for Messi, not because of idiots online that have no significance whatsoever. Don’t listen to those people.

  2. A player’s form in club level often doesn’t reflect while playing for Argentina, but Lo Celso’s past few matches for Villarreal were…meh. He covers a lot of ground, mainly on the right, but even that positional freedom isn’t bringing out the best in him. Hopefully just a phase.

    • I think with an upgraded version of villareal team would be very ideal for lo celso. A team playing possession based short pass game with good players in the mid would have used his full potential. In Argentina there is Messi in front de Paul on the right and a good ball distributing DM like Paredes behind him made him apt for the NT. I really hope he can play in teams like intermilan.

      • For me locelso playing well is vital because our fullbacks don’t create much. Depaul good at long passes but locelso kind of player who can reach the box and play 1-2 with messi or play small passes at box is vital to break top class defense

  3. Cuti Romero: “I’m telling to the fans that this group will take the National Team to the highest level, we will do everything. This team will not let the fans down, whatever the result is, fans will be proud” pollo vignolo

    As fans this what I want to hear 👏

    • Whatever the result is?? 😆😆 anything lower than winning the cup will be dissapointing. We won the cup 36 years back we can’t fail this time its messi’s last chance no other result will satisfy us

      • Dude only one team can win it and we are hoping and praying that team will be Argentina God willing
        Believe me I’m desperate to see Argentina to be world champion In doha at the same time I’m realistic person anything can happen in football so is not like my life depends on if meant be Argentina i will be the happiest person in the world if not few sad and disappointing days and life goes on after that .

        • SulaV Can’t argue against that but so Spain, Germany France England Portugal Brazil anything other than win it its failure thier fans pointview.
          Having saying that Argentina have genuine chance to win it with lucky on thier side

  4. He should have forced a move out when they signed so many strikers along with Grizemann. With Dybala’s injury not as severe as initially thought Angel Correa is on the verge of missing out as Scaloni has J.Correa in a higher pecking order. Also there is Simone knocking the door with his sublime form.

    Both Messi and Dybala’s injury could be blessing in disguise. Messi has learned his lesson from last year and will not rush back and Dybala will get ample time to recover to feature as a super sub for us. Dimaria’s two match suspension , DePaul, Paredes, Nico limited playing time. Acuna back but recovering, Papu and Montiel finally getting to feature regularly under Sampaoli. Looks like things are slowly falling in place for us. Most major players of other countries are bound to arrive at the world cup burned out and exhausted and could easily get injured during the competition. Our main players not being overplayed or recovering or just coming back from injuries is definitely better than arriving at the world cup totally crippled.

      • True but fatigue is even more dangerous than limited playing time. We lost Dimaria in the 2014 world cup which cost us in the final. We have one practice match and 3 group stage matches to get team’s chemistry back! Yes, the first two matches are must win and unless Scaloni goes crazy like Sampaoli we shouldn’t have issues beating Saudi and Mexico currently going through very bad form. Just before Copa we had two qualifiers that helped our team rebuild that chemistry and we gradually improved and peaked in the final. I am hoping the 4 matches before the knockout round will help us get back our players form and sharpness.

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