Ángel Di María substituted off injured for Juventus


Ángel Di María was substituted off injured for Juventus.

Di María was substituted off with what could be a muscle injury. He started for Juventus against Maccabi Haifa but was replaced early in the game as he was holding his leg.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni now has a few players rhat are injured. Lionel Messi has a muscle injury but will be back ij a few days.

Paulo Dybala will have more tests done but he will miss at least 21 days. Joaquín Correa haa discomfort in his left knee ans Juan Foyth has an injury in his left knee with an estimated return in the first week of November.


  1. nico gonzalez is very effective for us with his pace, aerial ability, defensive contribution, workrate, only thing he has problem when he comes infront of box he forget to dribble or he forget to pass smoothly, he just forget how to play football infront of box
    look at this highlights
    speacially on 1.00 minute
    this often happens with him in national team..
    overall he is not good finisher but very effective and quality player

  2. We should also thank Galtier for brining the best out of Messi again. He has made Messi the center of the attack and built the team around him as he is smart enough to know that there is no better player than Messi in world futbal who can create non stop chances. Beside Galtier , Neymar also helped Messi get his finishing back. Messi’s likes the cut or pass back after he dribbles pass opposition which he didn’t get back from Mbappe under Poch last year and Neymar was injured most of the season. Since Neymar and Messi have played in the past Neymar knows how dangerous Messi can be when he receives the ball back which he has been providing him unselfishly, while Messi also has been providing a lot of great balls to Neymar!! Mbappe already wanted Neymar out as he plays in his favorite left side second forward position and now Messi is back to his top form and the chemistry between Messi and Neymar is taking all the attention away from Mbappe. Without Messi PSG hasn’t been able to create as many chances (1/4th chances created without Messi) and last two matches have resulted in consecutive draws. However, PSG now has upper hand over Mbappe as he has extended his contract and will demand 300+ million if he wants out!!

    • > anti tsunami & earthquake device

      sounds costly. Wrap noodle in 5 layers of bubble wrap and roll him around if he needs to go anywhere. Only time he permitted to remove the bubble suit is to kick a ball around.

      • In Messi’s case that would work but I think for Dybala if we roll him around in bubble wrap he’ll probably get injured. Maybe keep him in a deep float tank with water hoisted to the top.

  3. instagram.com/p/ChuEpclsk40/?hl=en
    as winger he is better than atleast joquin correa, even he could be outshine nico with experience

      • what do you mean he doesn’t look good, did you see how smoothly he dribbles, how fast he is, yes this team is n’t liverpool or city and here he is not dribble past 3 4 or 5 players, and did you see his preseason game and ronaldo performance against it , his main problem he is not experience and he can’t be gel with team within one or two maches but his talent and quality is there. don’t comment foolishly he doesn’t looks good, he is ready he needs the game time which he don’t get due some loses of mu and anthony inclusion, this is why his move was important for him scaloni could inlclude him in early matches. for raise and prepare him little more

  4. @gastonedul

    Ángel Di María llega perfectamente al Mundial. Eso no está en duda.
    El desgarro lo dejaría afuera por 20 y faltan 40 para el Mundial

    So perfect news. It is even better than without injury. 20 days out, so 20 days before the World Cup. Plus conditioning n stuff, he should arrive fine.

    • Out of that last 20 days 2 weeks training camp. Same with Dybala, he mostlikely will gain his fitness back around the time camp training begins. Just need Cuti, Licha and Messi to take it easy. These three will be playing every minute until November 13th. Messi has a clause that he gets to prioritize national team so hopefully he gets out one week early. Licha and Cuti will have no rest. Spurs and United are fighting for top4 , they will drain our boys dry!!

  5. We know di Maria is irreplaceable and also dybala concerning their injuries. But we boast on the wealth and talent and our depth of players we have. Whoever makes it to qatar they will play their lives out.

  6. I cant do this anymore, with the last injuiry he had shouldn’t he know that is the sign to slow down. Dimaria is one of the most careless player we’ve had, anytime there is competition to be played that is when he will do his ritual by getting injuired. I just hope he wont be force to retire before the wc comes…damn he is so unreliable

  7. So many injuries. So scaloni should now think about backups like buendia, lamela, almada, etc. Cb we r covered. As nehuen perez, medina, senesi many can come and perform but we r struggling in the fullback positions and wingers role. I want to see a proper lautaro replacement a tall striker a target man which we lack in our squad. Alario is tall. Even simeone can do the job

    • lamela is good player, he lacks pace and discipline, but i think lamela best position is attacking midefield both of them not suitable as winger, baundia is not proven in top flight football now i think he is overhyped in here, may be may be not, but buendia as winger no way, simeone is slow and his dribbling is not so smooth, he may be emerging as good striker but when your main man is messi there needs to be smooth dribbling ability to accompany messi, like locelso , lautaro , gomes , dybala , dimaria , julian, nico all can do..

  8. Enzo Fernández among the Benfica players against PSG:

    ➜ 1st in interceptions [3]
    ➜ 1st in recoveries [8]
    ➜ 1st in passes completed [48]
    ➜ 1st in passes to rival field [23]
    ➜ 2nd in passing accuracy [91%]
    ➜ 2nd in touches [62]

    • enzo forced her name is the final list, palacios an important player for us, in this case maccalister won’t be in final list, i know a lot of people thinks maccalister is must bcs of there personal likes on him, but i don’t see he is necessity when you have all this player like guido,paredes,enzo in the list, i’m seeing argentina missing two player in the list which are, garnacho and thiago, this injury gives warning, hope scaloni will understand his mistake not to try out on garnacho in early, garnacho make wrong decision to stay at MU , his lack of game time makes non-interest on scaloni which is reasonable

      • Garancho mistake was praising CR7 and calling him his idol and best in the world. You don’t say these things on NT trust me. History proves:

        1. “Tevez: I have no problem with Mess, no need to be friends… Chicago Bulls won with no friendship between Rodman & Jordan”

        2. Dybala: “we occupy the same space… difficult to play with me (Messi called asking him to explain such things and respond to media, “he is young”…)”

        3. Icardi: “The NT is more friendly… last time around no one spoke”

        4. Lamela: adding to Icardi after assisting him. “NT more friendly”

        What do they all have in common?

        • > What do they all have in common

          People making up conspiracies about Messi.

          Garnacho is not called because he’s really raw, very little experience with NT, and not even getting a lot of minutes in club. His time to shine will come but now is not the time if others are all healthy.

          • this is wrong sentence, he is really raw , yes he hasn’t necessary gaming time and experience in the first team but he plays in the b team, experience can be raw or less, but saying talent is raw this is wrong and mistake, good talent only has space to for forward, if you give them chance, if it comes from national team there is no wrong

        • Tévez and Messi didn’t get along great. Tévez being candid.

          Dybala is talking positional and is absolutely correct. Unbelievable that people are expecting something from him and Messi.

          Icardi was a jerk who everyone hated including Maradona and Messi. Plus we didnt really need him.

          Lamela is decent but never outshined the other mids (Banega, pastore, hago, Enzo Pérez, rdp, paredes, lo celso)

          Garnacho is a nobody who has done absolutely zero. Why do you even mention him?😂

          • what do you mean by zero he is rising talent, as like as enzo, this is the same words used by many interms enzo prior to benefica move and say enzo seem like fun, now today a lot of people praise enzo, it seems like everyone have to earn certificate from fans to prove there worth, garnacho shines whenever he plays for arg, laugh on player talent is foolish thing i experienced in here even when i’m saying it for enzo, i said garnacho is talented player he is not less than anthony, scaloni can choose him both of dimari, nico gon repalcement if there is shortage of them

        • @wisdom stop ur bullshit. Stop blaming messi for everything messi has no problem with tevez that’s sabella decision to omitt him. Icardi is toxic and he is now out of Europe and whenever he played for psg last season he was shit. Garnacho can’t even playing 20-30 min for manu what make you think he has chance?? Its Argentina you are talking about. And Dybala is a big flop for Argentina. Only 3 goals in 34 matches thats unacceptable plus he doesn’t press or defend. Can’t believe even in an argentine blog there r so many haters of messi.

          • I never said Messi has a problem with anyone in NT specifically – However, he does have influence -all modern greats do (some even have special provisions in contracts). What I have noticed is that there is “an idea” (mostly likely from AFA) that Messi needs to be surrounded by a group that makes him feel comfortable. The group of friends was not a conspiracy if you carefully listened to Sabella, Tata, Bauza & Sampaoli’s hypocrisy speeches about reasons why some players are included and why others were not.

            When you are a big player like Messi. Organizations feel they have to do everything for you. Lebron James in basketball.. Most recent Mbappe (with PSG and France NT sponsors).

            Let’s not act though that Messi wanted to ensure Suarez’ salary at Barca. Barca phases Suarez out because he was loud and wasn’t afraid to speak out for Messi. Messi is my all-time favorite player, but I believe if NT didn’t try to bring only players he was comfortable with in the past, then he would be WC champion by now. No reason why Tevez and Pastore were left out of 2014 WC. No reason for Garancho not to be tried for 45 minutes, whereas Thiago in MLS. No reason why Icardi was phased out when he was red hot in Inter (friends were involved – Maxi Lopez). No reason Tevez left out in the year he ruled Italy in Juventus. Don’t hate me guys. I’m a Messi fan and I want him to win the WC as much as anyone. But I have to call out what I’ve seen and the things that don’t make sense. Don’t forget Pavon & Meza played way too many games and Lamela (always 45 minutes and goal/assist -never tried again), Pastore (shines in Copa – never seen again), Icardi left home. Dybala on bench

    • Enzo also had 2 bad moments. First one when he lost possession, Mbappe had to be fouled by Otamendi to stop him from running into the box, resulting in yellow card for him.

      Second, while trying to start a counter attack from outside the box, he passes directly back to Psg player and they instead of having to defend a counter were able to press which resulted in a penalty for PSG, a min or so later.

  9. hopefully both of them injury may not sustain more than 6 weeks, if it is more than 6 weeks then they will out of the rhythm in world cup, so here comes the chance for garnacho, di maria is most important player hope his injury not so serious, according to gaston edul he will be rocover till first week of november,
    foyth will be available in the same time

    • Gaston edul is hopeful and downplaying the seriousness of the injury he said Dybala out for 21 days roma made an official statement saying Dybala out for 4-8 weeks

      • nico is good, he is playing few minutes as substitute trying to getting into the rythm , injury cause at least two match performance downgrade after recovery, he will be available in good shape till world cup if there is no another fricking injury sustain, if dimaria injury extend more than 6 weeks this is little tensed matter bcs he gives pace and a lot more things,, garnacho is also good like dimaria but he is not experienced, nico is different player for us, he is not super smooth infront of opponent box but he gives some pace, defensive ability, nico,dimaria,angelito,garnacho this are the best cases winger for us, thiago almada is similar to locelso , gomes type of player for us who can create but they can’t give pace, hope senior recover fast

  10. According to Gaston Edul, it is a tear, the worst case is out until the first week of November. Hope it is sooner than that.

    Now I hope Cuti won’t get injured. Conte should rotate him at least this weekend.

  11. Di Maria will be out minimum three weeks unless any torn or anything major since it’s muscle injury. Man im scared now. Can we get our players now and locked them away till world cup

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