Argentine Champions League preview: Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes


The Champions League continues on Tuesday with Ángel Di María and Leandro Paredes in a must win game.

This Tuesday’s Champions League games are the same set of games as last Wednesday and Juventus will want the same outcome. Ángel Di María had three assists in a 3-1 win vs. Maccabi Haifa.

Lionel Messi will not play for PSG in their game vs. Benfica. The Argentine scored PSG’s only goal of the game in last week’s game but he will not take part in the game due to injury.

Enzo Fernández and Nicolás Otamendi are both expected to play for Benfica. Both teams are tied on points.

Julián Álvarez scored his first goal in the Champions League in last week’s 5-0 win vs. Copenhagen. Manchester City lead the group with nine points.

Sevilla have a new coach in Jorge Sampaoli and have four Argentine players in the team. Papu Gómez, Gonzalo Montiel, Erik Lamela and Marcos Acuña have one point and play Borussia Dortmund.

Nicolás Capaldo and RB Salzburg lead their group and play Dinamo Zagreb. Alexandro Bernabei and Celtic are last place in their group and play RB Leipzig.

Here are the games involving Argentine players:

PSG (Lionel Messi) vs. Benfica (Enzo Fernández and Nicolás Otamendi)

Maccabi Haifa vs. Juventus (Ángel Di María and Leandro Paredes)

Copenhagen vs. Manchester City (Julián Álvarez)

Borussia Dortmund vs. Sevilla (Papu Gómez, Gonzalo Montiel, Erik Lamela and Marcos Acuña)

Dinamo Zagreb vs. RB Salzburg (Nicolás Capaldo)

Celtic (Alexandro Bernabei) vs. RB Leipzig


  1. There is zero chance DiMaria can play 7 games for us to get to the finals. We should use him only a bit as a sub for the round Robin until the round of 16 and then only one half. He gets injured too often. Play Nico so he can eat up some minutes for us/ this happens more when you are 34 or 35 as ADM is.

  2. ADM is injured again……speechless….. hopefully not serious…. Good thing Dybala might recover by WC….Our players are made of glass……literally

    Good thing is we wont need the likes of ADM and Dybala until the QF….

  3. Di Maria is really important for us. We need him badly and i hope he recovers soon in order to make it. What is the injury state of other teams? As usual, just before the beginning of a tournament, our players are falling like flies!

    Still cant believe Dybala got injured while taking a penalty! Even mundo members wouldnt injure ourselves by taking a penalty!

    I don’t know what to say! I am so pissed!

    • Nope never while taking on penalty. Freaking groin get me everytime though. Agreed with you about Di Maria importance in team. However it didn’t seem serious though. We can cope without him first few games for sure. We have good players in that position like Nico,Papu. Im gutted too about Dybala. Boy,he looked Sharpe but alas our bed luck. It is always with us beginning of tournament everyone gets injured. Hopefully no one else gets injured anymore

    • Glass is more strong than dybala, I just pray our player participate & complete the tournament without injury & win the cup for all the football fans . World cup is the trophy this group deserve

  4. Not impressed with Paredes, very average player to me. Couldn’t passed Veratti in the pecking order for PSG. Now he left for Juventus and about to lose his starting position for Locatelli. The guy can’t defend or refuse to do it, very slow player. Guido Rodriguez might not have his passing range but for Godsake he’s more stable in front of the defense. He knows his position and break a lot of opponent plays. In that 4-3-3 formation Argentina need a true defensive midfielder who could shield the defense. Paredes needs to show more…how can you be a benchwarmer at club level and the starting midfielder for one of the best national team on the planet…

    • I often thought we should play Guido instead but Paredes sometimes surprised me. Still I’d be happy if Guido played but Scaloni likes to play with a deep-lying playmaker as a no 5 for us.

    • You are brick and been negative as always. Tell me what was expectations from him to score hat trick? While man City playing 10 men almost the whole match You don’t reason at all no player can compete with Haaland luckily Alvarez can play different positions
      And will play a lot of match than you guys expecting

    • Did you fail to notice that Man City played with 10 men 70% of the game time? The red card was given on the 30th minute.

      And even if Alvarez scored a hattrick he would NOT have replaced Haaland, so your comment is completely unnecessary.

    • Most of the time, Alvarez was running to defend as it was only 10 players. Still, he had his chances but couldn’t make any difference. Most of the time he didn’t get the ball.
      I felt two negative on him. Not just in this match. But overall in his play for ManCity.
      First, he’s not quick to come out of offside position. I noticed many times .. he’s slow to come back from offside position and if he was available immediately in some of these occasions, the chances would have been created.
      Secondly, Most of the time he positions between the opposition players that make ManCity players difficult to pass to him.

  5. As much as we hate to see that, the final composition of our squad might change by the start of the WC. This is the corrupt FIFA and their “genius” idea of hosting the WC in Qatar.

  6. Mbappe is whining because no matter how many goals he scores, if PSG wins the champions league, Messi will win another BallonDor. After making over €600 million in revenue last year, quadrupling farmers league fans and Qatari owners finally getting thier club the same media attention and hype as Madrid or United, PSG is desperate to renew Messi’s contract by 1+1 years. That means two more years of Messi in the team which again means Mbappe will not get the main attention and his contract is expiring in 2024 too!! Regardless of performance Messi is too big of a figure for any one to overshadow.

    Good Dimaria pulled an injury, he will have adequate rest like Dybala.

    • Injury is never good. After come back from injury no player can play good that too in a tournament like world cup. Without match practice dimaria can again injure himself when he starts a high octane match in wc. Scaloni now seriously think about considering some backup wingers or even a backup for lautaro. Almada, buendia maybe good candidate plus angel Correa is a must now.

  7. Mbappe wants to leave PSG in January transfer window….I hope it happens soon ✌️😄 these guy deserves a big middle finger from all club

  8. Enzo Fernández has played more passes than any other player in Europe’s top seven divisions this season.

    Real Madrid, we’ve found a Toni Kroos replacement.


  9. Afcb officially awarded to macros senesi back to back man of the match Vs Brentford and Leicester City
    Good to see senesi doing good so far what is big step up from Eredivisie to the best league in world, hope he continues this way what will be a challenging season for afcb and marcos senesi

    • It would be always difficult to support a team when both teams have Argentine players especially defense vs attack I mean ota or Enzo vs Messi or di Maria. If it is Messi vs di Maria then it would be fun like wise Romero vs lisandro would be a great one to watch without getting into each other or there is only a small chance of it. Today full support for Enzo and Benfica against PSG.

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