Ángel Di María to get to the World Cup fine for Argentina


Ángel Di María will get to the World Cup fine for the Argentina national team.

Di María was substituted out for Juventus against Maccabi Haifa but the news coming out appears to be good news. According to Gastón Edul, DI maría has a sprain and will be out for 20 days.

The World Cup is in 39 days abd Di María will get there in good condition.


  1. According to gaston edul dybala injury is serious. Most probably he is out bt Argentina still not loosing hope and may pick him in preliminary squad and in 2nd week of November will decide what to do
    Now i hope they don’t pick injured player in the squad and block a place. Only fit players should be picked don’t do the mistake sabella did in 2014

  2. He is vulnerable these days. He cannot play 7 games at the highest level in 1 month. Put him on the bench for game 1-3 and only use him for knock-out stage.

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