Ángel Di María out for 20 days for Juventus


Ángel Di María is out injured for 20 days for Juventus.

Di María was substituted out injured for Juventus in their Champions League game vs. Maccabi Haifa. Tests were done and Juventus have announced that he has a low-grade lesion to the hamstring of his right thigh.

The injury will keep him out for 20 days.


  1. Locelso is one player you can’t judge his performance based on goals and assist. Yes, his finishing has been pretty poor for quite a while but his assist counts are down purely due to poor overall finishing and decision making of Villarreal teams. He supplies multiple good passes to the forwards but they aren’t able to capitalize on it. His positioning is also quite good but his tea mates poor decisions making along with his poor finishing is the reason behind his goal drought.

  2. @anuparno show these stats to scaloni, I wonder why scaloni starts him, may be scaloni doesn’t know much about football or may be u know more about football than scaloni….i have always said you can’t choose between de Paul and lo celso they are equal in scaloni’s eyes. De Paul can’t even start for second season in a row for a poor team like atletico. At least lo celso had his moments in spurs and psg. If not for those untimely injuries thing could have been different for him.
    Mr anuparno football is not always about stats or big names. After messi lo celso is our best passer.
    If lo celso is fully fit he is one of the best midfielder in the world however you are narrow-minded and will never understand this.

    • Scaloni knows this stats and locelso quality before hand but due to lack of proper quality options in midfield he can’t bench locelso. Locelso is the best we have right now in this position and we have to work with the limited quality we have in our disposal. You guys are defending him like he is the top 5 midfielder in the world. Yes he was very good in betis but he lost that juice. Once i thought he would be a super box to box midfielder bt after so many dissapointing seasons i have no hope from him. He looks good in current Argentina setup because he is surrounded with good to great players just like Pedro looked great in that 2010 spain or Guardiola team but actually individually he was a damn mediocre player and now everyone forgot him. Current form does matter. Spain was unbeatable in 2010 but in 2014 many of their stars were out of form which made them knocked out from group stages don’t forget spain came to 2014 wc after a dissmal season of Barcelona. Locelso needs to pick his form if he starts he needs to up his game in last 2 friendly he looked not that great though played little better in 2nd half of Jamaica game

    • Anuparno, I know u are a huge fan of Enzo. I also think Enzo is a really good player. Maybe you can’t wait for him to start. I have no complaint if someone is a fan of him as he is a class. But this is the World Cup. Scaloni already has his winning team. Yes Enzo had a Emi/Cuti mini debut like but I think it will be too risky to immediately remove Lo Celso from the starting line up and insert Enzo there.

      Enzo had higher ceiling than all of our midfielders I agree. His time will come. Maybe Scaloni gradually will increase his minutes in every match if he keeps improving. However I doubt if he gets the Emi/Cuti treatment right away. The reason is simple. Before Copa America, Armani and LM Quarta/Pezzella were the starters. All 3 were “not bad” but we could improve more if we find better players.

      Lo Celso is a class or 2 class above Armani, Pezzella, and LM Quarta in that no way he is the weakest link of Argentina. So as good as Enzo is, he will have hard time to immediately replace Lo Celso in the starting line up. Not to mention the main back up of Lo Celso is Papu who is just as reliable as Lo Celso. Enzo time time will come. Maybe sooner than we think. The guy is special and has very good character.

        • Not every average player looks good with messi…lo celso understand messi’s game very well….have u seen lo celso performance against Bayern and Liverpool🔥🔥yes sometimes he is inconsistent but he is a big game player…and for Argentina I want this type of player who take pressure off from messi…I don’t worry about this small friendly matches to judge lo celso…just wait and watch in WC bro how he form a partnership with Leo in big games 💪

      • I was big fan and defender for lo celso till recently
        I challenge anyone who can come forward and tell me gio lo celso lived the expectations the hype he was getting from South America likes Tim vickery And golazoargentino or some members of here, gio lo celso can have good game here and there but never been consistent as for nt he does decent job at times good he complement well with leo paredes, de Paul and more importantly with messi So therefore as Argentina fan lo celso is doing alright job for now and don’t have problem, him be starter in the world cup.

          • If I politely answer your question first I’m Argentina fan I want every Argentine player to succeed in top 5 European leagues and play big clubs like Madrid fcbayern, inter, juve. ac , man City man utd arsenal so on but that won’t happen some will succeed some will fail and it’s nature of life general. However I won’t shy away to say what I think our players I won’t be baise because I like them I will say as it’s and lo celso is one of them I had high expectations for him but in my opinion is ok player same goes lucas martinez Quarta who I thought he will be very good defender but he turns out to be a decent player who is not require for nt anymore cuse we have better defender than him i even think Nehuen Perez and Senesi got high sails than him, Having saying that both those players I mentioned are mid 20s still have good chance that they can be surprisely good or fade way in next few years.

    • @anuparno why you always come up with these serious stats like goals and assists against a player like lo celso? 😏. Without him that left side would be like Deadwood. With both offensive and defensive capabilities he is one of the pillar of this scaloni system. I don’t think our subs can replace him easily with that much contribution. I don’t think Messi has that superpower like making an average player looks good. If so means PSG midfield would be world’s best with talent like veratti in it🤭. It’s a players adaptability to the system and that credit fully goes to lo celso. His passes and vision are great. That little motivation or aggression he lacks is the problem for him. He is getting it in the NT from de Paul and Messi. In villareal there is no player like that for him to get his full talent. That’s why he is not getting the flow in every match. Without him our chance of winning would get decreased immensely.

      • @vishnuvenu we did pretty well without locelso. Papu played well in copa when locelso was injured. Palacios did well when locelso was not there in qualifiers. He has good chemistry with other midfielders people here said against equador without locelso we struggled. Actually scaloni was experimenting and that’s a meaningless game so it was expected and in copa we did struggle against Columbia specially in midfield and right wing so its obvious locelso not always perform highly. Yes locelso is an important player but is he irreplaceable?? No he isnt. Just watch psg midfield they looked weaker without messi in the last 2 games plus i clearly said you have to understand messi and his runs which psg midfield doesn’t atall plus their is lack of chemistry on that team. Messi does make others work easier. Atleast 2-3 players always marks messi that free up space for others that makes their job easier

        • Anuparno so for defending your statement you came up with papu and palacios. Do you really think they can replace lo celso in a tournament like wc? Like against Italy he played an hybrid role. Is it possible with papu or palacios or even Enzo?

    • Anuparno i request you, just stop comment about lo cleso..you should first watch..last night lo celso asusal create big chances, while their striker miss one vs one, how can gio get assist..when you play big team with good finisher, its easy to get many assist..you should avoid gio and attention or follow other players.
      Lo celso is best Argentine midfielder Since last 20 years atleast.fullstop.

      • 😂😹😹 nice joke best midfielder of 20 years lol Btw yesterday locelso played as a striker so im not considering yesterday’s match as a failure i just posted the stat didn’t tell he is good or bad just plain stats and stats never tell lies

        • i thought you are little bit intelligent but your continuous downgrading locelso force me to think like other that how childish you are, you are continously downgrading a player which presence gives messi burden free from middle or freedom to play his natural attacking play, even locelso may have weakness but locelso box to box ability gives messi freedom to play his decisive play, did you see italy estonia match

          • Brightk
            That isn’t true messi mainly benefits the presence of the following players Lautaro Martinez, paredes, de Paul not only lo celso is not fair all credit goes lo celso a lone

          • @godin11 i have no doubt about team chemistry every team member has contribution in game, paredes vision pretty much superb but he is not quick player and he is not typical box to box player, lautaro martinez who is a workhorse pretty much involve in the front to busy opponent defence, depaul done some of the work of locelso but he is not as swift as loceso holding onto the ball swift short passes and pregressive passes where locelso better than depaul, this is where messi needs to accompany so they can bring the ball from the middle to the box, in past pretty much i saw messi often drop behind to drag the ball from the defence which most of the time he needs to decisive run which causes energy lose, but when locelso is available in there he done some of the work from the defensive middle what messi most of time in past used to do and locelso try to accompany messi from the middle, messi may do them even now but he do it less when locelso in there, i would say depaul also do that but depaul is not as swift as locelso, now i don’t understand why you put all the name here.. do you also think lo celso also not good, if you think lo celso is not good, then i have to think you are also a childish commentator here nothing else

        • Anuparno

          He started as #10 behind the Sriker and was CM after the break… He had great Stats by the way in the Match against those Austrians…

          As some said before don’t judge him by Goals or assists… the Strikers are bad finishers at Villareal…
          Again he won all his ground duels had some interceptions, he actually played really good yesterday…

          And I think Scaloni has his Midfield set… The saying is never change a winning team… And oh ues we’ve won the Copa so please let Scaloni do his job he knows what he’s doing

    • Lo Celso is never a player who produces number. Plus he is not good at set pieces (FK, CK or PK) so even less chance for him to add the number of goals or assists. But he is perfect for our national team.

      When playing with Di Maria in the starting line up, he can act like a hybrid of left midfielder and left winger who can defend which is what we need since Di Maria and Messi operate on the right.

      When playing without Di Maria (let’s say with Nico Gonzales who is a left winger) Lo Celso can be a good box to box left sided midfielder. He won’t score that many or have many assists but he is extremely useful for Argentina.

      Things don’t work out for him at the Spurs because the Spurs wanted him to produce like Eriksen or Bruno Fernandes or De Bruyne number which is never his game. But for Argentina he is perfect. Definitely not a liability. So for me even if he has 1 goal and 1 assist in 37 games for Villarreal, I am not worried because he is never that guy with big numbers.

    • What the heck are you all talking about? Lo Celso is fantastic, he was a standout in the CL, which is THE measuring stick for football. Heck even though Emery continues playing him out of position (RM, LM, Support striker), he continues to play well but if you want Celso to live up to his potential he has to be given some freedom and be played in his natural CM position, then and only then would you see the 16 goal season he produced for Betis.
      Now when it comes to the NT, he has almost always shown up, put in a hard shift and made a big contribution, hense why he and De Paul are top assist providers (5 each) for the NT during the COMNEBOL qualifiers.
      I am worried about some players in the team like Dimaria, Dybala and Nico Gonzalez and their seemingly endless injuries. I am worried about Molina’s form and A.Correa’s lack of playing time. Lastly I am quite worried about De Paul’s off field antics and where his head is at….BUT the one player I’m not worried about is Gio, he’s in good form despite Villareal’s struggles and unlike his time at Spurs he seems to have found consistent fitness.

      • > What the heck are you all talking about?

        Lol exactly my thoughts. Given their remarks, it’s hard to believe some of these guys watch GLC play.

        • Lol here those who comments locelso as headless chicken they are the one who is headless chicken, i think they also called dimaria as headless chicken in past, this kinds of comments really gives bad taste of reading

    • It is good he even scored one goal I am surprised Locelso is a headless chicken running around with no end product .midfield is our weak link Enzo is 21 he is already our best midfielder by far I like Paredes but his career has been disappointing I followed him since Boca he was good but he started to play deeper and deeper making him more static now he only cares about his passing accuracy success. Depaul is useful for Argentina. Enzo will be selected and will start matches from the second or third game on in place of Lo Celso no doubt Lo Celso will lose his Position during this world cup

  3. I check the record of Di Maria injury in his career. He had hamstring injury in 2016 once, 2017 once, 2018 once, and 2019 once. Yes once a year then he did not have it again until now. The good news is the injury was never aggravated meaning that if he recovers in 20 days, there is a small chance he will re aggravated the injury.

  4. Buonanote is a 10. He is good. A bit like Aimar. The reason why he did not always start for the u 20 team is because we have too many attacking minded players in his position like Paz, Infantino, Carboni, etc. Among all midfielders I like Paz and Buonanote the most.

  5. 20 days means he will play some matches with Juventus before leaving for world Cup. I hope he doesn’t push himself much and doesn’t get injured again. Last few days as an argentine fan will be very tensed

  6. Just watched the second half of Rosario Central and Atletico Tucuman. Buonanotte and Maestro Puch are two very special players, both have taken their parts in the U20 team. Definitely keep an eye out on them during this next year.

    • Nope, but i wished that he would have stayed there as things in Europe are not that great at all ! Also he have done such wonderful job at River constantly not only helping River, but also Arg NT and i do understand that at one point he has to decide whether to opt for new experience and maybe also for some big contract or just to stay as he been, because theese Europeans if they are the one’s luring him away with money do not wait for long as they kind of press anyone player or coach to make quick decission’s rather than wait forever, though sometimes if they are not at the controls, then they play their normal waiting game etc as in this case i hope Gallardo is fully at controls ! And will get what he thinks is best for him etc…

      It would be intresting to hear from Gallardo himself where and why he might be moving next, but if there is a contract in a place for waiting his signature, then in that contract there can be any clauses as such like he won’t be able to talk about it before it has happened etc…even i Still wish that he would stay at River, but as it his life and i have a lot of respect for him and that is why i hope all the best for him whatever is there in a fututre for him at least it should be something good as he has been such good Person and a great coach and wished that he would have been much longer the great player he once was as i really liked him as player too !

      Anyhow i wish him the very best where ever he decides to go or whatever reasons as i have alkways admired his work as coach and also wished long time ago that he could have played a longer career than he did etc…

  7. Lisandro Martinez is playing extremely well for Man United. Currently we are blessed with central defenders.

    Cristiano Ronaldo is completely shot but Portugal will still have to play him in the World Cup and it will really weaken them. Normally I’m sympathetic to Portugal but it will be funny to watch.

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