Lionel Messi, Joaquín Correa both return from injuries for PSG, Inter


Lionel Messi and Joaquín Correa both returned from injuries for PSG and Inter.

Messi was back in the starting eleven for PSG. He had missed PSG’s Champions League game vs. Benfica and their league game vs. Reims due to calf injury.

Joaquin Correa als returned for Inter. He missed their game vs. Sassuolo and their Champions League game vs. FC Barcelona with patella problems.


  1. Yesterday was a sad day for us the messi fans. Its first time in 15 years he was not among the top 30 finalists. I still cant digest this fact yes he scored less but he was the highest assist maker in the Ligue last season also scored a brace against man city. Some super mediocre players were ahead of him. I just want messi to answer this french frauds by winning the world Cup.

    • What sadness? Inclusion in nominations that doesn’t have the chance of winning is just like mocking the legend. And it’s better not to get included in that list. And I really hope this Argentine team would be remembered for the great chemistry and unity rather than the individual brilliance. If Argentina wins the WC all should be remembered equally unlike the 1986.

      • Three teams i really mean in this wc are: France – the massive disrespect towards Leo and his family is insane and they think just because they beat us in wc2018 that they are better than us in fact, now they keeping score, you hear mbappe vs messi 2-0 or “when mbappe destroy Messi and argentina” nonsense . Germany – these ones won’t shut up especially Kroos and Muller. Honestly i can’t wait to rub it in their face when we thrash their ass and lastly Poland that is just because Lewa that thinks he deserves Ballon dor ahead of Leo. If the this punk didn’t play in Bayern he will be in the the same level as kane nobody will rating his ass for ballon dor now that he is barca he will understand the massive amount of work Leo put to lift that shitty team for the past 5 seasons but he still needs to learn respect

  2. i saw some of the past montiel play and foyth play, montiel is not a good choice for the right back compare to foyth montiel is not a physical player, he is tiny build he is not good at tackling and aeriel ability, i saw that in copa final he almost lose a ball in vital point, luckily he was able to recover it, he is just good at some one two passing ability but i think here he is also average, he is jgood at some awareness of the game that is it, foyth is better than him in every section, dribbling, tackling aerially strong good pace , foyth just need to learn how to come forward and improve crossing

    • But foyth is injured. He will only get fit in November only i don’t know scaloni will consider him or not for qatar. For me foyth is far more important player than Dybala

      • we should take these 9 as defenders, Otamendi,cuti Romero, Lisandro Martinez, Pezzella/montiel,foyth,Molina, medina,Acuna and Tagalifico.
        right now both Pezzella, Acuna and Montiel are playing bad. Scaloni should take one out of Pezzella and Montiel.(whichever is playing better)

  3. Before Maradona 🇦🇷 lifted the World Cup trophy a French 🇫🇷 player won the ballon d’or (Platini)

    This year again a French player (Benzema) winning ballon d’or, before MESSI 🇦🇷 lifting the World Cup trophy

    • Also Messi always have vintage season after any kind of disrespect to him. 2018 finished 5th, won in 2019 and 2021. I see Messi winning next year.

    • “So according to Marca via TuttoJuve, Diego Simeone has seen enough, and is in favor of selling De Paul come January”.

      This explains a lot if true and not just a rumor. Not everybody can thrive under Simeone, he is a very demanding coach. De Paul previous time in Spain, in Valencia was underwhelming too but he was a beast at Udinese and for us too of course.

      Juventus do seem interested: “In their current squad, Juventus don’t have a player who can link the midfield with the attack. Perhaps Fabio Miretti could develop into a fine attacking midfielder, but at the moment, De Paul is on another level”.

      For now, let’s hope De Paul gets enough minutes to stay match fit and sharp before the WC.

          • Don’t blame de Paul if I was player especially midfielder or attacker i will never ever want to play under Simeone look how many touchs de Paul has when plays Atlético compare to arg nt that is one of the main factor de Paul isn’t succeeding under Simeone’s Atlético.

  4. Very impressed by this Real Madrid, they are not spectacular but always wins with very simple and efficient football: solid defense, disciplined midfielders and lethal strikers. We should keep our football style but also inspire from them because we have some players with similar profile. I said that also because our fullbacks and wingers are quite out of form, 442 with 4 central midfielders like Real is a good alternative to fix those problems, this can also allow to cover our fullbacks when they play in advanced position because both Tagliafico and Molina have some weakness in their positioning. I would go for Enzo and Paredes in the middle, Lo Celso and De Paul on each side.

    • Real is allways Real, even when they do not look like something special or been playing like shit domestically as normally allways dropping out of Copa del Rey for example and many time’s have somekind of favor factor on their side, but i quess they have more than earned until at least by now their now luck as last year’s UCL was just completly insane from them !

      They allways been goid at UCL, but last year was just some crazy stuff, some may called it luck or typical Real, but it doesn’t matter in the end as they won La Liga and UCL and seems like Ancelotti’s second time is even better than the first one as he is just pure ” Tutto Calma” !

      I would not be surprised if they win La Liga this year again, about UCL, well all i can say i would not dare to bet against them, lol !

      Though, i’m intrested of the Copa Del Rey as if they can Finalky win that after such a long time etc…

      But, quite heavy schedule for them, lol ! I mean don’t they have to play also the luo WC at some point too , right ?

      Though, i wished they could opt fir Arg players instead of Brazilians, but even Valdano’s ever growing Tan it does not really indicate that they will change their transfer policy from SA soon in the nearest future, lol !

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