Erik Lamela scores for Sevilla in 1-1 draw vs. Valencia


Erik Lamela scored for Sevilla in their 1-1 draw vs. Valencia.

Lamela was brought on as a substitute for Sevilla and the Argentine would score the goal that would draw Sevilla level. Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli started Gonzalo Montiel, Marcos Acuña and Papu Gómez .

With Valencia leading 1-0, Sevilla were awarded a corner kick. The cross found Lamela and his left footed effort beat the goalkeeper as he scored his second goal of the season.


  1. Csabalala
    the word SHAME use it for your club not for me.
    Boca with the word shame is synonym.

    my mind is fine and i know VERY WELL what i am saying.
    everything i said is well known to everybody neutral. inside Argentina and outside Argentina.
    So put aside your Madrid syndrome and stop it here because we will not arrive nice in end.

    • Armaniiii, el taco no, hace la personal y ahí se va, se va, se viene Martínez para el gol, y va el tercero, y va el tercero, y va el tercero, y gol de River, gol de Riveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

  2. 35 man list is given 😉
    Goal keepers

    Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
    Franco Armani (River)
    Juan Musso (Atalanta)
    Geronimo Rulli (Villarreal)

    Gonzalo Montiel (Seville)
    Nahuel Molina (Athletic Madrid)
    Juan Foyth (Villarreal)
    German Pezzella (Betis)
    Nehuen Perez (Udinese)
    Cristian Romero (Tottenham)
    Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica)
    Lisandro Martinez (Manchester United)
    Mark Senesi (Bournemouth)
    Nicolas Tagliafico (Olympique Lyon)
    Marcos Acuna (Seville)
    Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina)

    Guido Rodriguez (Betis)
    Alexis MacAllister (Brighton)
    Rodrigo DePaul (Atletico Madrid)
    Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
    Enzo Fernandez (Benfica)
    Giovanni Lo Celso (Tottenham)
    Alejandro Gomez (Seville)
    Angel Di Maria (Juventus)
    Leandro Paredes (Juventus)
    Thiago Almada (Atlanta United)
    Nicolas Dominguez (Bologna)


    Lionel Messi (PSG)
    Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
    Paulo Dybala (Rome)
    Julian Alvarez (Manchester City)
    Joaquin Correa (Inter)
    Nicolas Gonzalez (Fiorentina)
    Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
    Lucas Alario (Eintracht Frankfurt)
    Lucas Ocampos (Ajax)
    Giovanni Simeone (Napoli)
    alexandro garnacho (Man utd)

    • MacAllister instead of Buendia is a mistake but both are comparable…still Buendia is a bit better..he does give away the ball but that’s because he also tries to create a lot… MacAllister is like a ship that never leaves harbor..because it is afraid of storms…so he doesn’t fail..also doesn’t contribute much

  3. Why is Lo Celso not playing against Barcelona?
    None of our starting mids, Paredes, Lo Celso, De Paul are even playing matches. Is it deliberate to be ready for the World Cup??

  4. I’ll admit, the way GLC was booted and blamed by many idiot spurs fans, I like seeing Spurs struggle in midfield. I’m conflicted though because I also want Romero to succeed. Is funny though, after ADM I hated United but now I’m rooting for them lol because of Licha.

    • That’s every Argentina fan’s trademark lol. For instance, when a particular Argentine player is in the starting XI for his club I want them to win, but if they bench him in the next match I want them to lose until they bring him onto the field lol. I’ve been supporting La Viola and Los Che for a long time, but I haven’t been watching them that much since 2010, coz the only football I can regularly watch is La Albiceleste games. In world football, Argentina above everything else.

    • For me the Spurs at the third now in the standing is already better than expectation. They did poorly in the transfer windows. Losing out on the first and second target: Bastoni and Gvardiol and settled for Barca bench warmer like Lenglet instead say a lot about how their transfer window was. Then spend £60 million euro (much more than for Cuti) for a loser like Richarlison. So if they are still third now, it is a miracle. Conte says that the Spurs need at least 3 more transfer windows to compete with the EPL best.

      For me I just hope Cuti improves and is recognized as the best EPL defender there because I know every single European club will want Cuti after the World Cup.

      Btw before Bissouma, their target was De Paul but De Paul rejected them. Not sure which one is worse De Paul for Atletico or Spurs.

    • enzo > palacios better interms of crativity > macallister, (guido > macallister) is better interms of defence
      stat don’t prove anything here, bcs as el principe says macallister plays safe most of the time this is quite true, he brings her in good position, he don’t brings creative opportunity out of nowhere this is reason this stats don’t proves anything, you are the person who says enzo is a retention dribbler but i don’t see anything like that, it is role which he is habituating to , enzo is a complete midfielder to flourish

    • Lol sorry dude but I work as a statistician. What kinda stats is this?? It is the most meaningless stats I have ever seen. It is comical to be honest. Seriously speaking all those Europeans and English know nothing about stats.

      futbol has developed yes. In 1960-70’s nobody even count the assists, only goals. But now is 2022, the world futbol always make fun of American sports. Yes I am not a fan of American sports either but basketball, but the world still DOES NEED to learn from American sports when it comes to making stats. I mean those American stats are so detailed and so fascinating to read.

      I mean the stats that u posted is just super hilarious and meaningless. It is the same as if it was in basketball, the stats would count how many times a point guard passes the ball to the players inside the 3 point area. What the heck? It doesn’t even mean anything/it doesn’t show anything/it doesn’t help any fact at all.

      I suggest doing our own stats, instead of just copy and paste. I could make a much better and detailed stats for the futbol if I want to than what they do now. The futbol stats that are available today is so lame and “useless”. I mean believe me maybe in 2050 or something they will develop something better than what they have right now when it comes to stats.

      They have to do PER (player’s efficiency rating) stats at least. None of futbol stats as of today does that. I mean NONE. And PER is one of the most accurate stats.

      When I saw the stats u posted I feel as if I am a professional Tango dancer and then u show me a primitive dance of a small village and I am like “do I have to smile or clap hands or something”?

  5. Barca vs villarreal… Top game to watch…
    But Foyth missing for injure,, lo celso also doubtful due to injury.. Anyone know when foyth will recover?

    • game to watch tonight is one he he
      Boca play in La Plata. if they don t win they lose the championship he he

      Let s Go Gimnasia !!!

        • total domination you didn t have my sweet Bostero.
          we win 9 domestic tittles in that era. the only total domination you have is that your club control totally AFA and referees.
          you have succeed to humiliate Argentine football to people in all around the world that watching us because we are the only country in world that EVEN VAR is controlled totally from your people.
          for not mention that the president of Argentine republic the most of the era you talking was your club ex president !!! nothing more to say.
          of course in international level that you can t control shit everybody can see the real Boca power there. a naked and fraud club that can do nothing.
          But anyway enjoy your title my sweet Bostero.
          i celebrate it last year. you can celebrate this year.
          El más grande sigue siendo RIVER PLATE,
          y sera más grande aún en el mañana,
          por el juego,por las ganas el orgullo de tener una banda roja
          que nos cruza el alma…..

          • Libertadores Boca 6 Riber 4, Sudamericana Boca 2 Riber 1, Recopa Sudamericana Boca 4 Riber 3, Intercontinental/Club World Cup Boca 3 Riber 1…have some shame then you could controll your mind.

  6. I’m a hige Licha fan.
    But guys really we have to be honest to ourselves.
    The main Man for Scaloni is Otamendi. So it’s either Ota and Cuti or Ota and Licha. For Scaloni #1 is Ota.

    As for now we are blessed with CB. Ota Cuti Licha Perez Foyth Balerdi Facundo Senesi. And to be honest in the last games LMQ and Pezella did both great
    that is awesome.
    Problem seems Attack right now. I never thought I would say that but only Martinez and Messi are Scoring. Dybala is Injured that sucks.. J. Correa is bad Alvarez got no Playtime A Correa is not a pure Striker

  7. Some of our forwards stats in this calendar year so far…

    Joaquín Correa: 4 goals
    Ángel Correa: 11 goals
    Lautaro Martínez: 20 goals
    Julián Álvarez: 22 goals
    Retegui: 22 goals

    Its pretty obvious, J Correa is the best of the lot!

  8. If you watched the ManU game then you heard the commentators who couldn’t shut up about praising Martinez……the little man was bossing players around and he’s coming around very nicely.

  9. I feel like Lamela’s natural position should be midfield. He is a winger who creates changes, and can dribble, and defend but doesn’t score often. Since he scores occasionally, he can be a great midfield. Too bad for injuries and the fact he is already 30 years of age.

    • Lamela started as a mid. It’s odd that he moved to the wing later on. Anyway, haven’t followed his career for a long time cause its been a major disappointment. The potential he had as an 18 year old with River was massive.

  10. Licha played amazing. He shut down Kane completely. No mistakes at all, very composed. Totally world class performance.

    Cuti played below average. As a big Cuti fan I admit that his worst 2 games were against Arsenal and MU away, BUT welcome to EPL where everyone can beat each other. We can’t easily cross out a team just because they lost in a big match. For example last season the Spurs looked horrible in an away game against Arsenal and lost 0-3. Then Arsenal in their away game looked horrible against the Spurs and lost 2-0 and cost them lost the CL spot.

    Things like this (beating up each other among big teams) is very normal in EPL because it is not a league like Bundesliga or Lique 1 where no one could hardly beat Munchen or PSG.

    I think the top 4 this season gonna be: City, Arsenal, Spurs, and Liverpool/MU/Chelsea.

    As for Cuti, he is still a great player. It is just unfortunate that he played bad in 2 big matches. But guys again remember things like this in normal because last season, in 2 big games against the City and Liverpool, Cuti was the MOM. So never judge too early.

    • Weeks ago… if I remember correctly, Arsenal was not in your top4.
      Man City, and Arsenal are already favourite. Need to see until when Arsenal can keep this rhythm. Liverpool under Klopp always a sure contender.
      Chelsea, and Man U will get stronger when season progress.
      I think Spurs will finish 6th in this race.

    • Just clueless spurs, no creativity… Absolutely no chance to finish top 4..if its happen then its Shame for Epl, shame for attractive football..
      Average game for Romero, next year he needs to go big club

    • Lol… Romero is the best Argentine defender..
      And still Ota there…so no chance for lisandro..
      Licha needs more goods games to compete with them

      • Licha doesn’t need more good games as he is already under consideration.

        Otamendi -Romero pair is performing well currently so don’t see Scaloni changing just before the World cup. Unless there are cards for either Ota-romero, I don’t see him starting.

      • when Lisandro was playing for Ajax and everyone was praising cuti rightly so how good he is. I was keep saying Lisandro is par with cuti if isn’t better but my argument was weak due Lisandro was in less league with dominate team.
        But now he is doing same thing when he was at ajax a better league proves my point The reality is both cuti and licha are from Argentina which make me happier but If I had to choose who is better both, look No one can deny how great defender cuti is and he will start world Cup for arg ahead of licha but as for me Lisandro edges due his ball playing skills as well as he is good defender too

      • Because of height scaloni prefers otamendi and Romero in any other aspects lisandro is better than both of them. No doubts he is our best defender just that he was playing in dutch league which made him go under radar. Im sure scaloni will start otamendi Romero pair but they are rash and Romero is injury prone so i don’t see this pair sustaining for the whole tournament one of them could miss some matches and thn lisandro will get his chance

        • > Because of height scaloni prefers otamendi and Romero

          I see now. this is what you and Scaloni spoke about the other night on your zoom call.

          …..Dude you’re making up stuff just like English pundits. You’re wrong height is irrelevant. Scaloni picking the pair that brought home a gold. I’m sure licha will start after WC and as far I know, he’ll still be the same height 🙂

          Side note – I’m an concerned in the future that we will miss otamendi dominance in the air. Neither Licha or Romero are as good but maybe they will be

  11. Lisandro Martinez playing fantastic. He is currently our best central defender. Martinez-Romero need to start. I like Otamendi but these 2 are at the top right now.

  12. Great news Despite being great candidate to replace Gallardo as new River Plate coach, Pablo Aimar plans to respect his contract with Argentina National Team.

  13. I have not seen recent games from Sevilla, Villarreal, Atletico and Juventus but judging from the player ratings from various sources our midfield starters are not doing very well. Their backups at Benfica, Brighton and Betis are currently getting much higher scores. 4 league games and 2 european ties left to improve. Current form will give Scaloni some headache.

    • Many of our players are in bad form. It’s worrying. But the midfield is often about the dynamic existing between them rather than individual play. I wouldn’t mess up Paredes-RDP-LC-Messi

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