Martín Demichelis a candidate to become new River Plate coach


Martín Demichelis is a candidate to become the new coach of River Plate.

Demichelis could be coaching his old club. After the announcement that Marcelo Gallardo will not continue as coach of River Plate, names began being thrown around for a replacement.

Despite Demichelis presently coaching Bayern Munich II, he is one of the candidates. According to BILD, Demichelis wants to take the next step in his managerial career and Bayern Munich will not stop him from leaving.


    • Of course. He is new and untested. His career has to start somewhere. Gallardo only had 1 year in Uruguay before becoming River manager. Nobody knew he would be so successful.

  1. The real one to blame for the 2014 WC loss. People blame Higuain who was the only one I saw in the final playing his heart out and probably got a concussion on the field.

    This Demichelis is nonchalantly pacing near the sideline and fails to close mark his man. Had he done so, that cross would have never been delivered to Gotze as he would have and should have blocked it!

    And of course, Romero jumps the other way. But Demichelis is the culprit. Cuti would never! I love how he just rushes an opposing attacker as if he will MMA drop him. He gives them no one time on the ball to think or get settled.

    • Now people like u will point out each player and make them culprit and blame them for the loss in final…grow up kid…In final it’s 50% luck and 50% team work…no need to bring the past now

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