Mauricio Pochettino linked to become new Aston Villa coach


Mauricio Pochettino is being linked to become the new coach of Aston Villa.

Pochettino could soon be coaching in England and two Argentine players. With Steven Gerrard no longer coaching the club, Mauricio Pochettino is one of the names being mentioned as a replacement in the English media.

The Argentine has previously managed in the Premier League as he coached Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur.


      • He’s young. No reason to rest him before the Juventus match. Besides, this a huge match for Benfica.

        Benfica fans are saying he had a poor match. Not good.

        • The reason why he was subbed is coz, Porto players were deliberately drawing fouls from benfica players despite being 10 men.
          The Benfica coach couldn’t risk loosing two key players Joao Mario and Enzo Fernandez through red cards. He had to sacrifice the two players.
          I think Enzo Fernandez was a bit nervous after receiving first yellow card and was careful to avoid the second yellow; that affected his performance.

  1. Messi could have had more goals but his team mates didn’t pass to him even though Leo was in a great position unmarked, Multiple times!!. This attitude will cost PSG in the champions league. Galitier has been able to unleash the playmaking ability of Messi to full potential but average PSG players ignoring Leo in the final third will cost them BIG!! Messi always scores more goals or get more chances when Neymar plays as he seems to only be the one able to read Messi’s positioning better.

    • His vision and playmaking is absurd. This 4 midfield formation helped him a lot, Messi got the ball always in dangerous positions from the midfielders.

    • Allegri plays uncharachteristic conservative not possession based football, where he needs rather runners in midfield. Empoli with 60-65% in possession so far.

        • Dont work with one dimensional midfielders, they can only run as Mckennie, Rabiot or Locatelli, Paredes was alone with dominant passing skills, but Juve couldnt play proactive football. Fit Paredes is good for us, Scaloni can use him.

          • Guy’s talented and as long as he’s fit and got his head strapped-on straight, we should be fine. Allergi is hanging in there with his stupid football and they can’t sack him b/c of the money they owe him. He’s got a dated style and his coaching prime was back when they lost to Barca in the CL final and that’s 8 seasons back.

  2. Reading interviews with the managers of the World Cup. Many of them talking about how their staff have been watching all the games of potential opponents and studying strengths/weaknesses. It’s a different world to the past.

    • You really thought the previous managers were not watching their opponents play before? Ever since the late 90s, things changed and everyone can access troves of that kind of data if they want it b/c it’s all now at their finger tips. If you’re too scared, don’t watch the game and come out of slumber around christmas.

  3. @el_principe earlier you mentioned how you can’t find good stats for the sport, I have recommended this site before but maybe you didn’t see it. go to this site and you can select different competitions such as the top five leagues or the top five leagues combined, and then there are many stats including per/90 stats which I agree are pretty important. Also you can look up individual player profiles and see where they compare to all other players in their position (for example, you’ll find that Lisandro Martinez is in the 98th percentile for progressive passes among center backs). You will find that Lisandro makes more progressive passes per/90 in the same league than Mac Allister does and that’s as a center back, interesting.

    • I know that site but I am not sure if u get what I mean. When did assist get recorded in futbol history? 1980’s? Or 1990’s? Can’t really remember. No one knows how many assists Maradona or Pele had because in their time it was not recorded. Guess what? In American sports, in 1980, they already had amazing stats for all their major sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Ice Hockey.

      Basketball for example in 1950’s they already counted all the points, assists, rebounds, steals, FG%, FT%, turnovers, and so on. The only ones not recorded back then was block shots and 3pt shooting.

      What I mean is when it comes to stats, futbol is a newbie compared to American sports. Only lately futbol tries to develop more stats but it is still very very weak and mild and not accurate compared to American sports stats.

      Again I know that site but as a statistician, all those stats are still nothing man. It is not even close to how Americans do statistics on their major sports.

      I will give u an example. PER is the best one. In basketball, the top 3 PER rating of all time are:
      1. Michael Jordan PER 27.91
      2. Lebron James PER 27.34
      3. Nikola Jokic.

      Jordan and Lebron are considered like Pele and Maradona in futbol. No one would argue that they are the GOAT (greatest of all time) and the PER shows it perfectly. Jokic, the last 2 MVP of NBA, is still young, usually when players get older their PER decreases.

      In futbol the stats they do is laughable to me. I mean OK goals, and assists are good but successful pass, number of headers, passing forward, successful dribbling or tackles bla bla bla and so on are just level 101 stats. It is for beginners. OK now they add something more advanced like expected goals, and so on. They are pretty good but still it is waaaaaaay behind the stats of American sports.

      I mean think about it if American sports does complete stats for more than 60-70 years already and futbol has just started doing “basic stats” (start recording assist for example) just in 1980’s (or 1990’s) which is around 30-40 years ago, that means futbol is very left behind when it comes to stats.

      I agree tho futbol is the greatest sports ever, not even close. But when it comes to stats, man… they are beginners. Messi scored 91 goals in one year, it is obvious that he was the best player in the world. But if a defender has the most tackles or successful ground duel. If a midfielder has the best passing accuracy. Or if an attacker has the highest percentage of shoot on goal do not make those defender, midfielder, or attacker as the best in the world. You know why? Because the stats they do is weak!

      If I apply the way futbol doing stats to basketball is the same as Manute Bol is the greatest defensive player ever because he blocks the most shots per minute. Guess what? Manute Bol is not even close to being top 100 of the best defensive player of all time in Basketball. He is just simply good at blocking shots, that’s all.

      • Btw in case people wonder what PER is. I found this somewhere:

        The player efficiency rating (PER) is a rating of a player’s per-minute productivity.
        PER is rightly cited as one of the GODFATHER stats of the advanced analytics movement in basketball. It was one of the first basketball measurements to adjust for pace of play, adjust for playing time, and to normalize data across seasons (the measure assigns an average player for each season at 15 PER). PER is still commonly cited on broadcasts and in the media.

        —- If Futbol has developed stats of PER since 1940’s for example, we would easily see who the real GOAT (greatest of all time) is. But futbol did not even record assist until 1980’s (or 1990’s) unfortunately.

        • Opta assists (passes wo deflection) leaders:

          🇦🇷Lionel Messi 341
          🇦🇷Ángel Di María: 253
          🇺🇾Luis Suárez: 246
          🇧🇪Kevin De Bruyne: 242
          🇧🇷Neymar: 242
          🇩🇪Thomas Müller: 235
          🇩🇪Mesut Özil: 233
          🇷🇸Dušan Tadić: 233
          🇪🇸Cesc Fàbregas: 233
          🇵🇹Cristiano Ronaldo: 232

  4. Spot on to both mmh007 and csabalala. I couldn’t have said it any better. Honestly, i can’t find those wasted chances from Brazil or the so called dominance that Brightk is talking about.

    Since copa 2019 i really can’t find any Brazilian dominance on us. Even in this infamous 2019 copa final, we were the ones who were wasting chances not them. Then in the superclassico, they were lucky enough to escape with just an one goal down loss as they should have concede 5! In the copa final in Maracana, the only real wasted chance that i remember was the one that Messi slipped. Since 2019 up to now, every time we met Brazil, we beat them twice and got one draw while conceeding 0!

    I really can’t understand what the fellow Argentina supporter is talking about!

    • brazil possesion 59% argentina possesion 41% in total game, in second half brazil create dangerous chances and ball was always on argentina half, argentina got easy chances but they miss them bcs imperfection on counter attacking thread, messi miss easy chance bcs there was retention of mind energy problem, i saw several time messi was involving on defence which he usually don’t do that, in counter attack argentina wasn’t that much in perfection , de paul also get a chance on counter but he also miss that chance for the same reason

  5. Brightk dunno what are you talking about Copa final, the xG was 0,9 vs 1,0 total equal after we scored in 22 minutes then Brazil should have gone offensive but they couldnt. 1 chance in the whole match is nothing on this level. (In Maracana dont forget). Messi big chance in the end wo shooting wasnt even counted in xG calculation, but that was a huge chance. (0,5-0,6). Brazil were unable to be dangerous after the early goal unlike the forming Argentina in Copa19, we played much better than them, only unluck and cheeting were the problem. After this Copa win, Finallisima and long unbeaten run ARG will be much higher mentally against Brazil.

  6. Enzo Fernandez should replace Paredes in that midfield. Paredes is average and again been a benchwarmer at PSG and now Juventus, nothing special about him and I don’t wanna hear that weak argument about him performing for Argentina. If you can’t performed at club level, you don’t deserve to be a starter for the Albiceleste.

  7. Brightk
    No idea what game you watched man. My mind is clear as summer sky. Ofcourse a team will attack when we was playing on counter against them plus there wasn’t clear cut chances…yes they took shot and we blocked. That’s how it works. You don’t have to watch 3 times to understand a game man. Just give us credit where it’s due. Like saying Varzilian missed chances make our victory so cheap man. I could say if Messi didn’t slipped then it was 0-2…From the beginning it was we gonna let them come and take as much as we can then bang them on break and guess what…we banged them pretty hard bruh. Rumours has they still oozing from the wound 😳. What i do not understand why if Varzil wins 1-0 then it’s solid defence but when we win it’s because they missed chances

    • What we need to improve is more understanding among each other and more quick play around the box. Plus like all I believe we need solid back up for Lautaro also Enzo should go coz he give alot options to be honest. But I would still rate this team higher then 2014 with all due respect coz they play much better football. I love how all our midfielders click with each other. Only big concern for me is how are they gonna cope with pressure of a world cup game.

  8. Messi is our best player.
    Enzo is the one with the best form and match fitness. Omitting him would be plain stupid.

  9. My four pick from tyc sports dybala, angel & jocquime corea, enzo Fernandez and Palacios and foyth are
    1) Enzo Fernandez ( I think he’s the best argentine midfielder for past few months and currently one of the best midfielder of the world)
    2) Dybala ( even if he’s is injured but he’s the X factor who could be crucial in KO stage)
    3) Angel Corea ( he’s dynamic player, can play various position and definitely better than jocquime Corea)
    4) Juan fotyh ( It’s a forced selection due unavailability of good player, I would be happy if scaloni surprised us and select pablo maffeo for the world cup)

  10. So its very hard to take 4 from..foyth, dybala, palacios, a correa, j Correa, Enzo
    I personally like Foyth over montiel…
    Fit dybala i take anytime..
    J correa is below average player but we have only one left winger nico gonzalez..oops…. Angel is better than Joaquin..
    I don’t know placios situation.. But he will be good lo celso or de pual sub…
    So its Very hard for Enzo to include in 26..
    I should rather omit montiel.. And take 5 from this 6
    Foyth, Dybala, palacios,, angel correa, Enzo

  11. list is revealed and according to tycsports

    The 22 who have a guaranteed place in the World Cup
    GOALKEEPERS : Emiliano Martínez, Gerónimo Rulli and Franco Armani.

    DEFENDERS : Nahuel Molina, Gonzalo Montiel, Cristian Romero, Germán Pezzella, Nicolás Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Marcos Acuña and Nicolás Tagliafico.

    MIDFIELDERS : Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes, Giovani Lo Celso, Guido Rodríguez, Alexis Mac Allister, Alejandro Gómez and Nicolás González.

    FORWARDS : Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez, Ángel Di María and Julián Álvarez.

    though it is not official it’s seems out montiel and macallister is the odd selection that happens,

    i have always doubt on scaloni selection with this two selection this comes out upset for me, i know there is lot of people will be happy with selection of both montiel and macallister this is how i found the my personal odds over time in this forum

    • i personally have doubt now over scaloni tactical superiority in this world cup with this two selection, if arg don’t win this world cup it will be very unjustice to messi, bcs argentina win two trophy after long period of time a lot of people overhype and ignore happens on lot of things, in copa final argentina didn’t win with superiority if brazil was able to find out a goal it was impossible for argentina to come back on that game brazil almost done it, it was luck and richarlison folishness that didn’t happens, argentina has always wing backs problem, romero and emi martinez was selected very lately then the time they should be given chance to play,
      i don’t understand when you have guido, paredes, why you needs to select a player who afford similar things in defense as like them,

      • there is need to be creativity in central midfield, to remove out the pressure from messi, none of guido , paredes, maccallister are attacking minded creative player, here needs locelso, dybala, dimaria even recent thiago is good for messi company, enzo is mixture of allrounder he is strong but in terms of final third creativity he needs stil growth, but overcrowding in the defensive mid and wasting a spot for attacking spot gives me bad sign of scaloni selection, he wasn’t perfect in past, he is not perfect now, it’s seems like enzo will be left out from final selection , this four player paredes,guido,enzo,macclister habuated to play in same position defensive mid , enzo is habituated in right midfield in river

      • The same thing can be said in the 2019 copa. If we got the 1st goal Brazil could not have won the copa. Football match are usually like this especially in international level. We dominated them in several matches but couldn’t hold on to the match till last whistle. Now the reverse had happened but the impact made us more stronger.

        • yes same thing happens in 2014 world cup final where luck favours for the german, but you have to gain some durability strength you can fight back in case if you fall behind, in copa final i didn’t see anything like that luckily i was happy that argentina won, but still i comment here that argentina didn’t win it with little margin of great playing, brazil has more attack and they didn’t able to finish them it wasn’t superiority of scaloni tactis it was poor finishing of brazil side and martinez was real great for us in copa that helps us to win, after commenting such things i was humiliated in this forum, scaloni is n’t veteran coach he has still lot of things to learn, after this selection i’m little bit in doubt of his tactical goodness

          • Poor finishing from Varzil side? What are you on about mate? You referring as they were having chances after chances. Tactically Scaloni outsmarted Brazil or even every game in Copa. Our players actually squeezed the life out of Varzilian players. They didn’t even got chance to think let alone finsih. I guess you didn’t hear Tite was moaning about Argentina tactics after game that’s why you are talking about this. Let Scaloni do his job afterall he knows what he is cooking we are just hear to taste.

          • can you give me specific word what tite was moaning about, man this is argentina this is not a team which is standing at the 50 60 in the table that brazil going to attack after attack, but brazil was enough aggressive to create the upset for us, they create some decent opprtunity i would ask you see the match again where brazil dominate , where was lackings for us, if somehow brazil about to bring out goal from that position it was very hard for argentina to come back in that game , if you don’t understand i would ask you watch the game against three times, hope your mind will clear where we had to improve till now

    • For what it’s worth, I think if Foyth recovers on time he would be included as he is a versatile player. It’s also between Palacios and Enzo Fernandez and a lot depends on Palacios health.

      • palacios is kind of modric for us, he is not best but good on the either side defence and attack, and enzo gives you energy physicality and we all know till now what he is capable to he can be good in everything, his entry in national team was decent as like as romero though the team he plays against those are not superior team, but look at enzo champions league performance it is standard,
        so enzo and palacios both are compulsory on the other hand macallister, i won’t rate him too low, he is good but thinking on defense, in attack he is not a player who will dribble past two player and create opportunity from nowhere, he can give you good cross but here we have superior player like paredes who is 10 times better long passer than him, and in defence we have guido who is also better than macallister, so chosing macallister you are wasting a spot where we needs one attacking output player, and montiel is average good.. so this two player in squad force me to think about how scaloni made it late for romero lisandro and emi , i was always had high praise for lisandro

  12. brazil in doubt about losing another important player for playing in world cup, i know a lot people say richarlison is overrated and not suitable display for totenham but the last game i saw vs tunisia he was very good and sometimes with favourable system one average player can turn out to be a beast, richarlison was very good for brazil team, so losing richarlison is big loss for brazil, now lucas paqueta, who is one of the quality and important player for brazil, so loosing both of them is major blow for brazil, brazil has other good player but this two player was important for tite

    • I agree with u on the importance of Richarlison and Paqueta for Brazil. They both are at least key rotation players for Brazil. But both of them will play in the World Cup as both are ruled out for 2 weeks only (similar to Di Maria timeline).

      Pogba also rumored to be back to Juventus line up at the end of October, so he should be available for France too. But not Kante for sure.

    • But if Richarlison and Ederson starts the match instead of Allison and Jesus the chances for the opposition win is high. Paqueta is also has less venom in creating chances. Fred, fabinho is not a danger at all. Allison is the one to watch out for. That save against de Paul in the qualifiers was great. He only conceded a penalty goal against Argentina in 3-4 matches he played. Yes Jesus and Richarlison are almost same in finishing but Jesus is more danger dribbler and good in creating chances in the final third. But the focal point is as always Neymar. Casemiro Allison Neymar Jesus and may be vinicius in open space are the dangerous players for Brazil. The thing is it all depends on teams chemistry. We still almost won against Brazil in 2019 and there the team was in a transition period.

  13. “PSG have 6 games before the FIFA World Cup. If Leo Messi plays 5 of them, he’ll head to Qatar on 993 games played.

    This would make the World Cup final, the 1,000th game of Lionel Messi’s career.”

    Source: GiveMeSport

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