Gio Lo Celso misses Villarreal game vs. FC Barcelona due to discomfort


Gio Lo Celso missed Villarreal’s game vs. FC Barcelona due to discomfort.

Lo Celso did not play and was not on the bench for Villarreal in their game vs. FC Barcelona. According to Gastón Edul, Lo Celso has muscle discomfort.

The 26 year old has now missed Villarreal’s last two league games.


  1. Locelso has a minor injury. Great news. He will get some rest now. Our players apart from messi, Romero, otamendi, lisandro, molina, lautaro, enzo, McAllister will come with good rest

    • I see you and a couple of others always making comments like this whenever a player gets injured, and it is total nonsense. Getting injured, no matter how minor, is not rest. Ask any professional athlete. It is not good for their career. It is not good for their form. It is not good for their mental well-being. It is not good for the team especially before a major competition.

    • Aston Villa is pathetic. 3 transfer windows after selling Grealish for £100 million cash and still not improving the team where all players in the world want to play in EPL.

      Mings is just the second coming of Maguire. Konsa is equally as bad. Ramsey is a back up at best. Coutinho is done: MLS caliber. Only the first 3 games of Villa he looked good. Ings is a super overrated striker. The team has a bunch of mediocre players. If the new coach can’t improve the team, I won’t be surprised it they are relegated.

      Also maybe Pochettino is too much of “Rolls Royce” coach for them to hire. They like any mediocrity. Maybe they prefer Nuno Santo or any English overrated coach instead.

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