Lionel Messi scores, assists twice for PSG in 3-0 win vs. Ajaccio


Lionel Messi scored and had two assists for PSG in their 3-0 win vs. Ajaccio.

Messi started the game with an assist. With the score at 0-0, Messi played a through ball into Kylian Mbappe who scored to make it 1-0 for PSG.

The second goal of the game was Messi’s goal. He would receive the ball inside the penalty area and dribble around the goalkeeper and score.

The Argentine has reached six league goals in the season for PSG, the same tally as he had in all of last season in the league. But Messi had one more assist.

It was 2-0 for PSG and Messi would play another through ball into Mbappe who would score. Messi now leads Ligue 1 with nine assists.


  1. if nico injury severed, i’m pretty much sure door is open for garnacho, i hope his injury not so aggregated bcs he is one important player for us

  2. Off topic
    Our penalty takers are Messi, Lautaro and….

    The NT coaches of Denmark, England, Netherlands and others have instructed all NT players to practice penalties every day for 10 minutes at their clubs.

    • Argentine players also most probably practicing also. Depaul, paredes, McAllister, nico Gonzalez etc are good penalty takers. Maybe Enzo also is a very good penalty taker dybala also regularly was taking penalties.

      • Messi, Dybala, Nico, G, Enzo or Macallister and Papu or Julian Alvarez or maybe Paredes. These players will be on the field at the end of 120 mins. Messi is Messi, Dybala, Nico G and Macallister are our best PK tackers.

      • Foyth also took penalties in the Europa League final and in the Super Cup final. He took the penalties very well in both occasions, if I’m not mistaken. He is not a Garay, but the manager can count on him in such games.

        • Hardly takes penalties and thats even with bad conversation rate: Guido 0/0 Lo Celso 1/3 Palacios 0/0 Angel Correa 0/1 Joaquin Correa 1/3, Di Maria 3/7. Others are good. The 5 best argentine regular PK tackers: Macallister, Dybala, Nico G, Lanzini and Ocampos

    • We have Emi Martinez, the world best at PK shoootout. With him guarantee at least 2 PK stops in 5.

      As for our PK taker, the ones that have the best technique in terms of power and accuracy are Nico Gonzales and Dybala.

  3. It seems that AFA released the list of 44 players, not 35, of the World Cup. I know it is a lot and maybe does not mean much. But I saw the list, all the regulars and back ups are there. The surprising ones among the 44 players?

    Roberto Perreyra, Mati Soule, Ale Garnacho, Agustin Rossi, and the one and only Maxi Meza.

    What surprised me is Walter Benitez is still not part of the list. It seems like Scaloni does not consider him at all. Also Lanzini is not part of the list either.

    Mati Soule and Garnacho are the only 2 u20 players on the list.

  4. It’s a huge blow for us if nico Gonzalez is severely injured…. We can’t counter attack easily without di Maria or him. 🤞
    He is a very unique player, we don’t have his type of player. He usually get best out of our midfielders, messi and lautaro because of his pace plus he scores. I hope he will recover in time and can gradually come to his best.
    Dybala injury wouldn’t have given headaches to scaloni but this one will certainly do.

  5. All these injuries happening because our main players r short of match practices. They are not getting minutes and suddenly 2-3 games start in a week and they are getting injuries. So those players who are injured they may pick another injury during wc also so except a player is super important scaloni should not pick injured players don’t do that mistake because remember Copa win is okay but an underperformance in wc and same fans and public will tear him apart

  6. Nico Gonzalez felt pain in hamstring and they will do MRI on Monday. If it comes out normal muscle injury he can still has time for recovery for the wc.

  7. Our players getting injured day by day.Scalonis tension raising. I think Licha or Medina can be a good replacement for Montiel. Licha can play in LB role.

  8. Montiel’s error against Vinicious resulted in first goal. However in the second half he dispossessed V.Junior and made a beautiful assist to Lamela. But overall Montiel struggled badly against Vinicious. Last season on both encounters Foyth had V.Junior in his pocket. If Molina gets injured or suspended then Montiel seems to be a very average backup right now. His crosses are not accurate and his defending is not very convincing against world class wingers. Aćuna was also not on the bench today and our left winger Nico Gonzalez is back to the injury list again. Our left wing is looking very weak right now.

    • Hope Nico will be fit but for me I rate all our left wingers the same. Wr have no superstars there but Nico, A Correa, and Papu are all equally good and can contribute in different ways for us. J Correa maybe the worst out of all, but he is Scaloni’s favorite.

      Julian Alvarez can play left winger too. Plus whenever the right winger Di Maria starts, Lo Celso is the hybrid of left winger and left midfielder. So I think even without Nico, we will still be fine.

    • I have a feeling that Scaloni is a huge fan of EPL. Our regular players who play in EPL: Emi, Cuti, Licha, MacAllister, Julian Alvarez, Senesi.

      Among them Emi and Cuti are the definite starters. Before the Jamaica and Honduras friendlies, Licha, MacAllister, and Alvarez played quite meaningful minutes for their clubs. And these 3 had their minutes increased during the last 2 friendlies as a result. I mean these 3 became a starter for at least 1 match of Jamaica/Honduras.

      Senesi did not get called up because by the time Scaloni had to announce the squad of Jamaica and Honduras friendly, Senesi was pretty much a sub of Bournemouth.

  9. It may be controversial, right now I would take facundo medina over acuna as left back this guy has good left foot and he is good going forward much better than foyth if you understand what I mean plus he is in good height which will helps us defending set pecies Oslo if scaloni wants to go all attack he can use nico gonzalez as left back aswell

    • Very good idea..facundo medica is a very strong defender and completely shut down messi , neymer and mbappe trio last year and played left back for Argentina u_20 team.

  10. What a classless act by Papu trying to injure Valverde. If Argentine player was on the recieving end I would have felt the same.
    Meanwhile Montiel is a big No and complete liability as a RB

    • Yes. Lamela is a player that can be useful to NT. I rate him highly like I did Pastore – these are players who we haven’t seen enough of due to injuries. However, when healthy they show world-class capabilities.

  11. What is happening to our players?? Dybala dimaria paredes now nico also?? Does we have options for left wing spot?? Maybe calling back ocampos or lamela maybe and top of that looks like even locelso is injured

  12. We absolutely need to be conservative about our RB/LB selection. Acuna and Montiel cannot be trusted in KO stage. They will be targeted heavily…. I prefer to start Foyth and Tagliafico for 2CB formation, and Molina + Otamendi + Romero + Lisandro + Acuna for 3CB formation. Monkeil should take a vacation in November.

  13. Messi last 5 goals
    – dribble into the goal
    – crazy long shot versus benfica
    – perfect free kick
    – sneaky free kick
    – insane one touch chip

    He can only score golazos now. Struggling to score regular goals!

  14. Form temporary but Class is permanent… Casemiro what a goal…
    Licha played great with great attitude..
    But acuna and licha both are short.. looks difficult to play together.. Maybe licha and teglefico could work

  15. Man…Licha is a different character 💪🔥🔥😅 he smash those chelsea player like a piece of a shit…damn he will be one of the toughest defender of all time

  16. Oh man, Varane looks like he might be out for WC. Landed awkwardly and was crying on the pitch. I don’t think he was crying because of pain. I just cant wait for last club matches

    • It was believed to be a knee injury. Man knee injury is the worst out of all. Usually take longer time to heal compared to other injuries, even if it is a mild one.

      If Varane, Kante are out and possibly the not fit Pogba, it must affect France a lot. They have a lot of wonderkids but they are unproven.

      I hope our players be careful. The last date of club futbol is around Nov 11th. That’s still 2 and half weeks from now with around 6-7 more matches during the time for any CL and Euro league teams.

  17. Good day fellow mundoers. I created a survey for the 26 squad and starting 11. If i missed a player, let me know and i’ll add. It’s funny i did the same survey in 2018 and forgot to include one of my favorite players Dybala lol. My friend Godin pointed out the obvious error :). I went with 3 keepers, 9 def, 7 mids, and 7 forwards due to the option limitations of the free survey.

    Here’s the link –

      • Yes they are different but chose whatever you want – Scalonis picks or your own. I’m personally chosing what i think will be the final 26 per Scaloni but if someone wants to chose Garnacho as the first choice #9, then so be it 🙂

    • It just brings to Google showing Mundo’s page” Lionel Messi scored, assits twice for PSG 3-0 win vs. Ajaccio…?

      As some time’s the page can’t be found…?

      Is there any other link or another way to get your page that u created…?

  18. i never said macallister a bad player, i said we don’t need him, bcs we already have player in his position, enzo and palacios bring something different than macallister, if macallister choosen for final third this is foolishness nothing else. macallister play as defensive midfielder this is position coach finds his best performance, in this position we have guido, paredes , enzo and palacios also can play as defensive midfielder but they are as eqaul good in attack too, did anyone saw enzo contribution on previous arg game then people would understand what can he give, with his energy and physicality, so don’t give such stupid comment

    • You are mistaken. Mac Allister is not a DM. In Brighton he’s forced to do that. He’s mainly a CM but can play in any of the midfield position.
      As Brighton sold their some of the best players in last transfer, they are using him in DM position. Because he performed well last season when their DM was injured.
      He will go back to CM position when they sign a proper DM. Now he has limitations going forward. New Brighton coach wants Allister to be the main man. Somehow, all the coaches like him.

      Paredes compared Allister and Enzo to Thiago Alcantara…!
      “Thiago Alcântara, Mac Allister, Enzo Fernández… Enzo and Alexis can play at six, eight and ten. They are players who can give a lot to the team. It’s very good.”
      Only 2 out of Enzo, Palacios and Macallister will go to the WC. No idea what’s in Scaloni’s head. He’s a great admirer of Palacios..!

      • How do Scaloni sees McAllister, a six, eight, or ten? This is something matters most and you conveniently overlooked.

        Scaloni tried McAllister in eight and ten. The result was not convincing.

        In the world cup, McAllister will play for Argentina not Brighton.

        Brightk is rightfully questioning the logic of his inclusion.

    • Please don’t do that here. Playing average is different from “really well”. I like Cuti a lot but I did not say that he played really well against MU. I watched the whole match of City n Brighton btw.

    • I think leo paredes more concern to play world Cup than his club atm which is fine by me as arg fan but I don’t think it’s good attitude to have as player

      • Guardiola spoke about this the other day (the “smell” bit had me chuckling) –

        “He will not play if I smell this. I’m really good at smelling this. Tactics not, but smelling I’m really good,” Guardiola said of any player holding back to avoid injury in the coming weeks.

        “And what is going to happen is that they are going to play because they will get injured when they are not ready. When you are focused, you don’t get injured. Brighton is the only thing that matters to me, and the team.

        “I know, but also they can lose their place in the World Cup by not selected or many reasons so they have to be focused every single until the end. It is just two weeks and if you are here, you will be perfect for the World Cup. Otherwise, you will be in trouble.”

        • He is the club manager trying to motivate his players not to take it easy before the world cup cause. Obviously motivated reasoning. I hope our players play matches to stay fit but dont exert themselves.

    • That means that are complete midfield (Paredes, LoCelso and RDP) will arrive in Qatar without any recent playtime. That could have a huge negative impact on our chances to win the WC.
      Licha (as 5) and Fernándes will become a must in midfield if this situation continues in the next 3 weeks.
      After Copa and Finallisima I was optimistisch about our chance, but now….

      • Even if our starting midfielders were playing every match full 90mins for their respective clubs it will still take couple of matches for our national team to regain that team chemistry. Like in the COPA where we had 2 world cup qualifiers before the competition which really helped us get our players to gel with each other and we eventually peaked in the final. This time again after a long break we will have to use the friendly against UAE and the first two group stages matches to get that team chemistry and the pressing back. In our last two matches we had too many mis-passes and team chemistry was lacking. Our players have been playing with each other for over 3 years and suddenly making Enzo a starter over one of the three midfielders or Guido/Palacios or playing Licha as a no-5 will be no different than Sampoali doing crazy experiments during the world cup. We will have to stick with the same players regardless of their club forms. Enzo has shown that he is a good player but there is no way he is better than the national team version of Lo-celso, De-paul, Paredes or Guido, currently. He will most likely get picked as a 8th midfield if Foyth fails to recover or Palacios misses out , and both players don’t seem like will make it anyway. If Dybala, Palacios, Foyth are not match fit by the UAE match then they shouldn’t be taken.

        • The player we should be concerned about is Julian Alvarez. He is a direct backup to our only pure no-9 Lautaro and his lack of playing time could be a huge issue. There is no guarantee that Dybala will be fit before the world cup and with Alvarez playing 10 mins per week with zero chances to shoot every match, Scaloni will take Joquain Correa and will sub him in for Lautaro. He just wasted one whole season on bench when at this age developing players should be playing as much as possible.

  19. a lot of people criticize sampaoli in past, but i think when sampaoli come argentina has a complete risk on out of worldcup from qualification, and sampaoli had a very little moment to surround his team, he choose meza bcs of only one match performance bcs he hadn’t that much time to explore player efficacy and this is reason he try to experiment in world cup group stage matches which was his big foolishness, but the weight of criticism done on him this wasn’t fair, if 2018 world cup to be blame then it needs to be blame prior coach and afa

  20. i think last day i was little bit wrong criticise scaloni he deserve some credit, but in copa brazil has 59% possession and argentina has 41% , and argentina wasn’t good and build in counter attacking football, both depaul and messi can’t utilise there chance, bcs there was problem retention of mind energy, due to involvment in defence, several time i saw messi comes to help defence and scaloni selection is something whichs little bit behind from the merit, bcs he choose romero,lisandro,emi little late. choosing montiel over foyth and macallister over enzo that will real foolishness, i don’t say Macallister is bad player but he is not the player argentina needed to enhance team strength, if this foolish decision is done then i will completely doubt on scaloni

  21. Under Pochettino, every attack would go through the left flank leaving Messi stranded and isolated on the right flank outside the box. Conversely, Galtier has made Messi his main man and every PSG attack has to go through him regardless of Messi’s position on the field. Combine that with Mbappe’s pace and Neymar’s cutback, Leo is on his way to another stellar season and if we manage to win the world cup, it could be the 👑 crown on Messi’s head. Undisputed best player ever to play the beautiful game!

    • Galtier is a decent guy and understands very well the football. Yes it was a dumb decision to play Messi as right winger. The key is to give Messi freedom and help him with players who can move between the lines compatible with his football style. Vitinha is excellent with or without the ball and when Messi drops deep, he compensate for his move immediately. Neymar is back to the top and can play as 8, 9, 10 in the same match, making huge efforts in pressing. Now they start to play in 4312 with Ruiz, that should provide more support to him. If one day, Mbappe can make more effort in the pressing, this PSG will become very strong.

  22. I prefer to see PSG play with 4 defenders and 4 midfielders, this 4 central midfielders with 1 playing in a deeper position(Verratti) and the other in a more advanced position(Neymar or Soler) is quite popular recently. PSG and Real are using it. To make it work, you need a striker capable of playing as winger(Vinicius or Mbappe). It’s quite easy to make it work and it fix the problems of fullbacks. I think Argentina should go for it too.

    • It depends up on the opponents. With strong opponents we must pack our mid field area and there no need much of full backs overlapping. 4 4 2 would be good. But Molina and Acuna are vital players. We must need them and utilise them fully to move on.

        • To me, 4231 is only possible when we have Di Maria at his level and I don’t think it’ll be the case. He cannot finish his matches since a while. I’ll go for De Paul slightly on the right and Enzo Fernandez in the central midfielder role. Lo Celso and Paredes stay in their own position. It’s not the timing to make big changes but some small change is necessary.


    New link from Messi playmaking vs Ajaccio, latter was deleted. Crazy stuff

  24. My favorite time right now is…..

    ————- —-[ Emi.M. ]———- ————-

    Paul ——–farnandez———celso
    —–Alvarez ——————Lautaro,M

  25. Messi was picking and choosing his battles and never tried to mix it up with the defender, he was always looking for the golden child to do the dirty work while never risking himself…he could have scored more if he wanted to but he kept himself in check as he always should until the WC starts.

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