Nicolás González with pain in hamstring, will undergo test


Nicolás González felt pain in his hamstring and will undergo an MRI on Monday.

González was substituted out early for Fiorentina in their 4-3 loss vs. Inter. According to Gastón Edul, an MRI will be done on Monday to derermine the severity of the injury.

If it’s a normal muscle injury, González will have enough time to recover for Argentina and be available for the World Cup.


  1. As a Boca fan I’m happy.
    Boca was playing Racing’s biggest rival, and Racing was playing Boca’s biggest rival.
    It was a test for Argentine football.
    River could have let Racing win and Independiente could have let Boca win, but they didn’t.
    Test passed.

    • Hey champion? say a thank you to GRANDE RIVER that we give you the championship and let aside the smart talk about who control the Argentine football.
      “not enough against the champions”.
      typical arrogant speaking of one Boca fan.
      as i said. say one thank you to RIVER.

      • Thanks for what? For the two cheap penalties? River did everything to lose, but Galvan horrible penalty was impossible to not save. That would have been cringe. Thanks for nothing!

        • yes that is why from 1-0 we make it 1-2. we score two goals. we wanted to lose but by accident we win. ha ha ha
          anyway i know how hard it is for you to accept that you kind of owe to us your tittle but i understand you. your pride don t allow you.
          No hard feelings.

    • Hahaha yes, one game defines the entire argument of who controls AFA. You still owe thank you letters to Loustao and the referee team for giving you a championship by pretending River didn’t score an onside goal to give Boca the championship, two years and no credit has yet been given

  2. Conte on Cuti Romero minor injury:

    Romero was the last two or three games, he arrived every day half and half to decide if he play or doesn’t play. I think in the past we have taken risk. The players gave their availability to play otherwise honestly if the player doesn’t want to play, I don’t force the player. Now after the game against United, he felt a lot of fatigue and then yesterday he felt fatigue in his calf. Before in his thigh, the right. Now left in the calf.

    Pierre it was the same because Pierre played every game, he played every minute and he was really tired. About Richy and Deki? No chance. I don’t know about Pierre and Cuti for Wednesday. If you ask me in this moment, I don”t have an answer because I don’t know the way they recover from this fatigue and this situation. If they have something, Romero in his calf or Pierre in his thigh.

  3. Happy for cuti to get rest he needed that one.Emi Buendia had good game post Gerrard era He plays part of three men midfielder always tries to make difficult passes rather than playing safe plus he pressed hard never stop he always available for both boxs.

      • I had feelings Newcastle will trouble for spurs plus Almiron base is frightening , yh I agree emi Buendia won’t go world Cup for sure it’s way too late now

        • Yeah if buendia in as a midfielder in that 26 squad then our midfield would be perfect blend of attacking and defensive mid fielders.
          Defensive- Paredes, guido
          Attacking- papu, buendia
          Both- de Paul, lo celso, Enzo
          But yeah it’s too late for buendia. I don’t rate buendia as a forward. But he has good midfield qualities especially the defense splitting passes. Inclusion of macallister will really imbalance the midfield with all the attack going through de Paul and lo celso always. No real quality attacking sub in mid

    • Just one average game then bundia hype back..
      Lol..currently no place for bundia.. May be after world cup scaloni think about him if he will play good at midfield.. As a righter winger zero chance

      • But atleast better than what France has right now. Btw he is a wc winner 3 times ucl winner.the players u mentioned mayb considered better than varane but didn’t enjoy the same success Trophy wise what varane achieved in his career

        • Its good news for France not necessarily a bad news for Argentina. To win a WC, we must take challenges and the way we are playing it should not be a problem or a bad news. Personally i dont like injuries not even to my enemies. We will win and be Champions In Sha Allah, not against injured teams but full teams.

    • Regardless of Varane is fit or not its better to avoid France so early in the tournament. Benzema, Mbappe and Grizeman, this trio is lethal and we are better off facing Denmark in the 2nd round even though the Danish are a well oiled machine and I am sure both French and Denmark would like to avoid us too.

  4. It looks like players don’t want to aggravate their minor or recovering injuries and are taking extra precautions. Dybala also should have rested for couple more weeks before rushing back to please his new fans. Can anyone please provide update on him? Last time I checked, Laurato said something about Dimaria and Dybala should both make it. After watching Montiel struggle against Vinicious yesterday, Foyth would be the best RB to defend a lead instead of both Molina and Montiel on the right flank, but it will need a miracle for him to make it now with exactly 30 days left for our match against Saudi.

    Right now I am worried about Messi, Cuti and Licha. Messi wants to play every match possible but is also smart enough to only give just enough on the pitch and let the other two glory hunters fight for goals. But him trying to dribble past multiple players draws unnecessary tackles. Please go easy on your dribbles Leo!!! Licha and Cuti are being drained dry every week. Both are going to arrive exhausted and can get injured during the world cup. I can’t imagine Pezella playing full 90mins. Teams with pacy forwards will expose us. This is why Foyth is so important, he can play as both CB and RB but the boy hasn’t played a single minute in last 4 weeks or so.

  5. Injuries to players who have played in the first team are the only thing that worries me more than anything.That’s also why Leo is counting the days. Hope everything will be fine. God bless Argentina.

  6. Why didn’t they picked lamela in preliminary squad?? If nico is injured and dimaria is also injured there is only angel Correa who can play as left winger. Garnacho not even playing as sub in manu team. Papu is old and not a proper winger anyways. Its stupid not to pick lamela for emergency backup.

      • Because its a dangerous thing to have an injured player as a back up for your injured player. Lamela is always half injured to start a game. If he is lucky he completes a match injury free. Players like Dybala and Lamela are great and talented but cannot be relied upon and especially in a tournament. Because they are ready to be injured any game.

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