Exequiel Palacios back training with Bayer Leverkusen


Exequiel Palacios is back training with Bayer Leverkusen.

Palacios is back with Bayer Leverkusen and has returned from a hamstring injury. The 24 year old last played for Leverkusen on September 10 and has missed five games in the league and three in the Champions League.

The Argentine has been included in the Argentina preliminary list for the World Cup.


  1. Palacios and Enzo is best modern midfielders innworld. When considering WC is on the door step foam and fitness is very crucial matter. So Enzo is little bit up in this case. Palacios need to regain his foam and fitnes as much possible before WC. Less fit player cause a liability in major tournmnt..

      • But he can defend (much more than Enzo), pressing, make progressive passes, run with the ball, has attacking sense, one touch passing skills and way more speed than Enzo who is a Paredes-like DM/regista. With Enzo in double pivot and Foyth in the flank only good if we want play parking the bus tactic. Foyth is a deadwood in attack, he is good in a Villarreal type team in UCL with their small team mentality but not in a big team who want to attack.

          • Someone tell this idiot that called him a flop that there’s a difference between being a flop and not being able to play due to injury. The iq in these comments always surprises me

        • palacio can defend more than enzo , enzo can’t progressive pass this kind of comment gives me irritation, a player who is progressive rapidly in everything, who is strong in physicality and make his mark in national team, is he can defend or not, talking him he is behind then the other in defence this is taste of foolishness from this side, foyth is deadwood in attack, what montiel did in copa final, defend defend only defend, when you have player who is faster, who is good dribbler, who is aerially strong, who is good tackler, who is strong build, who can handle any winger super smoothly, calling him deadwood in attack when he is improving to play attacking minded play this is a another symbolic type of folishness comment from this side

      • > Papu will be an important player in the WC

        He’s a sub where the creative attacking quality remains neutral or even better compared to starters. Perfect for final 30.

  2. Bad news for Argentina. Palacios will be useless in qatar. If scaloni drops enzo because of palacios thn it will be historical blunder. No point picking a mediocre injury prone player for one of the most sought after midfielder in world football.

  3. Here’s some of my thoughts on the potential opponents of the 2nd round until quarter:

    – Denmark: I discover this team last year and to me they are the best European team even though they don’t have any star. They are excellent in pressing and transition, they play well together in several formations(343, 433).

    – France: Their attack is very lethal. But unlike Denmark, the French coach doesn’t have any predefined plan yet. Their tactics is incompatible with the players that they have. I saw their last game vs Denmark and they were dominated. I believe that they should finish as 2nd of their group.

    – Netherlands(quarter-finals): Some top class players in some positions. Van Gaal can replace any star by some unknown players and the team continues to play well. I think only few teams of the world able to do that.

    • Ur giving too much importance to a friendly tournament. France Denmark match in wc will be either a draw or a France win and France will top the group in goal difference

    • For me it is better to avoid France at all costs. With that being said, I want them to top the group because it is unrealistic to hope them finish 3rd of the group.

      The reason are 3 reasons:
      1. Mbappe. If he has a good day, he is almost impossible to stop.
      2. France play counter attack not possession based futbol. We play better against opponents that want more than 50% ball possession against us.
      3. Never underestimate the world champ.

      Denmark will be tough. But we can beat them.

      • Yes, Arg has to obviously to be able to beat anyside so in therefore KO opponents do not matter, though the draw could have been better than it is, but it is what is and we can’t change that and therefore to play as collective super solid unit is a must, but obviously have to be able to score too, though like u said i trust in Dibu when it come’s or if it come’s down to PK’s, but Still need to put past Arg’s own PK’s
        as i’m quite confident they will do, but hopefully they will win at least on extra time and most preffferd at during 90 min’s…etc.

        Well, 25 days it is so god bless Argentina and La Selection !
        Btw, keep on updating specially from Cuti and others too, who will most propably play for La Selection !

    • Real concern is not mbappe but their defensive tactics. I still remember the France vs Belgium match. Except mbappe all played defensively. I think we may have hard time to unlock French defense. Denmark won’t have that style or that tight defense. Denmark is far easier for us even if Denmark dominates France.

        • Currently yes. But that 2018 Belgian team attacking was ferocious. France escaped that match with their neat defense and two men marked hazard. Otherwise Belgium would have won that WC

    • U are very correct and right about your analylizes specially about Denmark and France as forsure Van Gaal’s Netherlands will be more dangerous than many might realize as i’m talking more about Pundit’s and others who like to favor others over another etc…

      Actually it is quite funny in the way that at 86 too those 2 as Denmark and France were the one’s at least for me from Europe that i did fear the most, because of Euro 84, but for Danes even they had won their group they were beaten by Butragueno’s Spain as Butragueno scored 4 past the danes by himself, though Spanish had been in the final in Euro 84 against Platini’s France, but only because Elkjaer missed the last penalty in the semi against the Spanish as for me the Dane’s were better team than Spanish at euro 84, but obviously not after 2 year’s later at Mexico 86, though the Spanish also lost the next one against Belgium at PK shootout until Diego put 2 past Pfaff’s Belgium, but more intresting was that the French lost again at 86 another semi against much weaker West-Germany who had beaten them also in the semi at 82, but did not do good at Euro 84 etc…

      As so far i can remember France been allways kind of struggling against Germany who have been able to beat the much better french teams equipped with quality mostly with more being mentally more stronger than french etc,,,offcourse there are perhaps exeptions too, but the same has been also with Dane’s against German’s as they been also able to beat them with much weaker teams than the German’s did, but some how were mentally more stronger, though there might not be so many examples from this than Germany vs France or also the German’s have enjoyed quite good record against the Dutch too, though 88 euro were at least clear exeptions for the favour of the Dutch also Dane’s lost to German’s at group stage too etc…as German’s have had hard time’s against Italy, i quess mostly in Europe also against Spanish too, at least some ocasssions etc…

      As what i’m trying to say that the history in Europe as we all know it might have had kind subconcious of mental effect when theese certain countrie’s have played against each others and that might also been seen from the past encountets between theese European countries etc.,,, though it may also just be as pure coincident and nothing more than that, but somehow i hope that history kind of repeat’s itself as Canada Qualified finally again since 86, though european Champs as Italy did not Qualify so that is why i’m looking more for the results from the latest European nations league, though it is obvious that some nations as Swiss for example might do good as they did in last Euro’s and also quite good at Nation’s league as the French did not have good Euro’s neither they did great at Nations league as Portugal also could not won the Euro’s, but were quite good at Nations league as English were thinking of bringing the football home, but instead it went to ROME and the Dutch were badly managed under De Boer and now are again managed with Van Gaal also German’s were poor at Euro’s and not that great with Flick, yet at least in the nations league as young Italian side was quite dominant with Hungary playing fairly good too at Nations League as did the Dane’s !

      Offcourse there will be other threat’s too this time as i have bad feeling about Portugal and Spain too also i mentioned the Swiss and then there are the Serb’s too as for Belgium it might be too Late for them as specially their central defence is looking so old and vulnerable too as Dutch hit quite many past Courtois as he could be their savior, but no one alone can carry one team to win the WC and therefore it is so important for Arg to function as team and as they been doing greatly so far under Scaloni, so it kind of suck’s that most propably either the Danes or the French will be Arg’s first KO opponent, but as in WC and for any team in it has to be able to cope and win any other opponent as in Mexico 86 i have no doubts that Arg would have lost against anyone so this is what i’m offcourse hoping for the most and trying to TaKe some momentum’s from 86, though it is such long time ago, but somehow there are those European’s who were or supposed were the best Europeans suited for 86, but as the WC is now bigger than by then as with more teams in it, if i’m right, though i might as well be wrong about this too as maybe it is only the Euro’s who grown more larger with more countries able to participate in it etc…any how i have not so much bothered to think about Arg’s next round and KO opponents and not really looked at the draw either as anyhow Arg has to win at KO’s every game to be able to finally win WC as more rightfull Champions, in my oppinion, but as i’m fan for Arg and only for Arg in life and alkways been that way, maybe that is why i will stick to Arg’s winning mentality under Scaloni’s era so far II is more than fairly to say that Arg has truly deserved everything they have won so far with Scaloni and hopefully that trend will continue for long as i do not also want them to win the WC, but also the next Copa etc…

      • Sorry for writing error’s as such for example ” as i would have no doubts that Arg would have NOT lost against any other opponent at 86” as it was ment to be written, but the word NOT were not there… or a major error as ” as i do not also want them to win the WC, but also the next Copa etc…” as I WANT THEM TO WIN WC, BUT ALSO THE NEXT COPA TOO” it should stand there correctly, so sorry for those typing ERRORS !

  4. Good news.. Injury ruin his career.. Still 24, he needs to know how to avoid injure..i hope he get atleast 2 clubs match.. I want fit placios in qatar for cost of enzo or macalester.. I don’t see any perfect replace of lo celso who is the man to create short frist pass to createsomething from mid and support messi. I think Palacios is the man who can replace gio better than papu or Others.. Similarly good sub for de paul…so i must go with Palacios.. I think he is better version of Enzo and better than both enzo and macalester

    • Are you blind man? Palacios better than enzo Fernandez. ENZO FERNANDEZ is the best Argentine midfielder by far…what ENZO Fernandez done in last 1.5 years for river and benfica Palacios can never ever achieve. Enzo Fernandez has all that a modern midfielder needs, can play any where in the midfield, expertise in longshort, physically strong. NOT SELECTING ENZO FERNANDEZ WILL BE HISTORICAL MISTAKE…

  5. With his track record of injuries, he is better left at home. Likely to be injured after 1 or 2 games. Take Enzo instead.

  6. Very good news. Look don’t get me wrong i love all our players but out of three I would go with Palacio & Enzo unfortunately leaving MacAllister behind. A fit Palacio knows in & Out our tactics,whenever he comes from bench he adds something extra. Even with Italian he came on ,his passing was spot on made those run from midfield too. So healthy Palacio is worth more then what we think. That’s why Scaloni rates him high.

  7. Scaloni values Palacios and will likely include him in the final squad if he is available. He is so injury prone though that we need a back-up for Palacios if he gets injured. He is a fine midfielder when healthy but his track record is a cause for concern.

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