Gonzalo Montiel scores for Sevilla in 3-0 win vs. Copenhagen


Gonzalo Montiel scored for Sevilla in their 3-0 win vs. Copenhagen.

Montiel scored his first goal in the Champions League and it was one that was created in Argentina. Erik Lamela would take a shot from outside of the penalty area which was saved by the goalkeeper and Montiel would score the rebound.

The Argentine has now started Sevilla’s last five games. He is also part of the preliminary Argentina team for the World Cup.

Alejandro Papu Gómez had an assist on the first goal while Marcos Acuña had an assist on the second goal.

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  1. All the debate that is going on with our midfielders, this is what I have to say.

    I am not sure if all of you actually watch games regularly and watch it full. I mean not highlight reels or tiktok.

    Enzo – Playing at a complete different level. Different competition. A fast developing modern midfielder in the best development league right now.

    Palacios – Injured always. Never delivered up to Enzo’s level in more seasons. He is a sub for NT anyway.

    GLC: He is good and required for our NT. He is easily replaceable but there is no one. His club career, damn average. Please don’t tell me about one season in Betis. I care less for his club form at this point. Hope he can perform for NT. It is required.

    De Paul: Problematic club form and year. But I believe he has the grit to play for NT.

    Paredes: Same as De Paul. Hope he is fit.

    I would take the following set
    De Paul, Paredes, GLC, Papu, Enzo, Guido, McAllister, Almada/Palacios (in that order)

    • “GLC: He is good and required for our NT. He is easily replaceable but there is no one. His club career, damn average. Please don’t tell me about one season in Betis. I care less for his club form at this point. Hope he can perform for NT. It is required”
      I agree can’t argue against it his club career is bang average so far, betis time seems just one season wonder that is all

    • > GLC: He is easily replaceable but there is no one.

      This statement is contradictory. If there is no one, how on earth is he easily replaceable?

      > His club career, damn average. Please don’t tell me about one season in Betis.

      He’s incredibly talented. I personally think he has the ceiling/quality to be one of the best attacking midfielders on the planet. You seem to rely to much on club name, are you unable too see his quality from playing?

  2. Enzo is not just Argentine best Midfielder he is one of the best Midfielder in the world. fully fit Palacios can be good .

  3. What do you guys think about taking both enzo and pala —

    RDP, GLC, Paredes, Guido, Papu, Enzo, Palacios

    Enzo is one of our if not THE most in form midfielder we have right now but Palacios is a very useful player that has chemistry with the rest of the team, has been with the Scaloni project since the beginning, and has proven himself to be capable of performing for us. In this scenario we only give up Mac Allister, as I think Nico Dominguez and Almada are not in contention. It actually makes a lot of sense to me, but unfortunately I have a feeling Scaloni likes to insist with Mac Allister so PLEASE Pala, hit the ground running now without a second to spare

      • That’s an interesting idea too, maybe Scaloni will consider that since he likes Mac Allister. I still prefer Foyth’s versatility as a makeshift rb, dm, or cb in case needed especially for tough games and I think he can have more of a meaningful impact than Mac Allister who has seven better players ahead of him. But we really have to take a look at Foyth’s form when he returns to the pitch

    • Yes, Olive! I would prefer Pala instead of Mc Allister for the reaon’s u allready mentioned and for my own eyes too, but u are also right about that Pala has to hit the ground running, so hopefully he will do that and even be just fit and injury free as possible as forsure Scaloni monitoring his situation very closely for the reason’s u allready explained as he been there since the beginning and was and has alkways been considered highly with Scaloni, though he may have started to like after some time ago more EPL players, but i don’t think that will be the issue for him aihe would pick anyone he like’s in the 26 list no matter where they are playing as for me 3 from current EPL are must as CUTI LICHA AND DIBU ! Others only if the complete squad is blown by injuries as only, then i will consider Mc Allister and Buendia too, but soon we will all see from what Scaloni can pick and who will he pick as for me 26 is quite obvious without any injuries, though only Foyth situation make’s a bit hard and can actually have an impact on more than one player, but i will go for 3 goalie’s and i think u know who they are as i try be more realistic and do this by following Scaloni’s way…

      So 3 goalies as we all know who most likely they will be
      8 defenders as 4 cb’s and 2 fir the right and 2 for the left as Ota, Cuti, Licha are
      must and Tagliafigo, Molina and Acuna will be there too so the last 3 i will prefer
      Foyth first because of his versatility, but it looks bad for him…so if not him, then
      maybe Montiel as there is no other coming to my Mind who could play on the right,
      but i would like to hear some more options if possible anyone…? and for last Cb
      most likely it will be Pezzella, but i would maybe go for more younger blood even
      only Ota will be on this list the oldest defender with Pezzella, but, maybe i would
      go for Perez or Medina, though i don’t know if he can play as CB or some one more
      for the flanks if there is anyone suited at the moment… ? as Tagliafigo could just
      so as recovery for an emergency as LCB, but i wish Foyth will be fine as it will
      make this a bit easier, perhaps…?
      7 middfielders RDP, Lo Celso, Paredes, Guido, Enzo, Papu, Pala as Pala and Enzo
      can cover for every position in my oppininon and Guido as DM and also Licha can be
      Used as DM if necessary etc.
      8 more attacking minded which will all, but Messi has to also be available to defend
      score goals too as it will be too heavy and foolish for only Leo and Lautaro to
      counted for creating goals so another 6 will hopefully be Di Maria, Dybala, Alvarez,
      Nico G. A. Correa and last one will be intresting as maybe i would go for someone
      who can press and run, but score too as it sounds quite obvious, but who will it be?
      I don’t know, though i feel or would like to opt for someone else than J.Correa,
      Which will most likely be Scaloni’s pick, but i might go for a Cholo Jr AKA Gio or
      perhaps for Almada or someone else who been scoring lately no matter where ?
      As this is quite obvious for what Arg been using mostly, i quess ? As 4-3-3 or how
      ever they would like to rotate it and perhaps changed it during the game’s as i think
      Arg might have to do at least at some point as someone was mentioning that Arg is
      practicing 3 at the back with wingbacks, but i don’t know if there will be enough
      time to do this and how will it work as Arg’s wingbacks in this situation will be most
      likely Acuna and Molina, though maybe such as Nico.G and some other, perhaps
      could be used too, but as i never seen Scaloni’s Arg or at least don’t remember now
      when they would have use this at last time or have they truly ever tried…?
      As i remember there been 4 at back for Scaloni, though i would not be surprised
      that this 3 at back been tested with him before….as i can’t remember if it was
      before Copa Varzil or in some elder friendliess, perhaps at his beginning of starting
      Coach Arg, maybe…? Still i think the time is limited for this, but if they can do it,
      well all i can say that forsure they know better than me, lol !

      Though, i might get Scaloni’s plan all wrong as i wouldnot be surprised of that, lol !
      As he is a manager and i’m just fan for a life !

  4. Juve have higher profile players overall than Benfica, but Benfica is a well oiled, balanced team with good team chemistry. The same as Argentina vs France, England, Germany etc. in international level. Names mean nothing. Who thinks shambolic France can win the WC with so much problem doesnt understand how football works. France 2022=Argentina 2018 or Argentina 2010 or France 2010 or Spain 2014 or Italy 2010.

  5. I am pretty surprised by Enzo’s crossing ability. I remember his through balls, long balls, switches of play, chipped passes, and shooting ability at River but I never realized the ability he has in crossing.

  6. Montiel is doing good…under Sampa. Getting regular minutes… slowly back to his best.
    Class assist in last match and a nice goal this time.
    He’s going to the WC..no doubt.

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