Guido Rodríguez substituted out injured for Real Betis


Guido Rodríguez was substituted out injured for Real Betis.

Rodríguez started the game for Real Betis against Ludogorets but was replaced with a muscle injury. No tests have been done to determine the extent of his injury or if he will miss any games.


  1. I hope our players have minor injuries, stop trying because it will make the injury worse. We have to stay healthy for the World Cup. They know that. Do as Leo did.

  2. @gastonedul in @TyCSports: “From what I understand is that Foyth will be on the bench against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday.”

    Juancito is finally coming back, great news. 🔥

  3. Mark goldbridge
    “Garnacho starts against West Ham for me. Performed better than any alternative recently and deserves another go, ”
    mark goldbridge is one of the big utd fans and has social media platform like united stand at times work talksport radio I didn’t watch the game but him saying that is good start for Garnacho

  4. Garnacho played well but i think its too late for him. Even if he plays regularly now still most probably scaloni will not select him though he is included in the preliminary list

  5. Garnacho caused trouble from the left, much more than Antony. He’s a very direct player, clearly has hunger to penetrate the defense. His mazy dribbling constantly left defenders struggling to defend right or left. I know this isn’t rational but i’d take Garnacho over J Correa. He kinda has that X factor and energy to press and defend.

    Btw, Garnacho’s haircut reminds me of Beaker from Sesame Street

    • @ElCholoI’ve been thinking the same thing for weeks now. This is Scaloni’s genius. “If club force you to play, fake injury guys.”

      Messi asked to be subbed – two games later, scores goals, assists, etc.

      I do sure hope all this is fake

  6. Please not him. He is very important for us.

    Oh Gaston Edul just tweets

    Primera información sobre Guido Rodríguez: Tiene una molestia en la cadera. No es de gravedad. Le van a hacer estudios por precaución.

    Hip injury only not serious.

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