Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag comments on Alejandro Garnacho


Manchester United coach Erik ten Hag commented on Alejandro Garnacho winning Player of the Match.

Erik ten Hag started Alejandro Garnacho for the club in their 3-0 win vs. Sheriff in the Europa League and the 18 year old repaid him. Garnacho was named as the Player of the Match in the win.

The Manchester United coach spoke to the media after the win. Here is what he had to say:

I think it was a good performance from him. He did what I expected him to do,” Ten Hag said afterwards.

“In the last weeks, he had a better attitude, more resilience, more determination and what you see is he is a talent to deal with the ball in tight areas, to run behind and especially also his tempo dribbles – he can take players on and that’s a good capability in his football.

“He deserved his chance, but there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially in the defending part, in the pressing part, in the counter press, in the defence transition.

“But you can see, in tight areas, he can find solutions.”


  1. Garnacho still has a lot to improve as coach Ten Hag said. he looks good in tight areas. He can idolize Ronaldo, who is not good at dribbling. That’s really strange. If Argentina had a player like Ronaldo in the squad it could be good but that is not the style of Argentine football.

  2. I see this guy flopping hard and moving to lower team in French league after couple of season. Seems like a typical united social media player who spent whole lot of time sucking Ronaldo’s balls. Players who are meant to be great do not suck this much of anyone’s balls. Pathetic guy, hope he never get chance to represent Arg. in major tournament.

    • Goodness your sensitivity about CR7 is shining. CR7 is one of the all time best players and Garnacho style is similar so he looks up to him and there isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s pathetic how hard you’re judging a player for something so childish.

      • Thanks for saying that bro , nothing wrong with it Garnacho admires and idolised Cristiano Ronaldo who is legend of the game, we should be appreciated that he chose Argentina over his birth country.

      • It is pathetic that Ronaldo who openly hate Messi and criticized Messi for not winning anything with Argentina cannot sit good with me. Ronaldo never wanted Messi win any trophy with Argentina so he can feel superior and this idiot Garancho is kissing his Ass despite playing for Argentina. What kind of fool do that?

      • It is not hate, now is genuinely annoying. I was OK last time and even criticized Augero after his comment vs Garrancho in Instagram but now he is getting out of hand. Constant boot licking of C. Ronaldo wont make him bigger fan of his. We also know history and hate Ronaldo have towards Messi and his family. Ronaldo didnt wanted Messi to win any trophy for Argentina so he can be superior.

  3. “He deserved his chance, but there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially in the defending part, in the pressing part, in the counter press, in the defence transition”.

    The question is, if we take Garnacho, how would we use him? I don’t see him starting, that’s pretty much out of the question. So then, if we bring him on as a sub, does he at his young age, have enough mental toughness to be able to handle the pressure of the World Cup? We don’t know the answer to this question, we can only speculate.

    For me personally, it might be a tad too early to take him with us, he’s not an 18 year old Messi, nor even 18 year old Di Maria, Aguero or Mbappe. If we need an X factor, I’d rather take a chance on Dybala even if he is not fully fit, because we would only need him in the last 15 minutes of a game to produce some magic if required. His left foot and finishing is more of a potential asset in my opinion than anything Garnacho can offer.

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