Brighton being linked with Facundo Buonanotte of Rosario Central


Brighton are being linked with Facundo Buonanotte of Rosario Central.

Facundo Buonanotte was being heavily linked with a move to the Premier League club in the last transfer window. After Buonanotte and his agent confirmed the move to the club, Rosario Central would reject Brighton’s offer for the player.

The club have another offer for the 17 year old attacking midfielder. According to César Luis Merlo, it’s an offer of $6 million plus $6 million in bonuses. One detail is left and the contract would be until June 2026.


  1. Many mundo fans here are very funny…once a player have a good game, they will be calling for Scaloni to bring him in. Maybe you guys do not realise we have weeks to WC. you hear Garnacho should be our X-factor…guys, he has been on the reserve all these while, eh…Simione should be brought in as backup…all this while what has he been doing, not to take from his hardwork i think he should have worked harder to get into the team since. i believe there is no way Scaloni would not have noticed him. His case is seeming more like that “Meza case” few months to WC my guy was balling so much you would be wondering where he’s been all this while. What happened we got a team that was totally disconnected and we paid for it badly. the team is ok the way it is, we do not need to be perfect. we can’t have all our players to be “in-form” as long as the main players are in form we are okay!

    • Fool Garancho should never wear Arg. shirt. He is busy kissing Ronaldo ass, the same Ronaldo who constantly talk bad about Messi and criticize for not winning Anything with Argentina. Who banned Messi name in his household but Idiot Garacho comment stupid in instagram. What kind of fool is that?

      • Garnacho is a right footed left winger. Brazil or Portugal have a lot of players like that but Argentina has none. Not in the last 15 years not now. I mean most of our left wingers in the past and present are traditional wingers: left footed wingers who likes to cross. They are Kily Gonzales, C Lopez, Di Maria. We never have a right footed left winger who likes to cut in.

        Even if Garnacho loves Argentina, he has no Argentine left winger as a role model. Caniggia probably can play left winger and he is right footed too but when Cani was playing, Garnacho was not even born yet.

        It is the same as Molina. He said he models his game after Reece James and TA Arnold because Argentina never produced a good right back since Zanetti.

        I see nothing wrong with Garnacho idolizing CR7. He can’t find a world class right footed left winger to copy from either Argentina or Spain (where he was born), so he decided to learn from the best. CR7 is arguably one of the best if not the best left winger in the history. I mean why not learn from the best? In sports, there are some people who copy their idols, they end up almost as good as their idols. For example Michael Jordan-Kobe. Or CR7-Mbappe. Some ends up even better for example Aimar-Messi.

        I am totally fine with Garnacho. As long as he picks up all the positives from CR7; it is good for us. When I saw in in Toulon; not only his futbol ability is head and shoulder above others, but his mental too. He wants to be dominant. He wants to show to others that this is my team. Being a 17 year old back then, he showed that he could compete with players 2-3 years older than him. I am sure all that winning mentality he learns from CR7 too.

        • We have a lot left winger prospects now: Garnacho, Zeballos, Velasco, Prestianni the biggest (traditional) plus possible left wingers De la Vega (left or right) Facundo Farias (left winger or AM), Brian Aguirre even Thiago Almada started his career there, plus Alex Luna, Sanabria, Franco Orozco etc.

  2. MANCHESTER UNITED have been working on a new long-term contract for academy starlet Alejandro Garnacho, according to reports.

    The 18-year-old Argentine made his first start for the Red Devils on Thursday in the 3-0 win against Sheriff in the Europa League.
    He played 79 minutes and earned rave reviews for his directness.

    In fact, Garnacho impressed so much that fans are calling for him to be handed a start against West Ham in the Premier League on Sunday, or at the very least some good minutes on the pitch.

    Garnacho has been in and around the first-team since last season and his contract expires in 2025.

    However, according to Fabrizio Romano, Man Utd are keen to address the winger’s contract situation and hand him a new five-year contract, securing his long-term future.
    From the sun

    | THREAD

    • Paulo Dybala: acute muscle injury. He has 17 days of treatment. In 10 days, they have to do the final evaluation.

    • Ángel Di María: Tear. It takes a week to recover. He would participate in 1 or 2 games before the World Cup.
    Leandro Paredes: muscle strain. It takes a week to recover. There is the idea of reaching 1 game before the World Cup.

    • Nicolás González: muscle strain. He has 10 days left to recover. He is not going to arrive injured at the definition date of the list.
    Gio Lo Celso: he is already recovered from his muscular contracture. He already played.

    • Juan Foyth: He is in the final stage of recovery from his knee. He would go to the substitute bench the next game. It will add minutes before November 14.
    Guido Rodríguez: Blow to the hip. It’s okay. He will be able to play the next games.

    • Exequiel Palacios: He already trained with Leverkusen but he hasn’t played any minutes yet.

    • Juan Musso: He will save again in one of the next two games. He will wear a mask.

  4. @elprincepe i rate garnacho similar to dimaria young age talent , garnacho already played some tournament with arg youth where he outshine then other player within team, i see he has lots of room for improvement only more involvement in sharpness, talent wise messi void can’t be replace but i think garnacho will definitely going to fill up telent of dimaria within arg team, he might be not a 100% matured now but a player who has clear talent and under developing maturity always give some surprised improved game, i would definitely scream for his inclusion if he atleast get 10 match game time under ten hag unfortunately he didn’t get that amount of game, i will still like if he included within team who knows he might be show us some valuable improvement with tournament goes on or still his experience in this world cup might be valuable for next worldcup

    • obviously his telent is not meza talent, he has more clearity on his talent, so those who thinks he will flop might harm his talent this is bullshit,, some player needs game time to show what they are capable to as the games goes on they come outs to be more developed experienced player, and this chances as early as possible as good for the development

    • He has good 1st control and decent in his dribbling, if he can improve tactically, think faster and gives the ball quicker then he will be a great player. Honestly I don’t see Antony and Sancho better than Garnacho and Elenga, Ten Hag is a fair manager and he will give him his chance.

      • Agree. He was a bit slow maybe hesitant to pass quickly and thought he oculd have done more off the ball runs.

        Excellent at beating his man.

        One play he should have continued onwards but passed to Ronaldo I assume out of deference.

  5. Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte has admitted he took a “big risk” playing Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Cristian Romero against Sporting on Wednesday.

    Conte’s side drew 1-1 at home to the Portuguese side to leave their Champions League fate hanging in the balance.

    A point at Marseille next week will be enough to send the Premier League outfit through to the knockout stage.

    Hojbjerg missed Sunday’s defeat against Newcastle United but played against Sporting.

    Argentine centre-half Romero also missed the home loss to Eddie Howe’s men, and Conte has revealed he took a risk playing both on Wednesday evening.

    “We have taken a big, big risk for this decision,” he explained. “Especially for Romero. Because he was really tired and we risked him a lot.

    “But you know for this time of game you have to take risks and he can gave us the availability to play.”

    Spurs face newly promoted Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium on Saturday and Conte has admitted he will have to “manage” the pair “very well”.

    “Now we have to manage him very well because he played and finished the game with great will and desire,” he added.

    “I had to thank him and Pierre. I think Cuti [Romero] needed to recover better but Pierre is ok 100 per cent.

    “Cuti is ok but we have another important game on Tuesday and for this reason we try to make the best decision for him.”

    -Please Conte rest Cuti this weekend!

  6. I remember as a kid seeing a Ferrari for the very first time, I didn’t know it was fast, expensive Italian or its history but I fall in love instantly…… Seeing the ARGENTINA colors for the first time when I was about 8 or 9 years old …..I was mesmerized, hypnotized, then I saw Maradona…..short, stocky guy with big hair dribbling the ball past everybody and scoring and nobody seemed to able to stop him and I was smitten.
    Unlike any other footballing powerhouses, ARGENTINA fans are the most passionate about their football who stick to their team through thick and thin and deserve to experience happiness after waiting for so long….France, Germany, Italy has won recently so why cant ARG??!
    The countdown is ON!!!

    • “ARGENTINA fans are the most passionate about their football who stick to their team through thick and thin”

      Hahaha, people in Argentina are super negative and critical about the national team. More like English fans.

  7. He seems like an archetypal, quintessential, typical attacking midfielder that Argentine likes to produce. Low centre of gravity and excellent dribbling. Another wicked left foot. Déjà vu…

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