Emiliano Dibu Martínez substituted out for Aston Villa


Emiliano Dibu Martínez was substituted out for Aston Villa.

Dibu Martínez started the game for Aston Villa but was replaced after only 35 minutes. Martínez received a knee to the face from Tyrone Mings and did not continue the game.

He did walk off and was not stretchered out.


  1. Dibu is absolutely irreplaceable. Even for Messi world class players like Papu or Dybala can fill in if available. Without Dibu, Scaloni will put his cousin (they look kinda similar, so I am speculating lol) on goal, and that will be the end of Argentine hopes for the World Cup.

    • Forward (7)
      1. Messi.
      2. Lautaro.
      3. Dimaria.
      4. Dybala.
      5. Nico Gonzales.
      6. Joachin correa.
      7. Angel Correa.
      1. Paredes.
      2. Di Paul.
      3. Lo Celso.
      4. Papu Gomez.
      5. Guido Rodriguez.
      6. Mccalister.
      7. Palacios.
      1. Molina.
      2. Montiel
      3. Ottamendi.
      4. Romero.
      5. Licha Martinez.
      6. Pezella.
      7. Acuna.
      8. Tagliafico.
      9. Juan foyth.
      1. Emi.
      2. Armani.
      3. Musso.

    • True replacement player wise, Emi Martinez is the highest in the squad. Yes more than other key players like Messi, Di Maria, De Paul, or Cuti. Messi has Dybala, Di Maria as back ups. Di Maria has Nico Gonzales and the Correas. De Paul has Palacios. Cuti and Otamendi has Licha, but Emi and the second goalie quailty is too big, I don’t care whether it is Armani, Rulli, or Musso.

      • Noway. Nobody can replace messi no matter what. Noone is as important as messi. We will do fine without emi also. A super strong defense makes sure goalkeeper doesn’t have to make much fancy saves. Dybala and dimaria is not even 1% of messi.

  2. Kudos to Galtier for using his common sense and making Messi the centre of attack of PSG and helping him get his finishing back. Leo is not only the best creative player of the team he is also unselfish and invariably makes the best decision unlike Mbappe and Neymar , both like going for glory most of the time.

  3. “MacAllister was below average..was playing against low level struggling team in the low level league, against a worst coach. Opposition players were not world class. He will never be a good player.’
    I am waiting for this type of comment from some haters.
    Haters will search anywhere on internet to get a below average rating.
    Last week our pundit shared a link that he believes..their ratings for Alexis today…is
    “DM: Alexis Mac Allister – 8/10 – Bullied Chelsea’s midfield in the first half. Hard to pinpoint what position he was actually playing because he was just everywhere. Absolutely ran the show.”

    • no one says mac below average, after losing some previous game brighton won against chelsea where two goals are own goals, mac is not only performer, there is other player who has better rating than him, if you talking about english pundit they talks with their ass, so stop indicating time after time that macallister is a legend. you are the person who is continuously coming with the topic of legendary macallister, if he is that much legend we will see which club wants him in next transfer window

      • No one says he is below average? Huh…you are blind..? Or a blind follower Mundo’s pundit.? You don’t know who kept saying these all year?
        Did I say he’s a legend? Why you are being harsh on reply..did I do anything against you..?

      • Only DePaul is untouchable. LoCelso is very benchable (nothing special about this player in the 7+ years I’ve seen him) Parades is okay, can be benchable.

        MacAllister is actually an upgrade from LoCelso if anyone is honest. He can accurately shoot from far distances, free-kick, and penalty taker.

        Enzo is probably the best midfielder currently in NT in less than a year at age 21 and should play with DePaul.

      • With all due respect, that’s a load of nonsense!
        First of all, Celso had a minor injury and is now back with the team, De Paul scored in the CL and started yesterday’s match and did alright considering Simeone’s tactics. Paredes is out injured for few weeks, mind you his form wasn’t great admittedly.
        Now to interpret all that as “players are out of form and must revamp the midfield” is just silly.
        Guido and Enzo are very good but they are -for now- subs and nothing more.
        As for Alexis, well I’ve always liked him but when it comes to the NT he’s been awful, in friendlies and the WCQ whether playing as a 10, an 8 or a 5! He started 4 or 5 matches and he was a complete waste! So for now, Alexis has no business playing for the NT, I don’t care how well he’s doing for the EPL.

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