Argentina national team physical trainer speaks about Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala


Argentina national team physical trainer Luis Martín spoke about Lionel Messi and Paulo Dybala.

Luis Martín commented on Lionel Messi and the fitness of the players, one of which being Paulo Dybala. Speaking in an interview with 221 Radio, here is what he had to say about Lionel Messi:

“He knows what he generates, he knows that he is in charge of generating the relaxed atmosphere. Messi and Di María are competitive animals. They did not want revenge, they carried the pressure of bringing joy to the people, their friends and families.”

Martín also spoke about the fitness of the players.

“We are very aware of the players with their clubs. We are constantly following their progress. We are confident that Dybala can be there.”

Regarding the coaching staff:

“They are finalizing the details of the camp and we wake up at 5:00 in the morning to see how everything is progressing. We are hoping to arrive in the best way. They have to face competition and to fulfill their commitments to the clubs. Thinking bout playing the World Cup plays against you.”

In regards to Argentina winning the 2021 Copa America:

“The players were locked up for 53 days without seeing their families, in the middle of a pandemic. It was something crazy with strengthened the group. If the group is united and strong, problems can be overcome. In advertisty, everything flows differently.”


  1. This is so much frustrating. Why these city players going for defensive play after hitting that 1 goal? In other scenarios they won’t stop attacking and compete for more goals with haaland in pitch. Just simply going for back passes and not attacking at all. They just ignoring Julian fully. Julian tried to go for the run but those players didn’t pass the ball. De bruyne and Silva’s cross and passes where also not accurate when Julian on the pitch. Looking like they all want Julian to not enter the pitch. I hope world cup can reveal the true potential of Julian to pep and these city players.

  2. After humiliating defeat against Leverkusen and possible relegation to Europa league (they still need to win last match or else not even Europa) , Simeone is finally starting all 3 fellow Argentine players. He trusted other underperforming players too much and for too long and benched his top goal scorer from last season and DePaul engine of national team and Udinese, who helped Argentina win a major competition after 20 years for most of this season. If A.Correa fails to make it to the world cup it is solely due to outdated and date expired strategy master Cholo!

    Great news!! Palacios is back on bench for Leverkusen and hopefully will get some mins today!

  3. Is anyone watching City vs Leicester? Poor Alvarez is being isolated by his team-mates. Barely touched the ball, missed an easy offside chance , shoulders are down , body language is defeated. He really needs to score a banger to get his confidence back. The next best thing out of Argentina is being treated like nobody. Reminds of 2021 Messi in PSG. Can’t afford a out of form out of confidence striker in the world cup. Additionally, Without Haaland on the field City are unable create spaces. Leicester’s are easily marking city players and have given them no room.

    • Worst decision to go to city. If he stays at city he will be another flop. All said and done now his place is not sure in wc squad. Specially considering simeone pushing him so much. In this form Alvarez will be useless for us he wasn’t even helping in defense or pressing much.

        • Atleast Jesus scored 58 goals in 4 years with injury hampering his progress. Plus because of irregular minutes in city Jesus lost his place in Brazil nt so coaches do consider club form

      • To add insult to injury, he was subbed out at around 73 min mark for Foden and all of a sudden whole city midfield is easily able to find Foden. Pep and city have managed to turn Alvarez into a ghost just in time for Halloween! if his poor form continues City will most likely sell him next year get another young player. Julian had a great opportunity to sign for good teams where he could get plenty of playing time to help his development but chose City and now next year it will be hard for him to find a second tier good club . Only national team performance can help him move to a good team but hopefully that won’t come at a cost of missing goals for us in the world cup.

    • Yeah poor Alvy. It is everyone else’s fault but his. Everyone knows evil Pep is a terrible coach who hates Argentines and totally does not know how to turn talented young players into legends.

      • “evil Pep” hahaha come on guys, clearly people aren’t watching the Argentinian league recently because the difference is a lot to adapt to, its a process that’s been seen before with several players. This isn’t anything new. Maybe he could have gone to a stepping stone league like Enzo or to a Spanish/Italian team, but he went with the long challenging project move instead. Way to early to say he should be sold or is a flop.

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