Ángel Di María back with Juventus for game vs. Inter


Ángel Di María is back with Juventus for their game vs. Inter.

Di María will be with the team when they play Inter as coach Allegri confirmed the Argentine’s return. Di María has missed the last five games for Juventus due to a muscle injury. Speaking at a press conference, Juventus coach Allegri stated the following:

“Bremer and Ángel Di María have recovered, I have to still evaluate whether or not they will start the game from the pitch or from the bench.”


    • Coaches rarely substitute central defenders unless there is a real risk of second yellow. Foyth should not come in as a RB when Villareal are chasing the game as he would not add attacking thrust in that position. If Setien decides to change the formation and go with back 3 then Foyth could add passing from the RCB. By the way, Setien used to be a fan of back 3 and if that’s the case we might see him use Foyth in this natural position. In any case, better for Foyth to be safe than sorry now so close to the WC.

  1. One good news is Montiel has bounced back from bad form. He is doing much better now.

    Foyth is also back. Tagliafico great form. Wingback position is not of concern now.

    • Don’t mean to split hairs as it were but the only two players who can be called wingbacks are Molina and Acuna. Tagliafico and Montiel are fullbacks who can play both wingback and centreback roles too. Foyth is a central defender who plays false fullback.

      Your larger point stands though. As long as they stay fit….

  2. El Gran Derbi as the Sevillans call it starting soon. Pezzella, Guido, Acuna, Papu, Montiel, Lamela all starting. Hoping for no injuries, don’t care how they play as much anymore as long as they avoid getting hurt.

  3. Thiago Almada is in Buenos Aires but unlike Armani he is not traveling with Scaloni and the delegation to Qatar. Clear signal that he will not go to the World Cup unless an injury opens a door.

  4. Our main South American competitors have far less issues in midfield than Argentina. Valverde, Vecino and Betancur, Casemiro and Guimaraes all are fit.
    Damn. What is up with Scaloneta? Bad luck or something else?

    • They are fit now but they have been playing heavy minutes. Will they be fit in the tournament? I would rather our players “pretend” to be injured or just play like every game like a friendly game before the World cup to be honest.

        • Apart from locelso and nico our players will be fine. Last 2-3 games they will play plus the friendly that will make them match fit. Blessings in disguise. Just wait for the actual wc to start you will see players getting injury like crazy. I still believe the team which is fresher will eventually win the tournament

  5. Temperature in Qatar remain high. 30 degrees all day. The games are going to be played in the heat.

    The Lusail Stadium (Ang vs Saudi And Ang vs Mexico) has an air conditioning system though

  6. Im more concerned about Nico Gonzalez situation. He is an important player. Just 14 days to go for wc and there is no news for his recovery. If he doesn’t recover in next 7 days i think he is out. What are his replacements?? Angel correa mayb or we can use alvarez there but nico Gonzalez’s pressing intensity and hardwork is unmatched. Is there any other options available??

    • Once upon a time Scaloni used Ocampos in that position, before Nico replaced him. Not sure how he’s doing in Ajax, don’t think he’s a regular player there. Acuna can play anywhere on the left wing too. De Paul has been used in that role before, in fact that’s his original position before Scaloni converted him to a central midfielder.

  7. Im not happy that lisandro Martinez is playing each and every minute for Manchester United he will come to wc completely exhausted. Only positive that he is a bench player for us and for that he will be properly rested before we need him in the wc. Even today he looked little tired. 1 positive im seeing that
    4.nico Gonzalez (if fit in time)
    7.both correa
    These players will be fresh due to injuries or less minutes.
    Even messi getting some rests which is a great thing. He will be fresh

    • FIFA should never allow the World Cup in middle east anymore. The climate just makes it impossible. If they are to hold the World Cup in November, the clubs should allow the release of the players at least one month before the tournament if not more. But I understand due to the business the clubs will never be able to do that.

      Then the consequence is the players have to play every 3 days in more than a month before the World Cup (From early October to November). FIFA should have reconsidered that as that is not possible!

      The World Cup itself is a tournament that in between games is between 4-5 days. So which human being can stand playing every 3-5 days from the beginning of October-End of December?? It is insane and it just does not make sense.

      During the World Cup there should be a lot more new injuries due to exhaustion. It is just not wise at all to have the World Cup after everyone is burned out.

      • October?? They are playing in every 3 days from September. That’s 3.5 months long stretch of gruelling football that’s insane. So in a sense our players not getting enough minutes in their clubs or getting injured and recover before wc maybe blessing in disguise

    • Palacios came in 55th minute.. Leverkusen scored in 56th and 58th minutes…and two more later. It seems a Great introduction..! I didn’t see the match..
      All of their midfielders either scored or assisted…how was the involvement of Palacios..?

  8. The third goal was Licha’s fault. It was a poor header clearance. Other than that he was okay. Garnacho wasn’t that good. Other than the first 10 minutes, Matty Cash managed to get the better of the 2.

    Emi was amazing against crosses/high balls/corners. Buendia plays just normal.

    Emery makes Villa like Villarreal which fits them more as they don’t have much quality to dominate.

    • That 2nd goal was also from the mistake of licha. He made a poor pass and Shaw went for the tackle and they got the free kick. Emi back to his best a great save against garnacho and Ronaldo. Licha except that 2 errors he was in the mood with his great balls and tackles and interceptions. A great ball to martial but emi saved it.

    • Licha was the best player for Man-Utd today. He was everywhere in defense. Non of his goals was his fault and for the first goal he had already made the angle very difficult to score only to be let down by de-Gea. He also almost had an assist of a great long diagonal ball into the box again mediocre Utd forwards were not off to the mark. Garchano by next world cup could be our star man if he continues to develop.

  9. Everybody is a gangsta until they meet the real Gangsta “Dibu Martinez”….I’m rooting for Aston villa becoz of dibu and buendia to beat man u (ronaldo)…sorry Licha

  10. Coaching staff, AFA leaders, Franco Armani and Federico Gomes will travel Qatar today.
    Anyone who hates Armani. Prepare mentally for his inclusion

  11. Poor management from Scaloni and team not to have inducted Medina into his squad way back. Medina hit the ground running from his first day at Lens. He was Man Utd’ top defensive target but his personal issues and change of coach this season meant Lisandro ended up at Utd.

    • Tbf he should be our back up left back for tagliafico
      He can easily be attacking full back and played there many times before for his club and Argentina under 20s
      He is good height too after world Cup Argentina back 4 Will look like this molina — cuti—- licha— medina

      • 3 men backline will fit to our squad imo.
        Lisandro/Medina Romero/Senesi Perez/Foyth with Tagliafico/Nico Gonzalez on left and Molina/Montiel on right.

    • What I understand is, If Scaloni decided to go for 9th defender the first choice will be Foyth, if he can’t make it, then it will be Medina. He’s playing in 3 man backline and can play as LB/CB will be advantage. At some point Scaloni may use 3 CB backline.

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