Argentina national team staff optimistic about Paulo Dybala


The Argentina national team staff are optimistic about Paulo Dybala’s inclusion for the World Cup.

Paulo Dybala has been out with a hamstring injury since early October but optimism is in the air. According to Gastón Edul, the Argentina national team coaching staff are optimistic that he will be ready for the World Cup and make the team.

Dybala is in the final phase of his recovery and is also hoping to play on November 13 for AS Roma vs. Torino.


  1. This is good news. He was doing well for Roma under their new coach. But, even if he is fit and back, would be regain his form? It might be good to plan with a fitter alternative.

    • The thing is even if he did not get injured and was in great shape, I don’t think he would have been a starting player, just coming off the bench. So in that regard his lack of match sharpness is less significant.

        • Yes, that’s a valid point Insider, however it all depends whome Dybala might be replacing. I think potentially Di Maria or Laitaro in the last 15 minutes. Lavezzi was a hardworking winger who did a lot of dirty work in that game, kinda like what Nico Gonzalez does when he plays.

        • Yes, i can understand that point too as @EnganChe allready wrote well, as i think there where such a weak bench first of all for SABELLA,R.I.P., so i’m not the one who can say if it was correct or not to sub Lavezzi for KUN, but rather just remembering the weakness of SABELLA’s bench with all due respect it could had have such a names at that time as for example Lamela, Pastore and even Tevez, but i do maybe understand also why SABELLA did not pick Tevez, who was though in hot form and according to my knowledge did not carry any knocks or injury etc…anyhow all this irrelevant as it is allready in the past and now we all are hopefully at the present…and focusing on that and for wishing for Arg to win as allways we have done also in the past and also for future too, but even more right now for the present! Vamos La Seleccion !

        • @Insider Dybala is set play for Roma before joining the national team, which means he is close to being match fit. Even during his last injury he was able to pick up from where he left off for Roma however him rushing back backfired and caused this muscle injury. Most importantly, he is a super sub and means he will onlu feature when we are looking for an eqalizer or a winner or when we are looking to run up the score.

        • I am a big fan of Lavezzi. But he does not hold a candle to La Joya. Like Engan says, Lavezzi is very similar to Nico Gonzalez, beard included.

          Dybala is actually a great replacement for Lo Celso in the starting eleven with similar passing and creative quality, with much better finishing. Just needs reinforcement at the back with an extra defender or defensive minded midfielder.

          • Paredes is already in defensive role, depaul is already waaaay more defensive for NT than his natural club role. We have a thin 3 man midfielder. We have veterans in Messi and Dimaria on. There is no way dybala can take Locelsos spot and not screw us. Dybala can’t defend. It would only work if we sacrificed Molina for Foyth and told Taglafico to not run the wing which would make our build up play crap. Dybala really can only sub for one of the front 3.

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