Argentina preliminary team down to 28 players, two to be cut before World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has his preliminary lsit of players for the World Cup down to 28 players with two more to be cut.

Lionel Scaloni submitted a first list of 46 players which was cut down to 31 players. According to Gastón Edul, that list is down to 28 players.

Scaloni will have to cut it from 28 to 26 with the deadline to announce the World Cup team being next Monday on November 14. Here is the list of 28 players:

Emiliano Dibu Martínez
Gerónimo Rulli
Franco Armani
Nahuel Molina
Gonzalo Montiel
Cristian Romero
Germán Pezzella
Nicolás Otamendi
Lisandro Martínez
Marcos Acuña
Nicolás Tagliafico
Juan Foyth
Rodrigo De Paul
Leandro Paredes
Giovani Lo Celso
Alexis Mac Allister
Guido Rodríguez
Alejandro Papu Gómez
Enzo Fernández
Exequiel Palacios
Lionel Messi
Lautaro Martínez
Ángel Di María
Julián Álvarez
Paulo Dybala
Nicolás González
Ángel Correa
Joaquín Correa

Scaloni will wait to see how Gio Lo Celso and Paulo Dybala progress with their injuries. Scaloni is going to decide if he will take nine defenders or eight defenders with a midfielder or an attacker.


  1. For me decision will be made between Mc Allister and Palacios. If Palacios is not fit then Mc Alllister will be in. The other player who could not make it to the WC, is J Correa bcz of his inconstancy.

  2. This is the real chance for emi to show his worth in the world stage. Really deserving that golden glove. With club he won’t get that recognition. May be rulli has that features of a good goal keeper but the confidence level is no way near.

  3. Foyth is the first to go.
    2nd is not so easy..
    locelso is gone if he is injuried
    But if he isn’t…then one of the 4
    Paulo Dybala, Angel Correa, Joaquin Correa or Nico Gonzalez will leave the squad.

    Personally, I would leave Joaquin Correa home but I think Angel Correa will be Scaloni’s pick.

    At the moment it looks like Foyth and locelso will be dropped.

  4. Brazil’s offical 26 man list:
    Position Player Club Age Caps
    Goalkeeper Alisson Liverpool (ENG) 30 56
    Goalkeeper Ederson Manchester City (ENG) 29 18
    Goalkeeper Weverton Palmeiras (BRA) 34 11
    Defender Marquinhos PSG (FRA) 28 70
    Defender Eder Militao Real Madrid (SPA) 24 23
    Defender Thiago Silva Chelsea (ENG) 38 108
    Defender Danilo Juventus (ITA) 24 15
    Defender Alex Telles Sevilla (SPA) 29 7
    Defender Dani Alves Pumas UNAM (MEX) 39 125
    Defender Alex Sandro Juventus (ITA) 31 37
    Defender Bremer Juventus (ITA) 25 1
    Midfielder Fabinho Liverpool (ENG) 28 28
    Midfielder Casemiro Manchester United (ENG) 30 64
    Midfielder Bruno Guimaraes Newcastle United (ENG) 24 8
    Midfielder Fred Manchester United (ENG) 29 27
    Midfielder Lucas Paqueta West Ham (ENG) 25 34
    Midfielder Everton Ribeiro Flamengo (BRA) 33 22
    Forward Gabriel Martinelli Arsenal (ENG) 21 3
    Forward Vinicius Jr. Real Madrid (SPA) 22 15
    Forward Neymar PSG (FRA) 30 120
    Forward Antony Manchester United (ENG) 22 10
    Forward Rodrygo Real Madrid (SPA) 21 6
    Forward Raphinha Barcelona (SPA) 25 10
    Forward Richarlison Tottenham (ENG) 25 37
    Forward Pedro Flamengo (BRA) 25 2
    Forward Gabriel Jesus Arsenal (ENG) 25 56

    • Honestly, their midfield looks average at best. Their attack looks quite good even though many here think its mediocre with similar players but their midfield definitely is average, defense is not bad okayish and attack very good. But as a team they are a well oiled machine with great chemistry as they have been playing together for very long time like us. However, their group is quite tricky and one slip up can result in Brazil ending up in France’s bracket.

      • I totally agree…Their midfield and defensive is not as solid and strong as their attack. A good team will definitely exploit their gaps. Upto individual magic from Neymar and perhaps Vinicius Jr to get them thru.

  5. Armani and Pezzella to a certain extent are the undeserving ones from that 28 man list.

    Enzo/Palacios-Guido/Paredes-DePaul is definitely not a bad midfield and can be very competitive esp. since they can link-up well with the midfield. We’re panicking too much due to Lo Celso injury but I think defense wins tournaments and it could all be a blessing in disguise. Lo Celso has started to assert himself fairly recently in the NT and I sincerely hope he’s capable of doing the job for 7 more games in this tournament.

  6. I would just take out Montiel if Foyth is fit along with MacAllister. I rather keep Joaquin Correa as the guy has the technique and will press. Dybala is a must as long as he’s not going to screw himself up again with another injury and so is Lo Celso if he’s going to be a bit conservative and we can always close the games out with Enzo to replace if we are to go defensive OR use Julian/Correa to go offensive (god forbid).

  7. A winning team usually build the momentum during the group stage in a tournament. This is what happened to us in the Copa. That’s why Scaloni wants his players on board who are ready from game one.

    In LoCelso’s absence, it’s absolutely crucial who Scaloni picks for the midfield. Papu will likely start against Saudi but he is not going to play the full game. Who will replace Papu is absolutely crucial. My worry is that it could be McAllister.

    Who do you want as LoCelso’s replacement in the eleven? Ideally, you can’t just replace a player and recreate the same system as different players offer different attributes. To me a fit Palacios is the closest alternative;

    But Palacios isn’t 100% fit. Then what’s next?

    DePaul–Parades—-Enzo or
    This might work. But, had we had enough time, the better combination could have been

    But, too short of a time to take out parades and experiment.

    • My worry also MacAllister will have Papu original minutes if we assume that Papu will start. Playing MacAllister as a left midfielder is like playing someone out of position. But the good thing is Scaloni is quite smart when noticing something not working out.

      In Copa when he noticed that Paredes was not that good defensively, he promoted Guido. When he noticed there was a hole on the left because Lo Celso often late getting back, he put Acuna in the second half.

      Look I want Lo Celso in. If we take him, there is nothing bad at all since we have 3 extra players compared to the normal world cup squad anyway, If he recovers in the knockout stages, it is a big bonus. If he never recovers, well we still have 25 players anyway. But I am ready to accept the reality that he will highly unlikely be included. So now we need Papu more than ever. We need to practice the tactic of Nico Gonzales and Di Maria both starting too in 4-2-3-1.

      • Finally someone on this panel who can see Paredes for who he really is, a midfielder who got good precision when it comes to passing but is defensively challenge and get caught out of position multiple times. Against good teams with speedy wingers and strikers putting pressure on the defense, I’ll take Guido 200% over Paredes. Again he is a benchwarmer for PSG and Juventus, there is a reason why…that dude has been terrible since the beginning of the season so not interested on having him starting.

        • I have been critical to Parades for long. Though he has improved his defensive skills and he has not been stellar in his so called long precision passes with Argentina, his position remained unquestioned until now because of a lack of alternatives providing similar options. Guaido offers better defensive shield but yet not up to the mark to offer offensive thread with Argentina. They both have improved their games but to me the DM position remained an average piece in the puzzle.

          Parades didn’t look awful lately because the midfield was working as a well-oiled machine with DPL. Now that Enzo has arrived, if he continues his current form with Argentina, he is the man for DM position. He can’t be worse than Parades defensively, and I think he is much better than Parades offensively and pose a greater goal thread for the opposition.

        • Paredes does one thing extremely well, and that is control pocession in the middle. He is rarely disposed of the ball when preasured (both holding it, awareness, and passing). He is skilled and has excellent awareness. Guido is great defending, but when he gets the ball and we are getting pressed, i cringe, he panics, he can be clumsy with the ball. We are a team all about control of the midfield. We need tiki taka ballers with defensive cover for Messi. Id rather see lizandro or enzo as our #5 than guido. Guido is great for parking the bus.

          The reality is our players will tire. We will have injuries. We will definitely have yellows. So our bench will rotate in for sure.

    • Paredes is also injured. He just started training with Juventus team and most probably will not play any game before wc. So enzo should be an automatic starter

  8. Majority of seasonal folks want Palacios dropped! It seems like they haven’t been following the team for quite a while. Scaloni is never going to drop him.Palacios is the first sub off the bench for both Loceslo and Depaul especially when we are leading. If we are looking for a equalizer or a goal then it will be Papu. Palacios will not start any matches but he will play 15 to 20mins almost every match. He is integral part of Scaloni’s high press system.

    • Yes Palacios is great and needed more than ever right now. Part of the problem is that he’ll only play 15 min so were still stuck finding the starter and of course, getting injured is always a concern with him.

  9. If I have to put my hard earned money, my bet would be Foyth and A Correa getting cut.

    What I prefer is to cut Montiel and J Correa. Some interesting comments from Scaloni in the past:
    1. Foyth can play multiple positions – RB, CB, DM. These players can come handy.
    2. Every player who boards the plane should be able to play the first game. If so, GLC is not boarding the plane.

    We will wait for the update on GLC injury. I prefer he is in the roster, provided he can get to 100% by second game. The midfield is an issue right now.

    I have said this before, RDP, Palacios and GLC are a system. Individually they are not great or of a specific role. Like Mascherano was a great and had a specific role. These 3 are a sub-team in the team. The unit is now broken. Will be hard to rebuild the team.

    I would have kept Almada. We might run into attacking options problem and Messi might have to drop too deep for the effectiveness.

  10. Hopefully, i sported scoloni, and the team look so defensive, at list we need a fresh and talented one in midfielder like almada,… Pls cut Montel and angel coriea or palacios, if locelso not fit pls add almada the team need a boy like him, coz he’s special.

  11. I think angel correa will be cut. Foyth is too much important. But if nico is not fit enough i would take angel correa in place of nico. Our midfield looks too defensive. With locelso it was already looked above average to decent midfield now it looks worse

  12. Well Armani..beyond understanding..Agustin Rossi, Ledesma, Musso ( if he is fit fully ) or even Paulo many deserved candidates left out..inclusion of Rulli is as absurd as Armani’s inclusion..Rulli one day beast mode and another day Sunday league mode..dropping Enzo would be highly risky..better to take more midfielders than defenders..but at the moment the severity and the recursion of the injury for our injured players play a crucial decision in selection..Scaloni must warn our players to avoid reaction like what Licha did to Bailey yesterday..a very easy red card any day..temperament of some of our players is unfortunate..if not will go for Lamela for Lo Celso place in case if he is not recovered fully..the first match against Saudi Arabia will be very very tough just for the climatic reasons..Arabian side is used to that temperature more and will be having more stamina sustain than us..we must not repeat the previous mistake in the last world cup..we got our bias but no other option other than support our players even though some of our favorites miss to make the squad..Almada can take the place of J Correa..

  13. Quite a few players have not participated in a game in the last few weeks. GLC and Dybala are not the only ones. Nico Gonzalez, Foyth and Paredes are a risk too. And maybe even Romero who is often injured this season.

    Up to 24 hours before the 1st match Fifa will allow squad changes, so hopefully the ones who were cut keep on training.

    Happy to see Di Maria back in action. He is a must for the team even if he looked a bit rust yesterday.

  14. Based on class and consistency this season, I would cut Palacios and J Correa. Of course Lo Celso may be unavailable so that would allow one of them to take his place. But I do hope Scaloni errs on the side of bringing the best possible set of players, instead of bringing the ones he is “used to”. Team chemistry can afford the addition one or two new ingredients in the coming days.

    The general rule of thumb is 2 backups for goalkeeper, and at least 1 backup for all 10 outfield position for at least 2-3 formations. Given 5-4-1 is a very viable (even necessary for some games) option, we need that extra defender. And Foyth is the perfect choice.

  15. what a pity the Buendia wasn’t fit earlier, he was impressive against ManU. I go for a 4312: Emi-Foyth, Cuti, Otamendi, Tagliafico-De Paul, Paredes, Enzo-Messi-Julian Alvarez, Lautaro, mix of young and experienced players

  16. I like all the players on the list but sadly someone has to stay home.
    Whoever Scaloni selects I am happy.
    I know he will do what’s best for the team.
    I have supported Scaloni and Aimar from day one and he hasn’t disappointed me up to now.

    Me personally want:
    If fit I would Select Foyth(soft spot for him-biased) instead of Montiel, although had heroic performance in the Copa Final which again makes it a very difficult decision.
    If fit Dybala is a must.
    I hope that Lo Celso makes it. For me him not making is heartbreaking.
    I also am rooting for ENZO.

  17. Maybe I am wrong, so somebody please share their opinions. Really, at this point what can Lo Celso provide? Even if he goes, he will be at 60 or 70 percent health. He won’t be able to play more than 20 or 30 minutes a game without risking another setback. Also, why Macallister AND three other defensive midfielders in Paredes, Guido, and Enzo? Why not get someone that can help with the attack? Also, Foyth has been in mothballs for months now. Why not just keep it at eight defenders. If you insist on Foyth, do you need Montiel? Just bring your best eight. Almada is young, but nobody knows this guy really well. He is fast, creative, and would cause a lot of problems in the final third of the pitch. This seems logical to me.

    • No u are not wrong at all as things stand as pretty much like u wrote so anyhow bringing GLC is a risk and Scaloni for sure knows this, and there for Almada or Dominquez who was cut out allready…?, if i understood right etc. Were the best options with Enzo to cover Papu as and if and that is how it look’s like that GLC won’t be playing that much if he is abroad, as in this case even GLC is abroad, but not fit for more than u said, which i also think will be sadly the case, then Almada and no go Dominquez would have been perfect as Dominquez versatility is well known, but anyhow he is alkready cut out as Still Mc Allister not as versatile like Dominquez or as suitable to play GLC ’s and Almada’s position is Still on the list as i don’t see any room for him at all as there are also Paredes and Guido and Enzo too+others maybe too who can sub for them when really and if really needed etc.,,same with Foyth as if his situation similar to GLC according to playing time, then why to bother at all and rather just go with 8 defenders as u said as all this just, sorry to say as i don’t mean to criticize Scaloni&CO specially so close to WC, but it really does not make any Sense to me, but offcourse the coaching knows obviously more better than i do etc.,..btw how are they talking about all this in Argentina overall as if there been some discussions on the radio or TV as if i would preciate a lot hear what they may have said as obviously it does not change anything, i quess, but i just would like to hear some more thoughts from Argentina etc…

    • Agree with almost everything you said expect when it comes to Enzo, who is infact a very attack minded CM, not a DM (like he’s playing currently in Benefica) and despite the fact that he playes in a double pivot he still has 3 goals and 4 assists, showing what an attack minded individual he is.
      I’m totally with you on Foyth and Montiel, one of the 2 would suffice, also totally agree on Thiago Almada who would’ve brought an extra quality to the team. He is afterall very skilled with the ball, attack minded, excellent passer, good presser (yeah he defends alot) and can play in LCM (Celso’s exact position infact) or highter up as a LFW (Nico Gonzalez’s position), but alas…..

      • To some extent, I think Almada’s exclusion has something to do with Scaloni’s insistence on McAllister and Tucho.

        I know that I’m sounding like a broken record, but I think this is a tactical mistake by Scaloni. Time will tell.

  18. Brazil squad looks scary.. Only problem is many players for same position. Neymar . vini martinli. 3 plays exact same. Going with 9 attacker and 6 mid . look like they will playing good attacking football

  19. Inclusion of Joaquin Correa and McAlister is wastage of secure positions. Nothing against McAlister but Paredes Guido Rodriguez and Enzo are superior in that DM. Someone called Scaloni stubborn for failing to try other AMs aware that Midfield option was limited. I agree with that statement.
    I wish Scaloni explored more the AM option, by giving chance to the likes of Lanzini, Almada, Buendia. Otherwise i hope Locelso will be available at the knockout stages.

    • He did try but they all were not up to the task other than palacios.
      In my views the best lo celso replacement is palacios (if he is 100%)….he won’t bring that creativity of lo celso but at least he is a good passer plus he never stops running.
      McAllister is a good shout too. I think he knows how to find space in the midfield.. ..Little bit like lo celso.
      May be Enzo fernadez can bring his form to national team too.
      Papu gomez as a midfielder is a suicidal stuff, he doesn’t have that energy to play in the midfield.
      People here underestimate lo celso here….. He used to do multiple jobs, how many times messi and co found him in the box…. He used to make those runs into the box plus his one touch passes and his ability to find spaces in the midfield. He is replaceable that for sure. I think we have players to replace de Paul but lo celso nah.
      I would like scaloni to try back 3 with gonzalez and molina in the wings. I think we have to find some other ways to compensate for lo celso’s creativity.

  20. Panic, frustration, anger….if both Enzo and Foyth are cut, expect a complete meltdown in the comments sections of this blog….

    Was the mood the same before the Copa? I don’t remember…

  21. Stupid scoloni bring back to Sampoali setup..
    Why pardes, gudio, macalester, enzo… Why?
    All are same type palyer..3 is enough why wasting spot..if lo celso will fit in knockout round, scoloni should take him. But lo celso is already out..okay then in replace him take almada or any creative option but he going with four defensive MF.fuck….montiel, correa is always present for scoloni’s room service..

  22. For me, it is Angel Correa vs Dybala if 9th defender is picked. I commented this one month before.
    They both making the team is best scenario as Foyth was having limited time with this team for the last 2-3 years.

  23. Argentine coaches always like a good screw up. Scaloni was so adamant to not try a variety of players. He had all his players in his shitty mind without trial and error. For instance, it is so obvious to anyone watching them play the difference in class between Foyth and utter mediocre players like Montiel (sure there was a political pressure from D’onorfio to Tapia at tha that time to have a few River players) but still he should included Foyth and given him his fair chances, and not if Foyth is to come to world cup it will be tough on especially coming back from an injury and feeling like an outsider inside settled squad. A couple of years back even before copa win, I wrote here that Argentina could have a formidable back four of Licha, Romero Foyth and Medina (Medina has doubled up as a LB in Argentine league) and I don’t remember if Licha had already been a part of the squad at that point. Same goes for strikers, he didn’t try many options. I have never seen an Argentine Forward line as lean as this in my lifetime (not blaming the coach for this just the state of Argentine football). It is also criminal not to have tried Dybala regularly.
    Nevertheless we will root for them with all our hearts. But alas hmm.

  24. I’m a bit confused by the possibilities. 28 players remaining, 2 will be cut.

    8 Attackers – Dybala
    8 Mids – GLC
    9 Defenders – Foyth
    3 keepers

    If Dybala is fit, A Correa most likely cut leaving 7 attackers. If Foyth and GLC are fit, then surely a mid would be cut since the remaining 8 defenders are locked. If true, this leaves the final option of cutting 1 of Palacios, Enzo, or Mac Allister.

    Is this right or am I missing something obvious?

    • LoCelso has less chance to recover. Dybala also not sure. Coming days the more test results will come.
      If both IN.. even though the chance is very less ..then A.Coreea and Foyth will be cut. This is my understanding.

    • Yes, if Foyth is fit, then Angel and one of Palacios, Enzo, or McAllister will be cut.

      Given that almada has been excluded, I just hope that Scaloni in his sane mind would not cut Palacios or Enzo, as LoCelso will still be a risk.

  25. personally, Foyth should be included since Romero is injury prone .But I prefer Foyth instead of montiel .

    Angel Correa is better than dybala if lo celso is unavailable. Both Enzo and mcallister can’t replace lo celso .

    Too much similar players in central midfield. Enzo ,Mcallister, Palacios, Paredes.

    line up should be 433
    Molina Romero Otamendi Acuna
    ##De Paul (A correa)#paredes(Guido) #Papu(Enzo)
    Dimaria(Gonzalez) #messi(J correa)

    As a result ,either Palacios or McAllister should be included. Then I prefer giving garnacho a final ticket

  26. To make it easy, the final spot is between Foyth vs A Correa.

    Dybala likely is in.

    Foyth would be useful, but if the realistic option is between Foyth or A Correa, I would choose A Correa.

    In Copa LM Quarta was the ninth defender. He wasn’t needed that much other than be a bench warmer.

    It is believed that the list of 28 players will be down to 27 players once the Lo Celso report is out (tonight).

    • Yeah if it is up to me, I wouldn’t call J Correa and MacAllister as many can play like they do and calling them up do not provide any legitimate reason other than if 2-3 players who play in the same position injured/unavailable at the same time for example Paredes and Guido or Dybala and Nico and Julian Alvarez.

      • Exactly @ el_principe and very spot on too, just purely because as u allready explain as purely football wise and also i can’t find any reason for those 2 over other names remaining on the list etc…not that i do not like them, but more as what i seen with my own from those 2 compeared to other’s Still remaining on the list, not against anyone as it is not an competition for me here on Mundo against anyone and everyone is obviously entitled to think as they please, which is also good and fine for me, but i won’t have time argue about anything as instead just focusing for the present and after WC for the future of ARG LA SELECCION !

  27. I would just take out McAllister and Joakin Correa, if the injured players recovers timely.

    Oddly, Scaloni has favoritism in these two for some unknown tactical reasons, which are still unclear to almost all

    • Agreed @el_Torero as i see no Sense or any tactical reason for theese 2 as there are allready others who do job at least in my eyes more better than theese 2, as leaving anyone else instead of theese 2 would not be wise even GLC can’t make it as allready cutting out Dominquez and Almada could come costly if CLC can’t make it or at least i don’t see Mc Allister doing GLC’s job and about J. Correa even he has pace and height, maybe more than A.Correa Still i would rather go with A.Correa or as Foyth can or can’t make it, then either way Montiel or Foyth if he can’t play maybe should be dropoed, but anyway around i just can’t find any reason at least for Mc Allister and if i understood right Still one more will be cut as to come to an number of 26 instead of 28. right ? So if everyone can play on that list, then i would drop Tucu Correa, even i know this very unlikely to happen, but A.Correa in my oppinion is much more needed than Tucu Correa as Alvarez can is also very good at pressing as A.Correa is too and i’m not saying that Tucu is not, but for at least when it comes to scoring goals Alvarez and A.Correa are way ahead of Tucu who maybe have something else in him , but i really can’t see anything else than height over A.Correa for example, but if i would have to choose between Tucu and Mc Allister, then i will TaKe Tucu as i see him in my eyes more important for Arg than Mc Allister as i do not have any personal agenda or nothing else against him, rather i’m simply thinking what i have seen with my own eyes and there for i have to also place my thought’s from what i have seen as others also obviously do same as how they feel and how they see each player with their eyes, so it is not an competition for me against anyone here on Mundo, but it is competion for the final 26 who will present Arg at WC in Qatar and there for anyone here on Mundo obviously can wish for certain players to be amongst the final 26 as i do also and there for i respect everyone not talking trash about those members who behave like members and are not some spammers or trolls or have somekind of another agenda, rather than supporting Arg LA SELECCION and offcourse those who will not behave and just spam and troll, will get deleted one day or another as soon as Roy can do it. So my point is just personal oppinion of who should be selected amongst the final 26 and nothing more than that as i do understand others might see it the otherway around and that is completly normal and also good for me as i hope they are more correct with their selection than mine’s as obviously it is SCALONI’s&CO’s decission to make, so as allways i wish only for Arg to win and if not, then next time i will wish again as i have alkways done only for Arg to win !

      • You are spot on my friend. Leaving out Almada and Dominguez for McAllister if LoCelso is out takes away some options from your midfield. Taking out Palacios or Enzo or Foyth will have similar affect – taking out some tactical options. Whereas, I don’t see any limitation not having McAllister in the team.

        This is purely tactical opinion, nothing personally against any player. For example, I see Montiel in his current form less useful for Argentina but I understand the tactical reason keeping him in the squad: as best available substitute for Molina if we play an offensive game, which Foyth can’t provide. But, McAllister- I just don’t see any and open to hear a tactical reasoning from others (except Scaloni knows better).

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