Gonzalo Montiel suspended for three games for Sevilla


Gonzalo Montiel is suspended for three games for Sevilla and will miss their last game before the 2022 World Cup.

Montiel was red carded for Sevilla in their 1-1 draw vs. Real Betis and has now been suspended for three games. He will miss Sevilla’s last game before the 2022 World Cup, which is vs. Real Sociedad.

The 25 year old is part of the preliminary Argentina team for the 2022 World Cup and will make the final team.


  1. Our midfield is okayish. Plus our established midfield trio broken to peices. Locelso not there. DePaul is off form. Then paredes coming back from a big injury and he will not play any game before wc maybe uae friendly he will get some minutes. So don’t be surprised if we see enzo as dm depaul as rcm and papu in locelso position in Saudi Arabia game.

  2. I agree with Mamoun’s analysis.

    People love to remain miserable and hopeless.

    Papu’s defensive game is good, he does a lot of dirty work. He is very fit and rarely injured. I am not sure why everyone expects so much defensive work from a left winger in 4-4-2.

    Everyone is talking about Lo Celso bringing width. Really? Against Italy we hardly had any attack from the left wing in the first half.

    Against Brazil, during first phases of second half brazil was creating danger from our left. Lo Celso could not support Acuna who was getting exposed. So Scaloni subbed Lo Celso with Tagliafico.

    Lo Celso did not have a pre-season. He was not physically 100% and in off form. There was no guarantee he would do well in world cup if there was no injury.

    It is what it is. Let’s focus on world cup.

    • Papu can just make the team unbalance.. Is
      Papu recent form good? Lol forget good form, this is his worst season so far..
      Lo celso subbed because we were leading by 1 goal and we need more protection thats why a defender came

      • Lo celso is not left winger but he has ability to play there.i suggest you should rewatch the game then you see what gio did Against Italy..

      • Again, please go and watch the WCQ games against Chile and Colombia and then come back and tell me that Papu makes the team inbalanced.
        As for his form, well Papu himself is playing solid football, not his best football by any stretch but he’s solid and it should be noted that the team around him is a total mess and there is only so much a rotation player like Papu can do.

        • But in those 2 WCQs Messi was absent. I think ocampos was playing in front in those qualifiers. So even with the presence of papu we can be solid in defense with the rest of the players and play against tough opponents like chile and columbia. But if Messi was there then the presence of papu could have imbalanced the team and teams like Colombia and chile would have made it hard for us in the counter.

          • Messi plays in right. Depaul covers for messi not locelso. If we play both lisandro and tagliafico thn we can play papu as his lack of defensive work will be covered by both tagliafico and lisandro quite easily. Though papu is decent in defensive work not poor in any stretch of imagination

        • No my preferred 11 will be
          Foyth Romero otamendi tagli
          Depaul enzo palacios
          Messi lautaro alvarez
          I would not start dimaria rather will play him as a sub. I’m not sure about paredes, nico and dimaria fitness right now. So they will start from bench

    • These people like Jewel criticizes Papu because he dreams his MacAllister to start. That’s all. He knows after Lo Celso is out, Papu is the only one that stands in MacAllister’s way. Thats why he creates such rubbish that Papu is shit.

      Just tell me one time Papu plays bad with the national team? He never disappoints. Never. At times he looked even more lively than the starter whom he replaced named Lo Celso. Remember in Copa he scored one goal from Messi’s assist? He looked very lively there and it gave such a headache for Scaloni the next game because he played even better than Lo Celso. After that, anytime Papu started or came off the bench, he always looked good. For me Papu is the most underrated player in our squad. MacAllister is the most overrated.

      Our back ups like Papu, Guido, Nico, Alvarez, one of Tagli/Acuna, Licha already earn Scaloni’s trusts. They earn it by their good performance. That’s why Scaloni one time said that he had 17-18 “starters” (meaning players as good as the starters). Be sure Papu is among those 17-18. It is a lot of biased childish uneducated comical amateur comments saying that Papu is shit.

      • El.principle totally crazy..lol.are you kidding me? I’m not a blind people like you who have favourite player to support. I’m not macalester fan nor papu..i want better player replace lo celso place..i watched every sevilla games this season, so i saw what can papu offer..though he is bit lucky, after sampoli come he get some minutes.You can say what you want but truth is papu just play Against easy opponents for Argentina.i prefer macalster/enzo/ palacios any day not papu..

  3. It is obvious that alexis macalester going to replace lo celso position.. 99% at least..
    So if he bring Briton form in NT that’s good for us..its going to be a standout world cup for him.
    Who know, he may take place in world 11 after final😊

    • I don’t know why a mid table team Brighton’s player is going to start for us. Paredes, depaul, locelso all plays for top table teams. Enzo and papu also from top table teams. Our standard has stooped so low i can’t believe. Not like he performs outstanding for Brighton anyway. He should be a bench player not a starter

        • Last yr brighton was no. 9 and previous yr they were no. 16 and this year only 13 games they played another 25 games to go. Chelsea and Liverpool will eventually take over brighton also with emery aston Villa can also topple brighton. So its obvious brighton is a mid table premier League team no doubts about that

  4. Very sad news that Celso is out, I honestly thought he’d make it through but clearly the injury is much, MUCH worse than the media made it out to be, otherwise he wouldn’t be needing surgery.
    As for his replacement, well I already put up a long post last week about all the players that replaced Celso during the 9 times he missed a NT game since 2019 and the answer is very clear….PAPU GOMEZ!
    I keep hearing that Papu is “too old to play all 7 games” and I have to say that it’s a load of nonsense! Papu might be 34 yrs old but he is remarkably fit and healthy and energetic and that’s because he is highly intelligent, on and off the ball. That’s why he can handle Sampaoli’s incessant pressing style with little to no problem, just think about that.
    As for him not being a good defender, well defense isn’t his strength but he is in no shape or form lazy, the guy presses quite a bit and he makes some good interceptions because he reads the game really well and most importantly he is able to hold the ball and circulate it efficiently thus keeping it out of the opponent’s reach, which is why guys like Mordric and Xavi are so good at defending even if it’s not the first thing anybody would think about when discussing those 2.
    Lastly this whole thing about “Papu is only good against weak opponents not the strong ones”, another load of nonsense, anybody who spewes out this crap should go and watch Argentina’s second round of intense WCQ games against Colombia and Chile where Papu doubled for Celso (Chile game) AND De Paul (Colombia game) and tell me Papu can’t handle tough opponents. Now I get the fact that neither Colombia nor Chile are elite teams but there highly organized (Colombia) and highly pressing (Chile) teams that can challenge most teams on a good day.

    A part from Papu I said that Nico Gonzalez would be an excellent replacement to Celso in a 4-4-2 and I also think that Enzo Fernandez can slot in nicely for Gio and for those of you who say that Celso and Enzo are different types of players I’d have to respond with a “Nay”, Enzo is very much a Celso type of player i.e. an attack minded, defensively disciplined CM and I think that Enzo, if given a chance, can bring to the team what the other Enzo (Perez) did for the 2014 team.

    Celso’s loss is a blow to be sure, but no way in hell is this a make or break for this machine of a team we call Argentina. Honestly even losing Messi (god forbid!!) wouldn’t be the end of the world since I’ve seen that Dimaria take up his place and boss the field almost as well.

  5. With Lo Celso we were a set team. However I doubt about his form this season. Hopefully someone will fit in. See we need to put n end to this discussion and jus move on. Wot ever come we will face it.

  6. Lo Celso is playing an important role at N/T, Enzo, Mac Allister, Papu, and Guido have another different role and not Lo Celso type. But it is not a disaster for the team, see it as a blessing in disguise. Scaloni should act fast to optimize Enzo and or Thiago. A new game plan without Lo Celso. Besides Guido, Papu, and Mac Allistar are not so bad during their ‘on-fire” form. Just don’t sacrifice Messi by playing deep, his place is not there.

    • Messi can play deeper if we had a mbappe or suarez kind of player who are insane scoring wise but lautaro alvarez dimaria noone is as productive as them so we can’t play messi deeper position

  7. @Inside
    ” Allister is a type of a player he needs time to adapt with a team. Enzo seems opposite.”

    Exactly. Time is the essence. We are not in a position to test McAllister for another 1-2 games, do we?

    Enzo didn’t need a single game to show his worth. What if McAllister needs another 5-6 Hanes to get acquainted to the team? The answer is simple: We are out.

    • To be fair unfortunately it was only good thing Gio was injured before the tournament started. It is just enough time to train and put in action. Like friendly,Saudi Arab game will give us enough time to gel together

    • No man Scaloni is not that dumb. He does give chsnce to people but he is not dumb. With MacAllister on the pitch, it is obvious that our attack could not flow. Our eyes cannot be deceived and the numbers don’t lie. We scored the fewest with him on the pitch.

      I mean do u think Scaloni will stand if he plays as a left midfielder and all he does is just gave back pass/side pass all the time?

      Lemme copy and paste from my stats:

      The best:

      1. Paredes 438 minutes/9 goals.
A Goal every 48.67 min without him 102 mins and 1 goal. A goal every 102 min (+53.33)

      2. Messi 678 minutes/18 goals 37.67 without him 132 and 2 goals 66.0 (+28.33)

      3. Molina 715 minutes/19 goals 37.63 without him 95 and 2 goals 47.5 (+9.87)

      4. N Gonzales 291 minutes/8 goals 36.38 without him 340 and 8 goals 42.5 (+6.12)

      The Worst impact on and off the pitch:

      1. Montiel 263 minutes/4 goals 61.3 without him 97 and 3 goals 32.33 (-28.97)

      2. MacAllister 284 minutes/6 goals 47.33 without 166 and 9 goals 18.44 (-28.89)

      3. Guido 356 minutes/6 goals 59.33 without 274 and 7 goals 39.14 (-20.19)

      MacAllister had the worst impact off the pitch as in any 5 games he played, we scored 9 goals in 166 minutes he was off.

      I know Scaloni does not use this stats but these numbers and his shitty performance match 100%.

      • Btw I will update this stats in every match we play starting from the friendly and all the WC games.

        Note: Trolls, stay away. I am NOT reading your posts at all anyway but just don’t be a toxic to real fans who like good stuff, thank u.

    • What I told this in that comment..Did you read the first part .? I told you .my pick is Enzo.
      But if it’s from Papu, Palacios and MacAllister I will go for Papu and MacAllister depends upon opposition.

  8. As cox4 said the vehicle has lost his 4th gear and we are trying to replace it with reverse gear or otherwise we have to go in that 3rd gear. The total momentum looks missing. Sorry I have put more hopes on lo celso and it’s just biting me.

    • Barcelona is a global football giant and is just matter of time to return back to biggest level.
      this is the destiny of this kind of clubs. clubs make circles. tittles will come again and again.
      this is football.

    • All strong teams in La-liga last two seasons are going through very bad run of form which is why Madrid won last year as Barca was in a complete mess, Atletico decline was at its midway stage. As Messi said , Madrid won the champions league due to pure luck. This year their luck as run out and other big teams like Athletico and Sevilla have reached their peak of poor form which is why Barcelona is able to challenge for the title. However after the world cup Laliga will be completely different as the focus will be back to club matches and Madrid will have the last laugh. Too many good teams are participating in Europa league and Barcelona will try to win it and could end up with empty hands.

  9. Was thinking in my head about running-up our midfield of De Paul, Paredes and Enzo vs other teams and feel like we do hold an edge over most teams incl. Brazil, Spain (Rodri is awesome but the others are vastly over-rated imho), France (inexperienced and may not be able to hold the ball long enough), Belgium (barring De Bruyne and to a lesser extent Hazard), England (hoof the ball up the field kind of football – gtfoh) but think Portugal and Germany has got excellent midfield that can give a good run. Other than that, I think ours is superior…What do you guys think?

  10. Did you guys watch the game? He’s so reckless and was way too late with his tackle that could have seriously harmed the opponent. This guy is not cut out for elite football in Europe…I rather take Foyth and shut the right side down and beef-up the midfield.

  11. Actually this is the perfect way to earn the World Cup spot to counter FIFA greed of allowing the World Cup in November in Qatar. The players should use all the tricks to be healthy in time. What Montiel did was great (no sarcasm here).

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