Official: Gio Lo Celso misses 2022 World Cup for Argentina


Gio Lo Celso will miss the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with the Argentina national team.

Lo Celso will not be going to the 2022 World Cup. Several reports out of Argentina are stating that Villarreal have communicated that Lo Celso will not be at the World Cup as he requires surgery.


  1. Gentlemen, you cannot spend too much crying about this injury. Does it suck? Sure but there is an objective in front of us and that is to win the tournament. One game or another, we were going to miss him, if it was through suspension or injury but it has happened prior to the tournament. Therefore, Scaloni has a plan to combat this issue.

  2. Try papu in lo celso place just suicidal attempt..
    He may play sudi Arabia game but against hard team impossible.. So scaloni should try macalester / palacios / Enzo from sudi game even from uae game to build up midfield chemistry..

    • Enzo should start in friendly, otherwise it’s going to be tough for him to start in the WC. Anyway he will have good match time in WC for sure.

  3. oh no that is really bad for us. I really don’t know who will replace GLC…

    He did so much for the Team everytime he played it was not all on Messis shoulders. I believe Messi and ADM are really gonna miss him.

    And please now stop saying Papu is a replacement. I know he played that role against very weak teams. No problem but not in WC Papu is a winger or #10 not a CM…
    I certainly don’t know how we replace Gio.

  4. Tomorrow is the last match of La Liga. So Montiel, Acuna, Papu, Guido, De Paul, Molina, Pezzella, and Rulli should join the squad soon.

    Advantage for Papu as he will be training with the squad longer than the serie A, EPL, Bundesliga teams.

  5. well that is big blow for us. the issue is there is not exist time. Scaloni should find chemistry and new balance with the new part of engine replacement .not easy task 2 weeks before world cup beginning. well that is life in football. we should adopt to the new conditions.
    i trust Scaloni and our staff. i am sure they will do the best they can.
    i guess very soon (friendly with UAE ) we will find out who will replace Lo celso in our starting line up.

    • My friend do not be surprised if you see Nico or Palacios as a replacement for LoCelso. People forget what an excellent player Palacios is when he is in form. A few years ago they were even talking about him starting over Lo Celso.

      • my friend i am not surprised with anything. i am just very very thinkingful.
        whoever enter in his place need to find his footsteps and his balance in the midfield with the others very fast. midfield is the most crucial space in pitch and it is far from easy to cover holes there.
        i know you know well enough football my friend to remember that you can cover far easyer one miss in defence or attack lines than midfield.
        we take a big blow in the worse line. this is my big concern. now who will play for me is irrelevant. how the team will work with the new part is my concern. just anyhow i trust Scaloni and our staff.

        • The good news is that our qualifying is not super difficult in the beginning. 2 games to try, I would try Enzo and Palacios in each half, and Nico also because they started with Nico instead of Acuna for some games. I think they will be ok. I think Enzo will be the star of the WC. Ever since Gallardo work with him, he has grown so much. What happened to Girotti that Gallardo got rid of him. Also Cristian Ferreira?

          • Girotti take some chances from Gallardo and spoiled all of them. so he stopped believe on him. Ferreira send on loan again on July. he didn t convince Marcelo too. he will stay in Newells till end of 2023 and they have the option to buy him after. personally i see him so little playing in River and from little i see him i wasn t impresed either.

    • Que angustia, un jugador con muchas asistencias para la seleccion y uno de los mejores socios de la pulga, creo que tiene el mayor numero de pases a Leo

    • In all 5 MacAllister games with Argentina, Argentina player horrible. Even against the weak Estonia we looked much better when he was off the pitch. The fact that him and Montiel have the lowest offensive rating when playing on the pitch is not a coincidence.

      Scaloni already tried MacAllister TWICE AS A LEFT MIDFIELDER against Ecuador and Venezuela at home and the result was not successful. If it was a success why then Scaloni did not keep playing him there in next matches? Very easy answer right?

      Then he was tried as a DM against Estonia who rarely did anything against us. He was okayish of course. Then finally as De Paul replacement against Jamaica. He did even worse.

      So what? Scaloni tried all the way again from point 0? Trying him against as a left midfielder in the World Cup after 2 abysmal performances against Venezuela and Ecuador? I don’t think so. He is not moron. I am convinced even the likes of Cuti Romero and Licha Martinez would do a better job as a left midfielder.

      • Horrible for you. Not successful in what sense..? He was not bad in any matches as you said. I am keep on asking you one thing, when he’s off , the incoming was Messi and DiMaria..they scored, assisted…is it the mistake of Allister..?
        Give him time with Messi, DiMaria/Nico and Lautaro. He never played this front three. We will discuss after that.

  6. We need someone who is efficient in attack and pretty good defensively to replace Lo Celso. The ones who check all the list is:
    1. Papu. The best offensively out of all the midfield candidates (not counting Nico Gonzales); NEVER played bad for Argentina. Knowledge of the team also very high. Not the best defensively but not Riquelme level defensively. Definitely far from a liability in defense.

    2. Palacios. Was tried as a left midfielder and was doing good. The problem is Scaloni did not continue using him as a left midfielder for a long time. He has great 1-2 passing and just as good as Lo Celso defensively.

    3. Nico Gonzales: Will change the system to 4-2-3-1 instead of 4-3-3 with his inclusion which worked out good in the past as we looked dangerous from both flanks.

    4. Enzo Fernandez: Never tried as left midfielder for the seleccion but he’s got everything that it takes to be a great midfielder, being a DM only is too good for him. I believe he can succeed in Lo Celso’s position.

    5. Acuna: Was playing Lo Celso’s position quite a lot of times and it worked pretty well. Anytime Lo Celso had an off game in the past, Acuna, Nico Gonzales, or Palacios successfully replaced him.

    The one that I don’t count is MacAllister. Sorry he is just not the guy for the left midfielder. He can only be useful in double DM formation if we play 4-2-3-1 or as a “filler” when we need to defend the lead. That’s all. Unfortunately for him, for double DM, we have plenty of options starting from Paredes-De Paul and a bunch of back ups like Guido and Enzo.

    But my prediction is Scaloni will give MacAllister a chance only to realize he is not the one for the left (or right) midfielder. I just hope Scaloni won’t experiment in the World Cup. Use the team he already knows. So the first 5 options only. If wanna try something new then Enzo. He gets what it takes.

    • I understand your view on Palacios and Allister. That will never change.

      Palacios never played a full minutes this season..just back from injury, so the chance is very less him to start.
      And you know one important thing.. Palacios just started just 6 matches for Scaloni…out of 20 matches he played.

      Also, as per your own stat he’s the worst player defensively out of the all available midfielders options. Just check Goals against with and without him. ( I don’t believe in these types of stats though…you are the one using this stat)

    • Papu best offensively ? Are you sure..? I am sure..but you..?
      Your statement is wrong as per your own stat..! Your own With him and without him stat, ..he improve just 6% offensively. Defensively 41% more chance to concede with him than without..! Your stat are to believed or not..?

      • @Insider what is your view on McAllister replacing LoCelso in 4-3-3 formation? Are you optimistic that he will succeed?

        I agree with principe that the worst thing Scaloni can do now is keep experimenting on McAllister for the LCM position. He tried it in the past and it didn’t work.

        The critical part is to use the available few days feel left until the knock out stage to build chemistry with players who have shown real evidence/promise that they will work out.

        • I would vote for Enzo for the third midfielder role…but it seems WC is too early for him.

          Keep experimenting Allister? How many match he started there..? Just one..! 5 matches Allister Started, all in different positions. Let him play with our best players(he never played together with all of our top3 forwards) and then we will understand. I am optimistic he will succeed. That’s what I am telling from starting. Give him time.
          Allister is a type of a player he needs time to adapt with a team. Enzo seems opposite.

  7. In some matches play papu because he is a better player than other matches move DePaul to the left and play Enzo or Palacios on the right so we can be fluid in the 4-3-3 and the 4-4-2 I think that is the best choice.

  8. It’s a huge loss….. However we have to move forward….. My pick for his replacement is palacios(if fully fit) or McAllister. Benfica looks same with or without enzo… So we actually don’t know what we are going to get from him. Hopefully he can be the finding of the WC.
    Why to play 3 midfielders?
    Why not 4-4-2? Nico g and di Maria on the wings.
    I just don’t know…. This lo celso guy is irreplaceable for us.
    I have been supporting Argentina since 2000 but never have seen a midfielder like lo celso in the nt.

  9. So current best midfield trio around the world is broken( many Pandits think they are scolonis vital weapons for qatar!) .Best Argentine creative midfielder since 2002 is going to miss world cup.very unlucky.. This is life, you have to take it.
    I’m very disappointed but needs to move on..
    I have also high hope on Macalester, palcios, enzo(i don’t believe papu)..hope someone take the responsibility, make us happy.. Good luck Gio

    • Well, it’s a minor blow to the plans and during the tournament, we expect these things happening. But I think it’s a blessing in disguise as we can have Enzo (his passing range is similar to Lo Celso) with a bit of defensive bent and it’s quite good for a tournament. Palacios will be in to close out matches and maintain the tempo. We just need a player who can carry the ball upfield comfortably and I don’t think there’s anyone like Lo Celso currently in our setup. We simply are being a bit emotional in thinking Papu can last 90mins and even his output of late has really gone down since his move to Sevilla…I rather see a surprise there but considering Scaloni sticks to guys like Armani, can’t hope for it.

      The WC is here and we ain’t got no time to bemoan any losses. Don’t think there won’t be too many changes other than the same players playing diff. formations.

  10. Now waiting for another study…Dybala can go or not. If Dybala IN, one of Correa vs Foyth will be cut.
    If Dybala can’t make, Correa will be IN and for the last spot may have another look Foyth vs a new player..!

    • Dybala is a luxury at this point. Not too concerned but definitely would want Foyth around if he can bring his good form from villareal into the NT and stop those fvkups. He’s a utility player for the right-back and the center-back roles…Better him than Montiel as you could see him struggling even in La Liga that’s at a low level this year. The guy don’t know how to defend and his antics after committing a stupid career ending tackle kept yapping as if he did no wrong. He need to stay away from the roster but we know Scaloni as he might as well put him in the starting 11 for his service in the copa final.

    • Enzo is not a like for like replacement for Lo Celso so to play Enzo would require tactical adjustments and might affect who else is going to play on the field.

      • Argentina didnt build around locelso. A system should not be a static one anyways you have to tweak something in wc as master tacticians of europe already may have prepared a blue print how to stop Argentina. So some changes in tactics is good.

        • I believe Enzo can perform almost similar like LoCelso in this system. But don’t expect he will be a direct replacement. He will have to earn that in the WC. He’s capable of that.

          • Di Maria on the right, Messi in the middle, if that remains then I don’t know if Enzo would succeed in Lo Celso role.

            Argentina is not built around Lo Celso but without him things are more unpredictable because it affects Di Maria, Messi and the overall shape.

  11. This is a huge blow for us , especially to our team chemistry! The most creative player in our midfield is gone . All this time we have been criticizing Lo-Celso for missing numerous chances but never paid attention to how easily he would get into those goal scoring positions similar to Messi. Now, Papu will have to take over his role now. His old legs might not be able to keep up for 90mins but both Papu and Enzo will have to fill in his role. Lo-Celso was easily our 3rd most creative player after Messi and Dimaria and non of the midfielders are fully equipped to fill that void. Nico, Acuna both can play on the left wing but they are more like wingers and not CM and won’t be covering the midfield area. MacAllister is only useful if we are defending a lead and Palaicios can maintain the pressing and defending but he is nowhere as creative as Lo-Celso. I was really hopeful he would be fit before the end of the group stages and atleast feature one match before the knockouts but it was only wishful thinking. The one player we didn’t have a proper replacement have managed to injure himself by rushing himself back for subordinate club matches!! Scaloni and Co have a huge task on their hand to quickly fill the huge void left by him. SMH

      • He has already played 2 matches for Leverkusen. He is fully fit now, however with his glass body he won’t be able to play all 7 matches and you never know when he will injure himself again. But Palacios isn’t just as creative. He is very good in maintaining the high press and moving the ball forward but when it comes to creating chances from deep , he hasn’t done much both for club and the national team.

  12. Sad but we knew it already. LoCelso didn’t play a single minute in the last WC..and see now he missed …very sad for him.

    I really hope Enzo gets deserving match time in the WC.

    Same time I don’t understand why almost everyone hate Mac Allister. So many comments against his inclusion..! But Scaloni and other coaches he played for prefers him always. From the fan point of view he’s a normal player. But tactically he’s a good player.

    Just read this, his last match player ratings.

    “Alexis Mac Allister – 8

    The Argentine is an absolute workhorse. He does so much of the game so well. Pressing, distribution, shooting, defending, you name it. Another very good and battling display.”

    “Alexis Mac Allister – 9/10
    Impressive performance. Sets the tempo for Albion. Ball retention is second to none. Superb range of passing. Has the ability to go under the radar for how subtle his brilliance is. Links everything up in that anchor role. Constantly scanning the pitch for his next pass and knows exactly what he’s going to do when he gets the ball. Went close with a couple of freekicks. 9/10”

    Every sites will have their opinion. But don’t expect a below average player will get ratings like this.
    Many here say he is below average and should never play for Argentina. I still don’t understand why.

    • I think what’s happening here is that some players tend to play way better for the NT than their club. This even happened to Lautaro at some point, he was not scoring for Inter but did amazing for us. Lo Celso too was at times inefficient for his clubs but then was really impressive for us. With Mac Allister it seems to be the opposite, although Scaloni might see some things in training that he potentially brings.

      • He started 5 matches for Argentina all in different positions..! And he never played together with all of our top3 forwards (Messi, Lautaro and Nico/Di Maria). So, you can’t conclude it so fast.

  13. Yikes this hurts. A key player in our midfield. With paredes playing below par, I wonder how scaloni will line up. I know people say RDP is out of form but I think he will be fine with the Argentina jersey.

    The midfield is a little worrying. I only really see RDP as a def starter in midfield and Paredes depending on health.

    Enzo – love his play but again only played an hour total with team? I would def have him start in our friendly.

    Mac – I think he will do fine defensively. He seems to be a little shy of getting the ball but with Brighton he doesn’t so hopefully he builds confidence.

    Papu – could start first match as we shouldn’t need too much help defensively. Other than that, not sure if he should start

    Palacios – haven’t really followed him so can’t say

    Guido – always been reliable but again good for teams that attack. Nothing shines from an attacking standpoint.

    Let’s just hope Scaloni can figure it out and win the trophy !

  14. Tactical-wise the problem with Enzo/Macallister/Palacios that they dont give width. Maybe could work with De Paul playing on the left to be at least some wing play and the other on right (Huge change). Or double six De Paul remain on the right but then Di Maria should play on the left again. I see only worse options than with GLC.

    • These are all parts of the puzzle where pieces depend on each other.

      I.e. when Di Maria plays on the right, we need width and decoy on the right wing, hence Molina, but the left wing and centre-left was covered by Lo Celso. If Nico Gonzalez was fit then a 4-2-3-1 with Nico on the left, Messi in the middle and Di Maria on the right.

      Personally, I would hate to see Di Maria on the left again because he tends to be super ineffective there whereas on the right drifting to the middle, his output is way more useful.

    • I can say Paredes could become vital in our progression. His passing range is up there. Only thing he has to make is to concentrate fully in this whole tournament. If it is his day he can do the whole work that casemiro and paqueta put together.

    • De Paul hasn’t been as consistently as creative and dynamic as GLC but he has the spark in him. If RDP moves moves to LCM and Enzo to RCM where he’s used to playing, ADM can stay put on the right. I’m not very positive about this because RDP has been fantastic on the right flank and covering for Messi.

  15. Its so sad and painful to hear this news. My favourite player. It’s such a cruel faith for him. He tried his best to recover but the injury is just worse than expected. I was really sure that lo celso can shut all the critics who made harsh comments against him for his club performances. This could have been his career changing tournament. With all those experience and chemistry he is one of our vital player. And we just lost a gem. God just not allowed him. I wish he can learn from here and build a great career.

    • As enganChe said it was lo celso who made the whole left side alive when de Paul Messi di maria lautaro dominated the right side. If scaloni has plan B that is good. But I don’t think any of Enzo or papu or macallister can play that hybrid role. We have to go for that typical 4 3 3 with di Maria or nico in the left.

  16. So its palacious… I hope scaloni may also consider buendia as he also good in press… He will give good 20-30 mints from bench….

  17. The problem Alexis Macallister will play there in important matches. Papu is not enough defensively. Palacios is not fully fit and a big risk, only a supersub material. Enzo has never played in LCM, only in RCM, and Alexis seems a more balanced option, he started his career as an attacking midfielder in Argentinos, better defensively, and finds the spaces better in an advanced position than Enzo. Scaloni will prefers him. Macallister should play really shit to not play imo.

    • I have not yet seen Mac Allister have an outstanding game in Argentina shirt, maybe he does it better for Brighton, I don’t know.

      I guess the friendly vs UAE and the training camp will show whether it’s going to be Papu, Palacios, Enzo or Mac Allister in Lo Celso’s role. I can see Papu doing well vs Saudi Arabia and possibly part of the Mexico game but vs Poland we’d need more physicality and athleticism in the middle of the park.

    • I hope McAllister can fill the void but how optimistic are you given that he isn’t playing in that position now a days and he was not convincing in that role with Argentina in the few occasions he featured?

  18. Wish him a speedy recovery. He is only 26 years old and can pursue his WC dream in 2026.

    As I’ve said many times, GLC is a very stubborn player who didn’t take good care of himself in a WC year. If there was no injury, I would still worry about his form and potential injury during WC. I trust Enzo who’s been red hot this year.

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