Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments on 2022 World Cup, injuries


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on the 2022 World Cup and the injuries.

Lionel Scaloni is in Doha, Qatar for the World Cup as the players will begin to arrive on the weekend. Speaking in an interview with TNT Sports Argentina, Scaloni was asked about the opening game at the World Cup on November 22 vs. Saudi Arabia. Here is what he had to say:

“It’s an emotional game, different for those that have played a World Cup and those that haven’t. The positive result can change you.

“In the end, we all want the same thing which is that it goes well for us. We will all try our maximum and still more for it to go well.

“We need that the entire country feels identified. We fight for that when the national team comes out, everyone has the shirt on.”

Scaloni also spoke about the injuries to the team:

“We need players that are well come November 22. We are thinking about the most important game which is the one on November 22. You can’t go onto the pitch thinking that if you lose, everything is bad. That they enjoy playing with this shirt.”

In regards to the injuries:

“There will be difficult decisions. We are going to do what’s best for the team. The balance and calmness are most important. We emphasized that the previous team was successful.

“There can be a nuance that can be risked. And we will define them on those days.”

About the Copa America:

“When we won the Copa America, I was not in a good moment, family wise. There, football comes second.”


  1. Lo celso is irreplaceable, Gomez or J CORREA can pick up the same role .

    perhaps we can try J correa in friendly ,I think he can be fit for winger ,striker,or a weak number 10

    • we can try
      1, A correa(R) ,Guido ,DE Paul(L)
      2, DE paul(R), Guido, J correa(L)
      3, DE Paul (R), Paredes, Gomez(L)
      4,DE Paul (R),Paredes,Enzo(L)
      5,DE paul(R), Guido,Alvarez(L)

  2. Lo celso is irreplaceable but I want everyone to stay calm and don’t make things complicate….In place of lo celso I can see Enzo to start and papu to come as a substitute…Enzo is a fast learner I’m sure he will make a good chemistry with the team….Scaloni can try these formation 4-3-1-2

    Molina. Romero. Ota. Acuna

    DePaul. Guido. Enzo


    Di Maria. Eltoro

  3. There’s no one that fits Lo Celeo’s profile for Scaloni to integrate. If there were any, that player would be playing for a top team.

  4. If Scaloni gave some minutes or tried to develop Lamela Buendia or some other domestic talents as a creative backup it is now easy for him to replace Locelso now.Enzo and macallister not much experienced players unfortunately

  5. Scaloni always tried to get modern day midfielders. He doesn’t looks creative player. That’s y arg. depends more on locelso. He is a complete creative player. So scaloni never tried to develop another creative player as a backup. I wrote hr several times the missing of
    locelso’s backup..

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