Jorge Sampaoli excludes Argentine World Cup players from Sevilla’s last league game


Jorge Sampaoli has excluded all the Argentine players who will take part in the World Cup from their last league game.

Sampaoli has excluded Marcos Acuña and Papu Gómez from the team for their game vs. Real Sociedad. Gonzalo Montiel is suspended for three games and Erik Lamela is the only Argentine who is part of the team.

Marcos Acuña, Papu Gómez and Gonzalo Montiel are all part of Argentina’s preliminary team for the 2022 World Cup.


  1. Thank GOD, we have Scaloni now, he earned my respect and my trust!
    But as for Sampaoli, i agree with Dfox from day one! Yes, he blew it big time, he got insane by changing line ups in every match, but he got a team in a huge mess, with no time to work with and tide the mess up! But still, although he knew that from the beginning, he rejected the big money and fancy name he built with Sevilla and ran to serve his country while other so called Argentine fancy managers chose to keep on getting the big prize and talking from distance instead!
    Some of the few things that i have learned in my life and trying to do so is to give credit where is due. I respect Sampaoli for all the above and give him the credit which personally i believe he fairly deserves and i agree that once again he prooves his love, commitment and loyalty to our beloved team while Simeone on the other hand is busy to promote undeservedly Joao Felix’s name in the big stage!

  2. Will Simeone do the same thing? I don’t think so. If he excludes De Paul, Molina, or Correa it will be because he doesn’t trust them that much not because he loves Argentina that much.

    Anyway Sampaoli, thank u. Kudos to u, U have such a big heart. People mocked u in Argentina. The players did not respect u but you still love Argentina that much. If Papu will have a great World Cup, thanks to that man. Sampaoli.

  3. Sampaoli had almost no time to work. Tried to fit his tactical perference to the wrong players, which was difficult given the time he was given. Then the players rebelled at the world cup. He took some gambles and they didn’t pay off. It happens. Still a class manager when given time to work.

  4. Most of Argentina fans are very harsh on Sampa because of the 2018 WC, but they don’t realize that Pekerman done more damage than Sampa did to Argentina. Yes, many Argentine greats graduated from Pekerman’s academy and he won trophies with the youth teams, but with one bad substitution he ruined all that good legacy. Before the start of 2018 WC we knew that it’s difficult that our team win the WC, coz that wasn’t the best team Argentina ever had, but the 2006 team deserved to win the trophy, but, unfortunately, Pekerman stood between the trophy and that team.

  5. I still feel if he was given 4 years time with a young squad to work with we could have been the most feared national team after that Spanish golden generation. Scaloni also doing good job bt remember if there was no Sampaoli there will be no scaloni he learnt many things from Sampaoli as the assistant coach of him

  6. I always say what I always said when Sam’s Name is mentioned HERE:
    He was the ONLY coach that came to his Country’s HELP when they came calling while other BIG names chose to talk from a distance……..a whole lot less money OR NOne and 1000times more pressure…. Respect is due

        • Jose perkerman did worst things than sampoali
          Perkerman had well oil machine Argentina team certain to win world cup but him a lone bottled and f…ked up leave young messi on the bench, replaced riquelme by cambiasso, while sampoali took over disarray arg team almost was certain to miss the world Cup Add to that he left well paid and stable seville team to go broken Argentina bcz love of his country couldn’t even pay full of his wages add to that aswell we won’t have scaloni today without sampoali.

  7. Nico Gonzalez situation:

    “The forward of the Argentine national team Nicolás González was not summoned to his team, Fiorentina, that will play tomorrow against Salernitana for the Italian Serie A and would only play one game before joining Lionel Scaloni’s squad.

    The former Argentinos Juniors was injured on October 22 and although he already trained alongside his teammates in practice on Monday, today he was not summoned by coach Vincenzo Italiano.

    It will be the fifth game that “Nico” González will miss due to the muscle injury he suffered in the 7th minute of the first half of the match against Inter on date 11.

    Tomorrow, for matchday 14, the “Viola” team will host Salernitana and on Sunday they will visit Milan, the last champion, in the match prior to the World Cup break”.

    Italian sources are speculating that Nico Gonzalez himself is being extremely cautious to return too early which infuriates some Fiorentina fans. All he thinks about is the World Cup.

    • I think Nico is smarter here than Di Maria. 2 more matches to go, why not rest completely until the very last game on Sunday and play 15-20 mins. That way the chance of him injured is very slim.

      Di Maria returns a week too early. He should do what Nico, Paredes, or Cuti do: being fit only in the World Cup.

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