Juventus coach Allegri confirms Leandro Paredes is back from injury


Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has confirmed that Leandro Paredes is back.

Leandro Paredes returns after having suffered a muscle injury. Paredes missed the last two league and two Champions League games for Juventus.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will have one of his undisputed starters back and fit for the 2022 World Cup.


  1. Good news. But im still not hearing any news of nico Gonzalez injury report yet im hearing he is 100% sure to go to wc. If he is fit why is he not training with florentina?? Why not playing for florentina?? If not fit why scaloni is so confident about him??

  2. Sampaoli apparently deliberately excluded Papu and Acuña from the game vs Real Sociedad so that they (including Montiel who is suspended) can concentrate on the World Cup preparations.
    His appointment to Sevilla has been good to us.

    • Sampaoli is not a good coach for us, but no one can doubt his commitment and love for Argentina. Back then there were him, Simeone, and Pochettino who looked like Argentine world class managers. The later 2 always rejected the chance to coach us with the reason of “maybe in the future, but not now”.

      Sampa was the only one who was willing to sacrifice his coaching career when he was on the top just to coach us. He failed miserably in 2018c but we can tell easily how much he loves Argentina.

      He intentionally set it up this way. He knows 3 days ago Sevilla was playing and will play again tonight. He played all the Argentines 3 days ago and will rest them tonight. If he was not Argentine, he would never do that. Kudos to Sampaoli.

      • 100% echo the sentiment! I think he’s still a good coach but got carried away b/c of the occasion. Truly a great character, definitely better than Simeone and Pochettino regardless.

  3. Hopefully some good news about those other three players that yet have to resume play (Dybala, Nico and Foyth).

    Meanwhile, Senegal will miss its best player Sadio Mané in the WC. Sad news.

        • What are you talking about? It was hit from quite far away. Defenders block shots like that with their heads all the time. He could have moved his head if he was scared for his life. Instead he used his hands because he knew that would block the goal. He knew exactly what he was doing.

      • @Mitthrawnuruodo
        You judge a player on 1 action?
        Do your homework.
        Mané is one of the most generous sports players on the planet. He does not care about race cars or expensive watches etc. He donates 75% of his salary to charities and start-ups in his native Senegal to help the population. You won’t someone so generous in the Argentine selection.

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