Exequiel Palacios going to the 2022 World Cup with Argentina


Exequiel Palacios is going to the 2022 World Cup with Argentina.

Palacios will indeed be joining the Argentina national team. According to Martin Arevalo, Palacios is going to the World Cup.

The 24 year old played his first game for the Argentina national team in Lionel Scaloni’s first game in charge of the national team. Palacios had an assist in a 3-0 win vs. Guatemala and won the 2021 Copa America and Finalissima with the Argentina national team.


  1. It seems like one of Correas will be selected if Dybala is selected and both will be selected if Dybala can’t make it.

    So, why is Scaloni not deciding which Correa will go regardless of Dybala’s situation? One will go anyways, right?

    I think the choice between Correas depends on Dybala’s availability in the team. If so, why is that?

    Another fact is that we all thought Joaquin is secured until yesterday. So, as much as Scaloni loves Joaquin, he is as concerned as us about his finishing capacity.

    My hypothesis is that if Dybala goes, then Joaquin will go. Because, it gives Scaloni more room to maneuver with Joaquin’s strengths (for which Scaloni likes him) while overlooking his finishing capacity.

    If Dybala doesn’t go, Scaloni can’t gamble with Joaquin who is very poor at finishing.

    As I said, it’s just my hypothesis not a prophecy. What do you think?

  2. There is a Rumor that grancho, simione, almada,lo celso still have a chance..i know lo celso already operate his muscle..so no chance
    What you know guys?

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