Paulo Dybala included, Argentina 2022 World Cup list to be announced today


Paulo Dybala is set to be included as the Argentina list for the 2022 World Cup will be announced today, on Friday.

Dybala will make the 2022 World Cup team for Argentina as Lionel Scaloni is set to announce his list for the 2022 World Cup today. Multiple reports out of Argentina are stating that Lionel Scaloni has his list set with one of Joaquín Correa and Ángel Correa making the list.


  1. 99.99% of the list is already known and there won’t be any surprises. Maybe the worst surprise any Argentina fan encountered in the past 20 years was the exclusion of El Capitano Zanetti from the 2006 WC. I still remember that day when I opened and saw the list without Javier. It was a big shock. That site was a good source for Argentina soccer back in the day.

  2. Louis van Gaal: “We stand a big chance to win the World Cup. There are not a lot of managers who dare to say this, but I’m here to tell you this.”
    This Netherlands side can be our toughest match in quarter

  3. Camavinga: “The brazilian players of the club telling us every day they are World Cup winners, because they will win the tournament. One of them already called the tattoo artist to draw the World Cup trophy in December. We are just make fun of them.”

  4. The pieces are falling in place, the team looking good and I hope Messi doesn’t play Sunday.
    With all honesty, all coaches for all clubs should rest ALL the players playing in the WC from all nations…….its no secret injuries have been a MAJOR issue for all players!

  5. Dybala is close to being fully fit and will play on Sunday against Torino! His inclusion will not only strength our bench but it will also give us a player with that x-factor spark who can create and score out of no where which means he will draw multiple defenders towards him, making space for others.

    With Lo-Celso out of the world cup there is no way Scaloni will drop another player who has been with the team for over 4 years now. If he does then it will be a shocker!! Palacios role in the team is different. Unlike Macallister , Palacios doesn’t just doesn’t bring only blunt defensive aspect off of the bench, he is fully equipped to maintain the high press and moving ball forwards with great precision due to his team chemistry with other players. Had Lo-celso been picked it would be between Enzo and Macallister but with Locelso out I am rooting for Enzo to start for us. He plays in the similar LCM position for Benfica and can both provide assist and score and maintain the pressing and most importantly he is in sublime form and his confidence is sky high. Papu’s old legs will be better off against tired opposition in the second half. If we need a goal Papu can sub for Enzo if we need to defend a lead then we have army of defensive mids on the bench.

    Molina hasn’t been making errors like Montiel to concede goals but he hasn’t been performing like his Udinese days , may be he will settle by next season in Atletico. His pace allows him to catch up with the opposition wingers but he hasn’t been able to get his tackles correct and his crosses hasn’t been accurate. Montiel has been making a lot of errors which has lead to goals and his offensive game is just average , not as blunt as Foyth going forward but Molina tends to get booked a lot and Foyth won’t be able to filling the natural RB role especially when attacking but when it comes to defending a lead Foyth is the best on the Right flank for us and which is why Scaloni might bring him along.

    I have a feeling that A.Correa will be the unfortunate one to be left out.

    • It was reported by Gaston Edul…almost 100 times…last spot in midfield was between Enzo and Palacios. Palacios got lucky that LoCelso is injured. Otherwise Enzo would have been IN and Palacios would have been OUT.

  6. I would opt for Garnacho as back up of Nico, instead of Joaquin. I like Joaquin Correa bit, Garnacho will be more impactful given the chance.
    However, whoever is selected for us, we will support…

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