Exequiel Palacios assist for Bayer Leverkusen in 2-0 win vs. Stuttgart


Exequiel Palacios had an assist for Bayer Leverkusen in their 2-0 win vs. Stuttgart.

Palacios started the game for Bayer Leverkusen and did not disappoint. The 24 year old had an assist for the first goal of the game as he repaid Xabi Alonso’s faith in starting him.

The Argentine was the Bayer Leverkusen with the most recoveries with 10 of them. According to Dataref_Ar, he also had the most duels won with seven and most interceptions with six.

The Argentine is part of the Argentina national team for the 2022 World Cup as he was called up by coach Lionel Scaloni to the team.


  1. it is interesting the fact that on 30 November before we start our game against Poland we will know the results of D group and the final standings. so it means if France will end 1st or 2nd or …out we will know it before our last game.

      • i am not saying my personal desire to lose. i am saying that it will be interesting this fact.
        Besides i am sure that if France end up 2nd in their group the Polish will want to lose from us much more than us lose from them lol

    • Really….that sounds very intresting and also good to my ears, my friend ! But, i’m not talking about loosing against no one rather i expect things go bit harder at the Group D, like some surprises and draws too, but i won’t go any further than that with my thinking

        • Really, so u mean Diego left on the 25th of November ( that this also day i was once born) 2 year’s allready it just does not feel like that…i don’t know why…my ant( my father’ s sister was borned at 22th november and also died at the very same date, allready some year’s ago…she was also fan of Arg as she wanted to rebel against Germany as now only her younger brother my uncle (who is married to an Argentine Lady) is Still a life from those days i used to watch Diego and Arg with all of my family, maybe i should call them and go visit with kids and watch a game together, though i have no idea what time the game’s are starting in Europe…

          • yes 25 November 2020. our game times is 7 morning against Saudi Arabia and 16.00 against Mexico and Poland.
            in Argentine time. i don t know time in Finland but anyhow it will be far better for you than us.

        • Thanx so much once again my friend as 7 and 16 maybe not that bad hopefully for those watching from Argentina, for the Numbers as 7 reminds me of Burru and 16 as Julio Olarticoechea, though he was from Boca or at least played for them, lol !

    • OMG ! 10 days only as how quick can time fly, just watched some memorable things from Arg ! I truly hope again this time again Arg will win, but if not so 2026 will do the same wish as allways before again ! TaKe care my friend and i wish with my kids to u and for your country all the best !

  2. In 2016,
    I dreamt that Santiago Ascasibar and Emmanuel Mammana will be our Star players in 2022 world cup.
    I rooted , they are going to be Best DM, Best CB in the world..
    But the fate , they both are too much injury prone… almost they are out of professional football. Atleast Ascasibar still roaming around Europe..

  3. If we remember Palacios, was always a key prefered player for Scaloni, Due to somany injuries he had to go back the pecking order. Hopefully these guys can stay fit for 7 matches.

  4. The Numbers

    1) Franco Armani
    2) Juan Foyth
    3) Tagliafico
    4) Montiel
    5) Paredes
    6) Pezzella
    7) De Paul
    8) Acuna
    9) Alvarez
    10) Messi
    11) Di Maria
    12) Rulli
    13) Romero
    14) Palacios
    15) Gonzalez
    16) Correa
    17) Mac Allister
    18) Rodriguez
    19) Otamendi
    20) Enzo
    21) Dybala
    22) Lautaro
    23) Dibu
    24) Papu
    25) Licha
    26) Molina

    • Same hour for me. Don’t know whether to not sleep at all or wake up early or go to sleep really late. Weekday too. Hopefully our Asian posters can give us some advice as this seems to be a regular occurrence for them

      • I’m going to stay up as it’s impossible for me to shut eye at 8pm. It’s better for me to stay awake, sleep few hours after, and suffer the next day :).

        • I regularly do that in india CL match start at 1.30 Am
          This world cup is the perfect time for us at south asia Argentina’s first match at 3 pm otger 2 are at 12:30 A.M

      • Go to sleep you will get automatically wokeup before start… I never missed argentina matches from 2018. If its 2 am or 5 am 7 am . and never put alarm too… Fan inside me always me wakeup before kick off

    • Since matches in Oz are mostly during early morning, Im used to wake early. So if the match is at 12:00 -01:00 AM, you can continue to be awake. Anything after that, I will go to sleep early and keep an alarm to wake me up.
      This is a better approach since then you won’t feel sleepy while watching the match.

    • what time is the game? you confuse me now. the game if i know well is 13.00 Qatar time which means 7 in the morning in Argentina. i know correct? where are you and you have 5 hours different from Argentina?

          • Yes my friend California time zone is completly the most hardest i have ever in my life as just flying from Europe to over there was a quite long flight, but that is not the point my friend as if u will go, Ok depending from where u are flying from, but if u do fly from Europe the jetlag is totally in it’s own category it took me and my friend one week to settle down as every night we woke exactly the same time at 02.00 in the middle of the night and after that we just could not sleep again, but when coming back as flying to Europe as i think we had been there for about 1 month, OMG ! my friend it took me 2 weeks to recover from that jetlag as flying there was allready bad, but coming back was really bad and i can Still remember as i went there exactly about 22 year’s ago and the year after just one week after The New York twin tower hit as arriving was not that bad at the immigrations, but thinking of leaving started not look so good as they were thinking of closing the whole country’s air space as only military flights were allowed and some emergency flights offcourse etc…, but that is long time ago and i would not mind to Re visit their famous red woods once again as there are other places and sites too obviously in nature wise that many too see as most propably would have to visit all the 50+ states as i’m not sure of the exact number or can’t remember it also Alaska and Havaiji would be awesome and Canada too as allways too many places to visit, but before if i will one day fly back to states, Still i will defenetly visit Arg first !

          • Yes, I think it fluctuates between a four hour difference and a five hour difference based on daylight savings time, so as of this month it’s a five hour difference and after March it’s a four hour difference. If you are on the east coast it’s only a two hour difference to Argentina and on other months only a one hour difference.

    • Marcos Acuña has had a pubalgia for a while and the coaching staff knows. There is no risk of anything. For now it is only an aggravation/discomfort. In the worst of cases that will make him alternate (I think maybe that refers to him going to the bench for a game). On Monday he arrives at Abu Dhabi.

  5. Gio Lo Celso: “Hard and sad days for me. Any child dreams of being in the most beautiful tournament in the world”. 💔🇦🇷 vamos Argentina

  6. Gaston Edul on Acuna’s injury:

    Gastón Edul

    6 mins
    Marcos Acuña tiene pubalgia hace tiempo y el cuerpo técnico lo sabe. No corre riesgo de nada. Por momentos se le genera una molestia. En el peor de los casos eso puede llevarlo a alternar. El lunes llega a Abu Dhabi

    Like I said just a pain on his groin. The same way what Emi Martinez always has, but it doesn’t really bother his performance. Well at least I hope so.

    • Thank God. An Acuña loss would be serious, and I don’t know how some people have managed to downplay it. He’s one of the “17 starters”

      • Yup Olive. The original 17 starters of Scaloni in Copa America:
        1. Emi Martinez
        2. Molina
        3. Cuti
        4. Otamendi
        5. Acuna
        6. Paredes
        7. Lo Celso X
        8. De Paul
        9. Lautaro
        10. Messi
        11. Di Maria
        12. Tagliafico
        13. Papu
        14. Guido
        15. Nico Gonzales
        16. Montiel
        17. Pezella

        After a year maybe it is already updated. At least Licha should be there instead of Pezzella.

        For me I prefer Acuna over Tagli. In Copa there were times Acuna looked as lively as the prime Sorin for us.

        • Yes, agreed Licha should be there instead of Pezzella, so let see as said before Scaloni sometimes might change his pecking order more quicker than maybe normally, but at least Licha is there amongst 26 so maybe we see him playing at some stage, perhaps ?

          ” For me I prefer Acuna over Tagli. In Copa there were times Acuna looked as lively as the prime Sorin for us.

          Agreed, also i seen him being easily the best of Sevilla’s starting 11, but maybe more towards last season, though some great crosses and performances every now and then from him with Sevilla, but i think this small thing bothering him, perhaps a bit, but mainly i think Lopetegui and also now Sampa just arrived there too so hopefully after WC Sevilla will get better again etc…now Acuna is a must !

  7. @Anuparno

    “Don’t get too much excited. Its just Stuttgart not bayern or Dortmund or even union Berlin. He looks fit now thats a positive. But no conclusion can be drawn from this match”

    You are saying all of this because of Enzo? Like it or not, Palacios, if fit, will play more than Fernandez. You saw that boy yesterday and you want the coach to treat him like a legend. That’s not how things work. Watch Argentina vs Bolovia in La Paz first.

    • Bolivia in height is tough still Bolivia is the worst team of conmeble for sure. I haven’t seen any consistency from palacios. Only 1-2 game doesn’t make a player great

      • Anuparno, you’ve literally admitted to not watching the beginning of the Scaloni era. You’ve made claims like “Romero is an average passer” which flat out scream in your face that you don’t watch games. If Palacios had played a normal game today you would have said “fuck Palacios” (I quote your exact words from a week ago). If he plays well “It’s only Stuttgart”. There is literally nothing more we could ask from Palacios in his last game to play well, get match fit, and avoid injury, especially with the GLC loss adding weight to his shoulders.

      • Bolivia when away from home is weak, but in La Paz they make everyone pant like a dog. Palacios was the star of that match. He isn’t consistent? lol

        One day one of the members here wrote you something like this: You reply to comments before you even read them.

        This is also true: You judge players before you even watch them lol

        • I have no problem palacios starting as long as he performs well. I don’t have any personal grudge against anyone just i don’t rate him high for me he is not a very high class option. He is not a difference maker

  8. The closest replacement to Lo Celso in terms of creativity, dynamism and defensive contribution. Once upon a time he was Scaloni’s original starter before Lo Celso replaced him.

      • I would be happy if the opposite. Papu starts and Palacios is his main back up. Papu has always been always one of the very first main back ups. I would say he is the 13th man of the team. The 12th (number one main back up) is Tagliafico.

        When the original starter is out, Lo Celso, it is Papu’s chance to replace him being the 13th man.

    • Don’t get too much excited. Its just Stuttgart not bayern or Dortmund or even union Berlin. He looks fit now thats a positive. But no conclusion can be drawn from this match

    • I just see a video analysis where they say Argentine mid was top class with pardes,gio, de paul..oops missing gio a lots…
      I hope palacios play in gio position.. Still i have high hope on him

    • Scaloni should start Papu in Lo-celso’s position but he will most likely rotate him with Enzo Fernandez as Enzo is best equipped to replace Lo-ceslo. He plays in the same position as a LCM for Benfica but a bit deep , he is the most dynamic and complete midfielder in the team along with De-Paul and can create , score , press and defend. Palacios is also great in maintaining the pressing without compromising the defense but Enzo is far better than him in providing chances upfront and also gets in goal scoring positions often. I would prefer Scaloni start Enzo and bring Papu or Palacios in later against tired legs but as I said before Scaloni will most likely start Papu against Saudi and rotate him with Enzo in the group stages but in the knockouts the starting xi will be based on the form and performance of the players in group stage.

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