Argentina list for the 2022 World Cup announced, Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has announced the team for the 2022 World Cup.

Lionel Scaloni made the announcement on Twitter, releasing a video as he named the 26 players which will be at the 2022 World Cup for Argentina. The announcement was set for Monday but was was announced on Friday.

Paulo Dybala makes the team for Argentina and as does Juan Foyth. Both players were struggling with injuries and fitness issues.

Joaquín Correa is in the Argentina team as Ángel Correa does not make the list. It was reported that it was between the two Correa’s and Joaquin was ultimately included.

Franco Armani is presently with the Argentina national team with most of the players arriving on Saturday and Sunday. Argentina play the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday in Abu Dhabi.

Here is the Argentina team for the 2026 World Cup:

Emiliano Dibu Martínez (Aston Villa)
Gerónimo Rulli (Villarreal)
Franco Armani (River Plate)

Nahuel Molina (Atletico Madrid)
Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Cristian Cuti Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
Germán Pezzella (Real Betis)
Nicolás Otamendi (Benfica)
Lisandro Martínez (Manchester United)
Marcos Acuña (Sevilla)
Nicolás Tagliafico (Lyon)
Juan Foyth (Villarreal)

Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Leandro Paredes (Juventus)
Alexis Mac Allister (Brighton)
Guido Rodríguez (Real Betis)
Alejandro Papu Gómez (Sevilla)
Enzo Fernández (Benfica)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)

Ángel Di María (Juventus)
Lautaro Martínez (Inter)
Julián Álvarez (Manchester City)
Nicolás González (Fiorentina)
Joaquín Correa (Inter)
Paulo Dybala (Inter)
Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)


  1. Dibu martinez
    Messi….. My first eleven

    Papu gomes…. My second but if it is all 433 formation.

  2. After reading all of the comments in the last week I see a few people worried about Gonzalez, and about five of those people are Anuparno. As a reminder I’d like to mention that before the Copa America Gonzalez hadn’t played a single minute for almost three months, and while there were some frustrating misses throughout the tournament he did perform his indicated role acceptably. His injury now isn’t ideal but in any case he’s going to go the the WC with much more recent minutes and game opportunities than he did last Copa, and given that his role is a runner, presser, etc maybe fresher legs will be a blessing. Hopefully he gets some minutes for sharpness against Milan and then the friendly against UAE will help too.

  3. There is a white board behind Scaloni. Wish we could read that. Key points from there
    1. Looks like a midfield diamond
    2. Every position has at least 2 names
    3. Right back, left mid and left wing has 3 names

    Anyone want to take guesses

  4. For the first time, Armani will be the only local based player featuring for Argentina in this tournament. The rest of the players will be European based; completely different from the previous World cup tournaments. Infact in 2014, Enzo Perez, Local based player surprisingly started against Germany in the world cup final 😂😂😂.
    That proves how shallow that squad depth was.

    fast forward to 2018, it was complete disaster under Sampaoli. Players like Meza, Pavon from MLS, Enzo& aged Mascherano (who no longer played in Europe), were fielded against strong teams like Croatia and eventual world cup winners France.

    My point is, 2022 squad is a much more improved squad compared to that 2010, 2014 and 2018.

    • > Enzo Perez

      He was great throughout the tournament. Certainly one the bright points.

      > Pavon

      Another talent but ruined by the shittiest coach imagineagle.

    • Unless my memory has gone completely off the rails, Enzo Perez was not a local based player in that world cup and had already played multiple seasons for Benfica.

      Though I will say that our squad has significantly improved from Scaloni’s first list.
      -Sergio Romero, Rulli, Armani
      -Mercado, Bustos, Di Placido (?), Funes Mori, Pezzella, Kannemann, Alan Franco, Tagliafico, Acuña
      -Battaglia, Ascacibar, Lo Celso, Paredes, Salvio, Franco Vazquez, Franco Cervi, Palacios, Meza, Pity Martinez, Matias Vargas
      -Angel Correa, Cristian Pavon, Dybala, Gio Simeone, Lautaro, Icardi

      The list looks both laughable and terrifying, but there’s some charm to the fact that this team is the beginning of where we are today, it slowly improved, grew, mixed and matched, until we have the “well oiled machine” we’ve seen this last year and a half. You can see some people like Lo Celso, Paredes, and Lautaro that would eventually become fundamental for us. Imagine back then saying Scaloni would coach us into the next world cup and our squad would look five times better. 9 days off it’s nice to look at this old squad knowing what we have ahead. The evolution in the defense is unreal, I mean it looked awful four years ago. We can argue about Montiel and Molina and Foyth and who should start between Otamendi and Licha but goodness how far we’ve come

    • weakest squad in the last 30 years. The CF position is bleak behind Martinez. Montiel being in the squad is comparable to Gutierrez playing RB in 2010.
      key men:
      Messi, Romero (being the RCF, he’ll have to work his a** off if Molina or Montiel play RB), Martinez (if he can get those clutch goals that our CF’s of the past 5 WC couldn’t deliver than we are set.

  5. I don’t care how you people try to justify the inclusion of these players they are totally shitty to me. J.Correa another Higuain in making – he sees chances but conversion rate too DAMN low i can’t believe i used to root for before, I would have gone with A.Correa. Allister if it wasn’t because of Brighton good form he would not have been called up, everybody here can now see he is average, passive and lacks creativity. he reminds me of Biglia. I just hope a situation will not come when we will be forced to use them. As long as other players are healthy they might probably not play or get 10minutes throughout the whole tournament.

  6. Leo is really worrying me. why can’t he just not play tomorrow. he has a clause in his contract that prioritize Argentina over PSG. I believe now is the time to use it. I can’t stand all these useless club games anymore, i still can’t get over Gio’s case

    • I do get your point as it also hard for me to get over LO CELSO, but let’s trust that Leo will TaKe it easy as he has done so far and also TaKe care of him which he also knows how to handle, but offcourse accidents or not as it is a competive game of french league, maybe not that competive for PSG as i don’t know how many points they hold on top to the next one just below etc…anyhow if they not win French League even without Leo it would be completly catastrophical for them as like when Lille won etc…

  7. On the matter of another and specially for those who are travelling to Qatar i would reckon to read and pay close attention to this, which showed up when i wrote Qatar WC as i was more intrest to find something else more related to foitball, but anyhow after reading this, i thought for those travelling there this could be useful etc…

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    • This is where it get started at least in my country:

      The French data protection authority CNIL urges those traveling to the World Cup in Qatar to take special care with digital devices.

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      The tournament in Qatar has been criticized because of the country’s human rights situation. Allegations of bribery during the construction phase and mistreatment of the workforce have marked the preparations for the competitions. In addition, Qatar’s approach to freedom of speech or minorities is quite strict.

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      ”So i would personally go with instructions i posted in my post above”

  8. It’s great to see both Enzo and foyth being selected. After the finalissima and Estonia games when scaloni didn’t call up Enzo atall i thought he has no chance now. But his Benfica move changed all situation and if Argentina wins the wc we should thank Benfica for that. Im very tensed specially that psg game i hope messi doesn’t get injured without him we have no chance.

  9. Dybala can be a supersub, he could make an impact, Di Maria too have injury worries its better to use him too as a Supersub for the initial rounds and preserve him for the knockouts.

    The team looks gud bar the unlucky Lo Celso. He was vital for creativity among our midfielders. Enzo even though talented havent been with our NT for long time like Lo Celso. Mac allister and Palacios r more of passive midfield players. Not that creative. Anyway hope for the best.

    Looking back, our group is very tricky, bar saudi, Mexico and Poland can beat any team on any given day. Lewandowski can cause ample trouble to our defence.Mexico r always dangerous. Gud luck to us.

  10. Wow this is new!

    Scaloni has a blackboard behind him when he announced the 26 showing his real pecking order.

    This is what the blackboard looks like. The formation is 4-3-1-2:

    GK: Emi/Armani/Rulli
    DR: Montiel/Molina/Foyth
    DCR: Pezzella/Cuti
    DCL: Licha/Otamendi
    DL: Acuna/Tagliafico
    DM: Guido/Paredes
    MCL: Palacios/Papu/MacAliister
    MCR: DePaul/Enzo
    AMC: Messi/Dybala
    AML: Di Maria/Nico Gonzales
    F: Joaquin/Lautaro/Alvarez

    1. That is the exact what was written (left and right names put correctly there)

    2. It is NOT clear who the real starters are, the left or right, or middle.

    3. What surprising is: MacAllister and Palacios are both left sided midfielder along with Papu.

    4. Enzo is the back up of De Paul as the right midfielder!

    5. Joaquin is being seen as back up 9 along with Julian Alvarez (that’s why he was chosen over Angel)

    Others are the same as we all know.

    So I think Papu should get the start with Palacios/MacAllister being his back up? For me Palacios easily.

        • El principle..nowadays The real kid..
          He always come with his funny mind, funny statistics! Lol….scoloni is not a kid who publish his player pecking order..
          See the video again he just randomly said players name😂😂😂😂

          • I thought it was u who is one of the trolls here who love mediocrity that much. Just get lost man. One of the worst posters here ever. Definitely one of the disciple of Outlaw.

            I remember u are the only one ever here calling me a troll in 13-15 years I am here. I have seen a lot of posters here and u are without doubt one of the worst ones. I am dead serous.

          • Papu sucks, Enzo sucks, pretending to be sad when Lo Celso is out. Then declaring MacAllister will make the world cup team of the tournament. Only a troll would say that honestly.

            And sometimes being hypocrites too saying “oh no I like Enzo or Palacios more than him” that’s your real face. just get lost man.

    • You are absolutely right. But why would he reveal his plan in such a public display!!

      This formation and player choice plan now make more sense. McAllister is likely the 3rd choice, which is acceptable.

      But, I think he will consider changing positions with makeshift alternatives such as Foyth, Enzo, McAllister depending on performance

      • I think if Scaloni gives minutes to MacAllister again as a left midfielder, he would be disappointed again seeing the result just like the Ecuador and Venezuela game showed. The thing is Scaloni does not play 4-2-3-1. Double pivot is never his tactic.

  11. Correction: Isnt Argentina game vs UAE on Wednesday Nov 16? I took off on Wednesday to watch the game. Can anyone please correct me.

    About the WC XI.
    I was expecting this line up barring GLC exclusion. I am happy. Scaloni went with his tested players and thats a good thing. The extra inclusion of Foyth and Enzo is Justifiable. The only thing i did not like is Joaquin over Angel. But I dont plan the team. Its Scaloni’s job. He knows what he wants from his players more than us. He never had a plan with Angel Correa. He always favored Joaquin over. Its his tactics. Our tactics does not count. I am backing this team 1000%. Lets get united and win this WC finally. In Sha Allah

  12. Great team. Now it’s all about the master tactics and the luck which makes the difference. One game at a time. No matter whether it is friendly or final, Saudi or Brazil just give 100%. Get the glory days back. Let’s go Argentina.

  13. I don’t trust Juan Foyth but I understand the inclusion given the forms of our RB position. I hope he has put away his error-prone ways in important games. Also would have liked another midfielder like Nico Dominquez given the injury history of Palacios.

    The team looks good. I only have fear of injury-prone players.

    Anyways it is time to only support and send positive vibes and prayers. At the end of the day, all that matters is the trophy. Then Amazon can make a new series & the story Balon D’Or #8.

    • I think Foyth is there in case we need to switch to back 3 or 5 primarily, less so as a sub for our RBs. This is based on how Scaloni has used Foyth most recently.

    • Yes Dominquez would have been perfect as according to Mamoun if i remember right he started to pick and peak his form in the last 4 games, obviously those were now not enough for Scaloni&CO as we are dealing with another kind of Ricky Alvarez/Meza thing with now as Mc Allister and as @el_principe alkready said hopefully he is not the coache’s favorite, though Ricky Alvarez hardly played, lol ! But anyhow that spot should had been for Lamela/Pastore at 2014 as both should had been on Sabella’s team !

      • Haha Ricky Alvarez. I forgot about the greatest pretender to wear the NT shirt. To be honest, Joquin Correa reminds me of Ricky. I wanted A. Correa

  14. This is a fantastic squad. Either Correas would play major time in the tournmanet, so this doesn’t matter.

    I’m glad Foyth is in, because neither Molina or Montiel is a reliable RB. If they make many mistakes in group stage, Foyth can come up in KO stage.

    I’m super happy that the MLS loser is not in. This is important to let our young generation know that they should pursue their dreams in Europe.

  15. Well, that’s that, NOW they play the games and away they go……..not much else could be said now and I HOPE whoever plays in their last game DOES NOT and if they must they play as safe as possible but coaches should already know what’s up!

  16. I remember Choripan result of the poll of who should replace Lo Celso? Enzo and Papu got number 1 and 2 with 12 and 11 votes here if I am not mistaken. MacAllister got only 3. I mean the people already vote. It is not even close. If MacAllister would do well in at least 1-2 of the matches he started, maybe he would get more votes/simpathy. But the answer is no.

    The only thing I hope now is there is no Sampaoli-Meza mistake that Scaloni will do in the World Cup that costed us the World Cup. MacAllister for me plays the role or Meza 4 years ago. I am not saying what league they played for (Meza was playing in Mexican league I know), but I am talking about the most overrated player in our team meaning super average but got the coach trust that much.

    I just hope the Jamaica match where he played shitty changed the pecking order especially now that Enzo is there, Papu is healthy, and Palacios is back.

    All I know is Scaloni can be quite quick when changing the pecking order. Armani used to be number 2, now 3. LM Quarta used to be the main back up now not even close. J Correa used to be the first option of Lautaro’s back now, now Alvarez. Licha used to be the 4th option of CB, now main back up. And so on.

    • Is Armani no 3 official? I think it might still be tentative.

      I have a feeling that Scaloni would start Papu or Palacios vs Saudi and Mexico, especially if Palacios starts vs UAE and/or impresses in training. I still think the best and fit version of Palacios is the closest thing to both Lo Celso’s creativity and box-to-box style.

      • Guys the UEA game only happens less than 3 days after the last match of EPL or Italian serie A or Portuguese league. The game is on the 16th of November.

        Even if those players from serie A, EPL, and Portuguese league fly right away to Abu Dhabi, it would make it less than 48 hours prior to the friendly match, which should be an advantage to Papu Gomez who plays in la liga who doesn’t have to play this sunday.

        I don’t think Scaloni will manage to use his strongest possible team against Abu Dhabi. I don’t think the likes of Cuti, Otamendi, Paredes, MacAllister, Enzo, or Di Maria would start as by the time they arrive, it will have been less than 48 hours (minus flying time and so on) before the match.

        I am very sure Papu will start in friendly. Let’s hope he does well as he always did and keep the starting spot.

    • Common elprincipe , Macalister is definitely better than Meza. He is good in free kicks and penalties. If Scaloni starts him , I won’t have a problem but he is a typical European midfielder who plays sideways and back passes (mostly) which is my only concern. If he is able to link between forward and defence, then he may start who knows.

  17. If we are to have a good world cup,
    The back line has to be protected
    At ll cost,Romero is not fully fit.
    Otamendi is not that pacy.
    We can be losing the ball in certain part of the field.
    We either play a solid block or we control the tempo
    In midfield like we did against italy,but then locelso is not there….I hope the team peak at the right time.

  18. Not much complaints apart from Armani. Not a big fan of Alexis MacAllister. But he is playing at least one half for Brighton for a long time and should be fit enough to run a lot for one half. Also he can play as a deep lying play maker taking also charge of defensive responsibilities. We have to accept with Lo Celso loss. All the best for the guys entered the frame. We must try our best not to use or overuse Maria and Dybala asap in the tournament protecting them for the knockout stages. Vamos..

  19. The average squad age of this Argentina team is 26.5 which is basically a prime age for a football player. I think this is an excellent average age for the team.

    The oldest player is Franco Armani 36 and the youngest Enzo Fernandez 21 years old.

  20. Overall good squad.. I just missing lo celso..angel is bit unlucky but i think scaloni take j correa for his versatility, beside number 9 backup he can play his natural left winger position where we only have nico… good hight, defend well, speed not bad at all…i go with scaloni here..
    Its 100% that scalonis midfield
    pecking order macalester at number 3 position with de paul and paredes..but i am little concern here, hope he do well in place of gio. His substitute will be enzo/palacios/ papu

  21. Overall good squad. But we are unfortunate that many of them like Dybala, Dimaria, Paredes etc have not been in match playing conditions in recent times because of injury. All the best to Garnacho for future world cups. Keeping his head grounded would make a great player out of him.

    • Yes this is obviously concern that Palacios, Dybala, Paredes, Di Maria and Nico G. too+ offcourse loss of Lo Celso and who will with Papu most certainly share to fill his loss as i truly hope that those with covering Lo Celso are Papu/Nico/Enzo and not Mc Allister…?

  22. No surprises here. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t change much. Perhaps Simeone over Joaquin Correa, Nico Dominguez over Mac Allister, Musso over Armani.

    Foyth was apparently chosen because of Cuti’s fitness concerns and because versatile players in a short tournament give you options. This allows us to switch to 3 or 5 at the back if needed. Plus, Scaloni, Samuel and Ayala being defenders in their playing career may have played a role there too, who knows?

    Glad Dybala made it in the end.

    • Bro nico dominguez didn’t do anything deserve to go world and probably think he is one of those overhyped player ,Joaquín Correa is technically good /Dribbler can play both wings so I think It’s safe decision based on that
      In my humble opinion Alexis MacAllister out almada in would have made our midfielder so beautiful but it’s what it’s

      • Yeah Godin, it’s not a big deal really. Maybe Mamoun and I are the only people who still rate Nico Dominguez, no worries. The thing about Joaquin, we’ve seen him waste multiple chances to score in good positions in Argentina jersey. We already have gifted dribblers and players who can create chances for others. I think Simeone would have converted more chances than Joaquin but I guess it’s a moot point because Lautaro’s back up is Julian anyways. So it’s all good.

  23. overall good squad.Defense to attack this team has depth.this is first time i see Argentina going to wc with solid defence since 2006.midfield is very intersting.some of this forum might say that midfield has less creativity but i see there have creative player like depaul,enzo,papu, it’s not too much concern for creativity. And Argentina have always great forward lines.j.correa may be he is physically strong more than a.correa.but scaloni likes j.correa.i give 7.5 out of 10.

  24. Argentina final squad summary:
    – 7 players of Copa America will not make the squad: Marchesin, Musso, LM Quarta, Nico Dominguez, Lo Celso, A Correa, Aguero

    – 5 new comers: Rulli, Foyth, MacAllister, Enzo, Dybala

    Among 26, the ones who play better for the country than club level as of now:
    1. Emi Martinez
    2. Molina
    3. Otamendi
    4. Cuti Romero
    5. Acuna
    6. Paredes
    7. De Paul
    8. Papu
    9. Palacios
    10. Messi
    11. Di Maria
    12. Lautaro
    13. Rulli (I have to add him as he played 2 pretty good games (save one penalty) for Argentina that’s why he beat Musso for one spot and was promoted to the second goalie above Armani).

    For me they are the “super saiyan” (Emi Martinez term who once said that when wearing Albiceleste shirt they turn into super saiyan).

    The ones who play worse for the country compared to club level:
    1. MacAllister
    2. Foyth
    3. Dybala
    4. Julian Alvarez (using his last River Plate and current city numbers)
    5. Licha (because his club performance has been spectacular and with Argentina he just got promoted lately)

    The ones whose performance about the same country vs club:
    1. Armani
    2. Montiel
    3. Tagliafico
    4. Pezzella
    5. Guido (reliable both for Betis and Argentina)
    6. Enzo (good when playing for both so far)
    7. Nico Gonzales
    8. J Correa

    Best starting 11: Emi Martinez; Molina, Cuti, Otamendi, Acuna; Paredes, De Paul, Papu; Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro.

    Main back ups as of now (in pecking order): Licha, Tagliafico, Guido, MacAllister, Nico Gonzales, Julian Alvarez.

    Best PK takers:
    1. Nico Gonzales
    2. Dybala
    3. Messi
    4. Paredes
    5. Lautaro
    6. MacAllister
    7. Montiel
    8. De Paul

    Best FK takers: Messi, Dybala, Di Maria, Paredes
    Best CK takers: Di Maria, Messi, Acuna, Paredes
    Oldest player: Messi
    Youngest player: Julian Alvarez
    Highest offensive rating: Nahuel Molina, Messi, Nico Gonzales, Julian Alvarez
    Lowest offensive rating: Montiel, MacAllister, Guido

    • You tried to become neutral..but still some corrections..!
      Palacios is same with NT and Club, should be in third category. Only time he impressed is against Bolivia.

      Best FK takers you missed Depaul and Macallister.
      Offensive rating how did you measure..? If it’s your with and without stat..then do it for defensive as well…I know why you are not mentioning that here …
      Where is Lautaro in offensive rating..? Where is DiMaria..?
      As per your own stat…Worst defensive record is Palacios…worse than any other midfielder included.

      My prediction is that, Scaloni will trust Paredes -Guido-DePaul for the starting midfielder positions.

      • Insider, you are absolutely wrong on that. Palacios was excellent in finallisma and friendlies against Estonia. I recently watched a Copa match where he did really well.
        His one touch passing is very good.But, I don’t know how he is doing currently and whether his performance took a dip after injury.

        • Yes, agreed for me when ever Palacios has played for Arg Nt he has done more than good and therefore it was allways predictable whether Lo Celso’s injury or not that if only Palacios would be fit to play he will book his ticket with final 26 as also he has that very important versatility in him too !

      • @ricky i hope not but MacAllister earned the starting minutes when both were available against Jamaica and Honduras. Enzo was a sub in both matches. But then again, MacAllister played horrible as a starter against Jamaica, hope Enzo is ahead of him now.

        Actually I was happy that MacAllister started against Jamaica so Scaloni would see who he picked.

          • I also think that Scaloni is a fan of EPL. All players who do “not bad” in EPL, he promoted right away. Look at what happened to 3 players: Licha, MacAllister, and Alvarez. All of them got promoted by Scaloni.
            Licha was 4th in CB pecking order now 3rd
            Alvarez was behind J Correa, now ahead

            As for MacAllister, I don’t think he’s been playing spectacular for Brighton. He was just OK, but much better of course than his performances for Argentina that have been abysmal.

            Other leagues don’t impress Scaloni much. For example Guido has been playing amazing for Betis who is 4th in la liga(?). Why he doesn’t get promoted? Enzo has been Benfica hottest thing. Why he was still behind MacAllister in pecking order. Nehuen Perez has been great for Udinese, why he didn’t get promoted? I think it is because they don’t play in EPL.

            If MacAllister had been playing for a team like Sociedad or Fiorentina for example, maybe Scaloni wouldn’t necessarily have promoted him.

          • Yes i can see that too specially with him, though Licha for me been good allready before EPL move, though it is a different league, but for me he should have promoted Licha even more earlier as this also prooves your Logic As i’m actually quite amused to be honest that those 2 games as starter against due with all the respect against Honduras Jamaica suddenly he earn’s a spot amongst the final 26 and specially like u said he played such terrible football against opponents like this, Ok i agree that the team was very unbalanced specially the middfield as Scaloni started Mc Allister and played also at some point at least in RDP’s position as it all just looked like big mess to me and to my eyes at least and as A.Correa been allways selected once he been available, though never got that many minutes, but Still he is been with the team together and training too with so many more times than Mc Allister and everyone knows what he brings to also not only to the pitch in various ways, but also what he brings to a locker room too !

          • Also i think Alvarez as he was also in Copa, though did not yet offer that much, but hopefully he will as now lately starting to look better for him as obviously Haaland injured so Pep has to play him, but also i had big expectations for him even before he moved as his stats from Primera where such amazing as same once when Licha moved to Ajax i was allways waiting for him to become like what he have truly become also i like Perez too as i would had maybe made bold move of my own and replace him with Pezzella, but that was never going to happen until the WC is over and Still don’t know if Perez will continue to develop, but i think he deffenetly has potential as maybe he better stay in Italy and learn Still more” Tutto Calma”, lol!
            Though obviously it did not help Cuti or at least he did not learn that by easy way, lol ! Though his passing game looks more than ” Tutto Calma” and i hope this time he won’t be pulling for example that’s french guys hair who was selected to French team from Marseille ! Lol! Though, i kind of like Cuti’s old fashion ways, lol ! But, better with Spurs than and not with Arg specially at WC, lol ! As him and Dibu are somehow like Ota too, that u don’t want to start messing up with them as opposite player if it is like not so important game, but also specially Ota and Cuti have to TaKe it easy now during the WC and not get any stupid extra cards as if it is must, well then it is a must for yellow, but not any straight red’s or other kind of too overheated moments, though i’m a bit worried about this same subject with Foyth too, but more as he will get carded by his own misstake rather than Cuti and Ota might have TaKe card fir someone else misstake’s and i truly hope that none from Mc Allister, lol !

  25. Wrong Correa. Crap Angel Correa is out. He is better than Joaquin. I. understand why Scaloni calls up Joaquin instead though because in his eyes Joaquin is a back up 9. In the past he was the main back up of Lautaro. Now Julian Alvarez takes that main back up spot, so J Correa moved to the third back up spot. Also he thinks J Correa is very versatile.

    A Correa in Scaloni’s eyes is also versatile but his best position is not 9 although he can play there. That’s why Angel losing the spot.

    I am sad 2 of our super saiyan are out: Lo Celso and Angel Correa. I don’t think this is the best possible squad. Not bad, but not the best. I would have included Lo Celso (hoping he would be fit in the middle of the tounament, A Correa instead of Joaquin and Almada replacing MacAllister as Lo Celso’s insurance.

    • Almada would have been included in place of Palacios. Some how at the last moment.. Palacios included.

      Joaquin Correa is better player tactically, especially in Scaloni’s system.

      • To think that Palacios that has been with Scaloni since day one (and who is incidentally Aimar’s favorite midfielder) would have excluded in favor or Almada is shocking. Would have never happened.

        • @EnganChe, lol ! Like u read my mine there with your post, lol ! It is what is even i can honestly say that i’m dissapointed at least with 1 or 2, but even 1 make’s super dissapointed, sorry fir everyone and i think u all know also why, lol !
          All the best !

        • Only a fool thinks that Palacios place is in doubt after Lo Celso injury. One key midfielder out, and Scaloni will cross out another key midfielder? Where is your logic? As I said I never read anywhere that Palacios is doubtful to go to WC after Lo Celso injury. What I read was the exact opposite: He is in automatically which is super obvious (especially a lot of midfielders were not 100% healthy such as Paredes, Guido)

          I only spread tier 1 news here.

          • Exactly once we knew for certain that or even if Lo Celso would had made it, Still i think Palacios would have been amongst the final 26 as he allways was i quess from the very beginning of Scaloni’s era as only a injury like Lo Celso’s kind would kept him out, though i Still think that maybe or perhaps Lo Celso was kind of pressured to go for that surgery, but offcourse i can’t be certain about it as this is just a thought of my own etc…

    • It’s all about Tactics. Joaquin is versatile. Can play striker also in midfield or winger plus he has good height. So that’s why probably they went for him. Sad for Angel though.

    • I posted the following in the earlier thread not knowing that the team has been announced.

      “One of Correas will be selected if Dybala is selected and both will be selected if Dybala can’t make it.

      So, why is Scaloni not deciding which Correa will go regardless of Dybala’s situation? One will go anyways, right?

      I think the choice between Correas depends on Dybala’s availability in the team. If so, why is that?

      Another fact is that we all thought Joaquin is secured until yesterday. So, as much as Scaloni loves Joaquin, he is as concerned as us about his finishing capacity.

      My hypothesis is that if Dybala goes, then Joaquin will go. Because, it gives Scaloni more room to maneuver with Joaquin’s strengths (for which Scaloni likes him) while overlooking his finishing capacity.

      If Dybala doesn’t go, Scaloni can’t gamble with Joaquin who is very poor at finishing.

      As I said, it’s just my hypothesis not a prophecy. What do you think?”

    • Exactly, i thought they would had waited, but i do understand giving the final list now maybe as it might TaKe some pressure of, as others are obviously disapointed or should i rather say A.Correa must feel like how come he is not there instead of Mc Allister, well as it is released now, better to focus on the performance and as u said that no one will get injured anymore and those who have been will be able to play as we don’t know the exact condition of any player as if there would be something they will never leaked it out as only after WC is ended, though obviously, but hopefully not with something big as a real injury set back they will need use those back up’s i quess who they left in stand by mode in Argentina as also i can’t imagine being someone as player staying in stand by mode as forsure they do not wish to anyone to get hurt or injured so that they could replace them instead if something like that( hopefully not) will happen i think it would be even more harder for those waiting in stand by mode in Argentina to arrive to the team later on, though i quess this is same for every nation, but Still those in stand by mode might have hard time hitting ground if(hopefully not) needed, though some may be more mentally strong than others and that could be a major factor for those in stand by mode etc…well, i quess now it is time to start praying and wishing all the best for LA SELECCION and enter in deep meditative mode until the first game against Saudi’s, so all the best for LA SELECCION and our beloved Albiceleste, may god and Diego with all the other great’s who have allready passed away guiding ARG’s way to win the WC at Qatar.

    • Sorry, i can’t agree as A.Correa instead J.Correa should have been there and also Almada/Dominquez instead of Mc Allister as in fact there are so many names that i could wrote instead than Mc Allister for example Garnacho or even Lamela, though he never been called with Scaloni, Still he is fit and when fit far above Mc Allister as i Still don’t get the reason why Mc Allister is selected and for what for as what is he going to offer Arg instead of going double pivot, nothing else and if Arg want to go double pivot at some stage it could had easily be done by others named on the list

      So no point or any reason Still for Mc Allister inclusion as Tucu’s inclusion i can understand what Scaloni is thinking about him bringing on the table, but A.Correa should been there instead Mc Allister as Scaloni allready decided no with Dominquez and also decided to leave Almada as Back up etc…again i know this sounds like broken record, but nothing personal against anyone who wanted Mc Allister’s inclusion only i see no Logic and no Sense at all bringing him to Wc Qatar, but i hope Scaloni and him will proove me to be a wrong, but forme he is just an another Ricky Alvarez, who most propably will not play and if he does he better be damn good !

        • Yes forsure team chemistry means the most and therefore i’m super dissapointed that Mc Allister get’s selected ahead of A.Correa even we are talking about 2 different those of players indeed and therefore as A.Correa has many things he can bring on the table i do not really understand at all why and what is the use for Mc Allister as he brings only one dimension on the table as double pivot or subbing pivot, but there are allredy so many names who can be double or even tripple pivot or a sub of an of an sub pivot amongst team !

          • McAllister doesn’t click in team chemistry parameter. He was abysmal and disconnected in the last friendly matches.

            I think Scaloni liked him as he can play average in all there positions in the midfield. Nothing special but just average, which is better than poor

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