Marcos Acuña with groin issues, rumors of fitness for World Cup


Marcos Acuña has an issue in his groin area and there are rumors regarding his fitness for the World Cup.

Acuña has an injury to his groin and there are rumors that his participation at the World Cup is in doubt. He would not need surgery but he is not at 100%, that much is known.

The injury appears to be one that is known within the Argentina national team coaching staff but has not been made public. No mention of it has been made by Argentina or by his club Sevilla.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has included Acuña in the list of players for the World Cup and also has four names as potential backups. Facundo Medina of RC Lens is the only defender that is a backup on the team.


  1. I think we are the most unlucky team with so many critical players suffering or recovering from injuries. Acuna is a more effective left compared to Tagliafico. However, Tagliafico should stand up to this situation and give his best. By that time, hopefully, Acuna would become fit & fine.

  2. How ready are the likes of Romero, Di Maria, Dybala and Foyth?
    The world cup will be more intense than previous tournaments, with games closer to each other and less time to recuperate. The fear would be over exerting oneself resulting in reoccurring injuries.
    Let’s see

  3. 🙆🤦🤦 This is getting bad, last thing we wanted was to carry unfit players to the WC. Cant blame anyone to be fare. Club football is sucking it out of thes guys.Scaloni too dont have any choise. Its always been our pattern we always miss someone due to injury for NT games.

    So Messi, Dybala, Di Maria, Acuna, Palacios, Cuti Romero, Paredes, Nico Gonzalez..all r not 100 percent? Anyone else?These r the main pillars of our team.Added to this now there is a friendly too with UAE.

    Off the topic, eager to see how our defence is gonna tackle Lewandowski. The name is enough. Tricky…

  4. Daily mail news it, Alejandro Garnacho has serious attitude problem and Eric ten hag was not hapy with him….. Alejandro Garnacho has STILL not been afforded a place in Manchester United’s first-team dressing room at Carrington… with Erik ten Hag adamant the starlet’s ‘attitude’ will determine his continued involvement at senior level

    • Garnacho missed key meetings and often walked off training sessions a bit early and shoes untied (per reports). Ten Hag checked him but now Garnacho’s mentality has improved and his contribution on the pitch hit the opposition like a truck. Hes quickly become a fan favorite and Ten Hag has started to use him a lot more but is cautious to not overload the youngster. I do like Ten Hag and how he’s handled the situation.

      I want to see Garnacho – Rashford – Antony upfront.

  5. No guys, we need Acuna. He is better than Tagliafico when fit. Sevilla is poor this season yes but Acuna is not the reason for it.

    Medina is good but he is more of a defensive minded left back, same as Tagliafico. Our left side already weakened by the absence of Lo Celso. We can’t make it even weaker by the absence of both Lo Celso and Acuna. What happens if the opponents feel no threat from our left? they will focus on marking all our right sided players which is our bread and butter: Messi, Di Maria, Molina, and De Paul.

    I hope we won’t replace Acuna. Medina time will come but not now.

    Plus Acuna always did well as Lo Celso’s back up as left midfielder as well. There were times where Scaloni used both Tagli and Acuna at the same time and Acuna playing Lo Celso’s role.

    • I always found Tagliafico’s characterization as “defensive minded” a bit exaggerated. He is not. His attacking thrust and overlap is fine. He can even pop up with a goal which he has done for both Ajax and Lyon. He is simply better defensively than Acuna who started as a midfielder. El huevo is also a better dribbler and crosser. But Tagliafico is not a defensive fullback per se, he is quite balanced in fact. A simple way to test it is to see if a fullback has ever played as a wingback in a back 3. Tagliafico has for Lyon, his attacking output is very, very decent.

      • Tagliafico is a very good LB who gets easily into positions where he can deliver crosses and score goals but he will frustrate you will his inability to deliver crosses with better precision and put the ball in the net every now and then. In this department , Acuna is far head of him. Defensively he is solid and is our best LB . In 2018 He was blamed for Pavard’s great goal but it was Sampaoli’s fault for instructing him to play close to the centre line.

      • At Ajax he was almost like a wingback but for the NT, he didn’t do as well going forward for some reason (at least compared to Acuna). For the doubters, check out his heat map, seems pretty even split. Thankfully past few games we got see his attacking contribution so it relieved some concerns. Tag is OUR man for the WC!

  6. I don’t believe in simulation and predictions! The team that can capitalize on the chances and make fewer mistakes will win! Germans had very few chances against us but they scored when it mattered and our forwards missed all the chances they created!!

    Regarding Acuna not being fully fit, Scaloni wouldn’t be announcing his team with Acuna included as the team was announced less than 24 hours ago and in 24 hours Acuna’s groin injury wouldn’t have aggravated to the stage where he is unable to even train unless he lied to the team management which is not possible! As long as Acuna can play few minutes every match in the group stages like he has been doing for Seville he will be ready for knockouts! Both Tagliafico and Medina aren’t as good as Acuna going forward. Acuna is a winger turned LB which is why he is able to deliver good crosses and fits Scaloni’s strategy well. However, if Acuna is struggling like Aguero in 2014 then it will be wise to drop him as Aguero was complete waste in 2014 and cost us the world cup due to his fineness issues. all the chances our forwards missed a fit Aguero would have nailed each and everyone of them. I saw someone posting that Nico Gonazalez could fill in for that LB role like Dimaria was forced in Man-Utd to play as a full back. Nico can’t play as a LB , he is a forward/ winger. He can press and run back and forth tirelessly but his tackles aren’t even close to that of Acuna or Tagliafico. Licha will make a far better backup LB, as he has great crosses and has played as a LB in the past.

  7. Tbh acuna hasn’t Been good lately he has been struggling if he isn’t 100 percent there is no point taking him. the good thing is nico gonzalez can be fully attacking lb if needed

      • Yh but he can play there if we go full attack, like we did vs Paraguay earlier qualifier rounds which nico gonzalez play as lb and he scored so it’s option that is all mean nevertheless tagliafico will be undisputed starter as he is in good form.

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