Paulo Dybala plays for AS Roma, big impact in 1-1 draw vs. Torino


Paulo Dybala played for AS Roma as he had a big impact in the game in their 1-1 draw vs. Torino.

Dybala returned onto the pitch in AS Roma’s last league game before the 2022 World Cup. And he had a big impact on the score.

The Argentine was fouled inside the penalty area as AS Roma were awarded a penalty kick. The penalty was taken and missed by Belotti but there was still more drama.

An effort from outside of the penalty area by Dybala as his shot hit the crossbar and fall to Matic. He would shoot and score to draw AS Roma level.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has included Paulo Dybala in the team for the 2022 World Cup.


  1. After watching Dybala today, I kind of feel like the injury might be a blessing in disguise for us!! How many players can have this kind of impact after 1 month of no futbal due to a bad muscle injury!!

  2. “There are two games tonight, one until the 70th minute and one after. Until the 70th, Roma fans wanted to just go home, but in the final 20 minutes we created more, perhaps more than we have done in the last four or five games. Why? Easy, because Dybala came on.

    “When you have a player like Paulo and he doesn’t play, it’s different. How many extra points would we have now if Dybala hadn’t been injured? There are teams who have marvellous players all the way through the squad, we have what we have.

    – Mourinho after the match today @Football Italia

  3. Glad to see Dybala arrive with the confidence. It is hard to imagine he would not be under pressure to deliver but he has the best team and the best captain to announce his arrival to prime form..

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