Alexis Mac Allister scores for Brighton in 2-1 loss vs. Aston Villa


Alexis Mac Allister scored for Brighton in their 2-1 loss vs. Aston Villa.

Mac Allister has celebrates being in the Argentina national team for the 2022 World Cup with a goal. And he may have had some help from his fellow countryman.

Emiliano Dibu Martínez had the ball and played it to one of his defenders which was being pressured by Mac Allister. The Argentine stole the ball and an effort from just outside of the penalty area got the better of Martínez and he scored to give Brighton the 1-0 lead.

The 23 year old has five goals in 14 games this season for Brighton. He finished last season with five goals in 33 games.

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  1. I cannot hide the irony here… while any club goal by an Argentine is always worth celebrating it will be saddened by the fact that it is at the expense of another Argentine in this case our outstanding Goalie… I don’t know what tlit does to Emi’s confidence but he has come off back to back costly errors in last three games… but knowing Dibu, he will be able to shake it off… in the good side, nice to see MacAllister working hard(er) than he usually does… he might be the ace in the hole for us..who knows?

    • There is no place for mistakes in wc. Any mistakes and u will get knocked out. No mistakes allowed for anyone goalkeepers defenders midfielders attackers. Noone. 1 mistake from our backline in whole tournament in 2014 wc and we missed the Trophy. Emi needs to be super concentrated during wc matches. We don’t need another callabero or another de gea moment

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