Lionel Messi on Argentina, Lionel Scaloni, playing European teams, growing up


Lionel Messi spoke about the Argentina national team, the fans, coach Lionel Scaloni, playing against European teams and growing up.

Messi commented on playing for the Argentina national team. Speaking in an interview with Jorge Valdano on Universo Valdano, here is what he had to say:

“I told my dad we had to do something so that people in Argentina knew I was here (at Barcelona). I went to two friendlies with the youth team and they already knew me. I wanted to be there, with the Argentina national team.”

About winning the Copa America:

“After so much, an impressive moment has arrived with the Argentina national team. There were so many years and so many disappointments. That’s why I cried at the last Copa America.”

He also spoke about the Argentina fans:

“I always felt the affection of the Argentine people but there was always a part of Argentina that always questioned me. They had opinions about everything I did.”

Regarding Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni:

“Scaloni has always had a very special personality, ever since he was a player. He’s great at preparing for games. The best thing he has is the communication. He chose a group without thinking about what the others said. He’s very simple, normal, realistic.”

In regards to playing European teams:

“We didn’t have many games against European teams. I think we’re in a good moment but we must not fall into the mistake of people’s madness and believe we’re favourites to win the World Cup. We have to be realistic and take it step by step.”

Jorge Valdano once told him about how “Mascherano once said it would be crazy to be Messi for 5 minutes.” Messi said this:

“Being Messi has its negative side, I sometimes wish I wasn’t famous. I don’t like being the center of attention or feeling that people are looking at me. But I’ve gotten used to it.”

He spoke about growing up in Argentina:

“The streets taught me a lot. I left Argentina when I was young but I learned a lot before I left.”

About football:

“I believe that football has changed a lot. It’s more difficult to see a different player, one that is out of the ordinary. Because from a young age, they force you to play in a certain way. I think it has changed a lot. Football will be more tactical.”


  1. Lionel Scaloni is permitted to make 5 substitutions for tomorrow’s game, but he asked to be allowed to make 10 or 11 substitutions. The idea is that everyone will receive minutes tomorrow.”

  2. Leo Messi: “We are in good moment right now, but we suffered a small step back with Lo Celso’s injury. We’ve to go step by step and have to focus on the first match. The most important thing is to start the World Cup with a win.”
    So locelso injury is small setback for messi. So he doesn’t rate locelso that high. Scaloni rates locelso much much higher.

    • “So he doesn’t rate locelso that high.”

      Way to read a lot into that sentence. The player from whom Messi received the highest number of passes he does not rate high.

      Not your most brilliant moment Anuparno.

    • Bullshit fake news. The only thing I can find is Messi posting a heart emoji in response to a post made by Lo Celso. Or as Enganche points outs, misreading due to confirmation bias.

      Give me your source.

    • Come on, you really think Messi is going to start freaking out and leaking a perception of chaos and disorder to the public? There’s a reason footballers and coaches always half answer questions they’re asked

  3. Terrible idea to play a match 6 days before the World Cup when we will have to be playing every 4 days. Someone must be making good money off if it! Typical Argentina.

    • Interestingly among top teams, only Argentina, Spain , Germany are playing a friendly before WC. Belgium’s got cancelled & other biggies like Brazil, France, England, Portugal, Netherlands going straight to WC. Personally, i think not a bad idea to play a friendly especially since we have quite a few players who have very less minutes in last 1 month.

    • Match practice is always vital. Even before copa we played 2 wc qualifiers. We didn’t get 3-4 weeks long training camp this time so we need this match to practice our formations and give new players some minutes to build the chemistry with them.give minutes to enzo, palacios, Dybala, McAllister

    • I don’t think it’s bad, one of our virtues is chemistry and it will help us get our game flowing and integrate players like Enzo or find a replacement for Lo Celso, which is very important. It’s a friendly so I don’t think almost anyone will play 90 minutes and the other coach is Argentine, nobody is going to injure us

  4. Maybe we can try the Christmas tree line-up, 1-2-3-4.
    Dybala – Messi
    Enzo – Guido – RDP
    Tagli – Licha – Otamendi – Molina

  5. I heard we have a friendly tomorrow. Now i want to see how the midfield will be. I don’t want Papu to play tomorrow, i want Scaloni to try other players – the new ones. My formation in the midline

    Paredes/Guido. De paul. (Enzo/Allister/Palacios)

    This is the time to figure out what will work. I don’t like to support a player based on emotion, hmm… I like this player…he is from my town…he plays for our local team. I dont care about any of that, the only thing i want is result especially from Enzo, Palacios and Allister. If not let’s figure out what will work. Mabybe replacing a player

  6. I am just glad we did not take Garnacho. He’s so called mentor is going around causing trouble. Even his national teammates are not happy with him and it all boils down to “attitude.” That boy has picked up some Ronaldo’s bad attitude, he needs to lower his head to grow properly. For now i would go for any other player with decent skill rather tham Garnacho. No need to spoil a good thing right?!

  7. I feel Enzo Fernandez can easily slip into the role of Lo Celso.

    Dibu Martinez

    Molina Romero Otamendi Acuna

    De Paul Parades

    Dybala Messi Enzo


  8. Yes keep grounded. Dont be over confident. Surely there is better teams out there than us but we have messi who can make a decent side looks like the best in the world he has done it in 2021 Copa hopefully he will win us the wc after 36 long years.

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