Nicolás Otamendi, Enzo, Papu, Montiel and Marcos Acuña with Argentina national team


Nicolás Otamendi, Enzo Fernández, Papu Gómez, Gonzalo Montiel and Marcos Acuña have landed in the United Arab Emirates and are with the Argentina national team

The players landed on Monday after Argentina’s training in public. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni now has 23 players with him in Abu Dhabi with Emiliano Dibu Martínez, Alexis Mac Allister and Lisandro Martínez yet to arrive.


  1. How the times have changed.
    During several decades our players looked like a rock band. Nowadays, it seems a group of hip hop artists.

  2. Will there be any team which will surprise us like Croatia last time or will the Traditional big NTs stand up as usual and make the final 4.

    As usual whenever see the groups automatically thinks the traditional teams will come on top, but it somehow rarely happens, still expecting, Netherlands, England, Argentina, France, Spain, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal to come on Top of their groups, if that happens Brazil, France, Argentina, Germany are my picks for final 4, from there on its anyones, surely will have somany hiccups and shocks in the group stages.But big teams qualifying to the top 4 makes the WC so much better. 2006 was really fun so as 2014.

    We have to be extremely carefull with Mexico(they can knockoff any ream like last time what they did to Germany)and Poland

    Hardly a week remaining now, some how my itinery is set. Have to sort out the timings. Planning to watch all big teams matches from group stage itself. Lots of sleepless night coming up.

    • I hope I’m not jinxing it, but Mexico is actually really poor this year. Fans absolutely hate Tata and they’ve gotten many poor results, even though haven’t watched any games so I can’t comment on specifics. But I’ve even seen some Mexicans saying this is one of their worst teams they’ve ever seen and some even wishing to lose, I don’t think the squad looks terrible but tactically something must be off. It’s not the same Mexico of other world cups.

      • @olive don’t under estimate anyone seeing previous results or recent results. World cup is huge and it motivates players to perform better they can ip their performance quite a lot. Our group is not super strong but a decent difficulty group

    • @Mik i feel Portugal will come 2nd in their group and they will face brazil in 2nd round. My prediction is germany will face brazil in quarters and knock out them and we will face germany in semis. People fearing Denmark too much. They are a good team but beatable we still feel we will face denmark and Netherlands in 2nd round and in quarters. Netherlands on paper looking quite hard match. Van dijk delight and ake can be difficult to break down. De Jong is a fantastic midfielder. Dumbfries attacking wise great thn gakpo is in great form

  3. Ball carrying and progressive passing top 5 european leagues.

    Messi at 35 still on his own in the upper far right corner. Simply ridiculous.
    This also highlights how important De Paul is to Scaloni’s system. Giving Messi total freedom needs to be accounted for and that is achieved by mr energizer bunny. RDP basically reacts to whatever messi is doing, allowing Messi to do his alien thing. Even though RDP suffered under Simeone, whether personally induced or because of Simeons system, RDP didn’t appear to have dipped in form during the last few games.

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