Alejandro Garnacho named November’s Player of the Month for Manchester United


Alejandro Garnacho has been named as November’s Player of the Month for Manchester United.

Garnacho had two goals and two assists in four games for the club as he won the award. The Argentine scored important goals for United in the month and as he played more game and got more minutes in the month.


  1. Let’s not pretend Argentina selections process is a saintly one. I have seen lots of nonsense from them over the years – one time they claimed long haired players will not be allowed; players who are seen as “more Argentine” were preferred over better players who play in foreign leagues or have foreign ethnicities. Heck I remember before 2018 when some people were claiming Messi is an Italian not a true Argentinian. And no way in hell does Dybala’s ethnicity play no part in him being excluded even when fit and in form for 10 years.

    Garnacho was excluded because of lack of experience, I am 100% sure. But he can be forgiven for thinking otherwise given historical trends.

  2. Messi, Di María, De Paul, Otamendi, Paredes, Lisandro Martínez and Foyth (the players who played 70+ minutes against UAE) have not trained first 15 minutes with the group as they were working in the gym.

  3. I am still wondering when Nico Gonzalez has become so important , I don’t remember when did he start last time for Argentina , calm down guys Nico gonzalez is not a starter its not even guaranteed that he will get minutes . Its funny some people are moaning about J correa. Yes lo celso is a big loss but certainly not Nico or Jaoquin . A correa can do more damage than Nico on Left flank he can press and defend as well.

    • I wish if only angel had the pace like nico Gonzalez.
      I am not comparing anyone…we have so many players with the attributes like angel correa however we don’t have someone like nico Gonzalez.
      When nico is fit he is starting or coming as a substitute.
      With your stupid logic mrinal angel correa is even worse than Gonzalez since he doesn’t even play for us. 😝
      Nonetheless, I wish angel correa doEs his substitute job well. I love his energy and technique. No doubt he is a special player.

      • Certainly every player has a role to play but loss of Nico Gonzalez is not that devastating like people are acting . He is not a fundamental player of the squad like Emi Martinez, Romero, Otamendi, De paul, Lo celso, Messi, Di maria, Lautaro .
        Nico can run and press tirelessly but how can you forget his on the ball contribution with many misses , misplaced passes, ineffective dribbling and continuous loss of ball.

    • Nico has some good plays in Copa but I thought he was one of the worst performers throughout Copa. I was livid seeing him start while ADM was benched early on. Good thing Scaloni benched him in the final for ADM.
      Despite my criticism, I do think he could useful off the bench while defending a lead but as many pointed out, he hasn’t played a full game all season and hasn’t been up to snuff.

  4. Poland’s over-reliance on crosses will have to countered with shutting down their full-backs (especially Cash), but considering the season Zielinski has been having in Napoli, it’s important that Argentina manage to neutralize his threat as well.
    Ball retention, press resistance, chance creation… Zielinski’s profile is very impressive and his involvements in the second third of the ground for Napoli have amassed six goals and seven assists so far this season
    In short, he shouldn’t be allowed to have time with ball on his feet (well, he shouldn’t find Lewandowski) and Lewandowski, who is very good at creating space with his runs, will definitely try to facilitate space for him.
    *** first test of our defense will be poland. They are a tall side crosses a lot and has Lewandowski. We will get to know our defense and midfield can counter crosses set pieces or not as for me our biggest weakness is lack of height in our squad and somewhat containing fast skillful wingers. Poland will be a good test nevertheless

    • But he is though. He’s half Spanish and Argentine. This isn’t towards you but I don’t like this attitude that he isn’t a “real Argentine” cause he wasn’t born there. If the kid feels connected to Argentina through his Argentine mom and wants to represent the Albi, then who are we to judge. I remember similar nationalistic comments were said about Messi and it was really unfair and sad to hear.

      Let’s see what happens, I hope he gets cap tied to end all this controversy.

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