Thiago Almada speaks on getting called to Argentina for 2022 World Cup


Thiago Almada spoke about getting called up to the Argentina national team for the 2022 World Cup.

Almada has been called up to replace the injured Joaquin Correa. His girlfriend revealed that he was at the dentist when Lionel Scaloni called him to tell him. Speaking at an airport, here is what Almada had to say about his call up:

“It’s the happiest day of my life for myself and my family. It’s what we fight for, that we live day by day, so I’m very happy.

“Let me send a greeting to Tucu (Joaquín Correa), who is going through a hard time. I don’t wish it on anyone, get better soon.”


  1. Oh news update: Marcos Acuna passed the test! He will go to the WC!

  2. As for Garnacho, he immediately unlike his like on him being a Spaniard. I don’t think because of not being selected, he chose Spain right away. Maybe he is just too into social media, like most teenagers. that’s all. His GF is a spaniard, who knows it is his GF doing it.

    I still see him as a future superstar for us, so I Don’t wanna give up on him easily unless he really will accept the Spain national team call up in the future.

    I understand why he is frustrated though. His resume includes:
    – 4 MOM in the last 5 MU. No MU players, Not even Licha has that many MOM for MU
    – MU player of the month
    – Winning the competition against Elanga and probably Sancho for MU
    – Playing for MU, one of the biggest clubs in the world

    So then when he saw 2 spots open on the injury of Joaquin and Nico, he thinks he deserves it. He doesn’t think that he is inferior to A Correa, Almada, or the 2 injured ones: Joaquin and Nico. He is right, he is not worse than those 4 or he maybe right that at the moment he IS BETTER than those 4. I mean think about it. Joaquin, Angel, Almada, and Nico haven’t done much this season for their club (Almada probably does a bit but for a MLS side). Plus he knows that there is no pure left winger in Argentina. So he had high hopes.

    When he doesn’t get the call. It is normal for him to be disappointed. I also don’t like the way he did it by putting likes on Spain, but I can understand his disappointment. If I were in his shoes, I would also be disappointed. So for me, I he is still the first player I would want to see as a new addition after the WC.

    Btw, Germany started Moukoko, a wonderkid forward younger than Garnacho in a friendly yesterday.

  3. According to TYC, Papu is fine. I think he will be fine even for the first game. Acuna is still being assessed. Other rumors like Dybala, Lautaro etc are safe.

    Only Acuna now. I hope he really passes the test really.

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