Ángel Correa comments on getting called up to Argentina for the 2022 World Cup


Ángel Correa commented on getting called up to the Argentina national team for the 2022 World Cup.

Correa has been called up for Argentina as Nicolás González is injured. The 27 year old was part of the preliminary list of players for Argentina but left out of the original final team.

Argentina national team coach made two changes to the 2022 World Cup team. Correa replaces Nicolás González and Thiago Almada replaces Joaquín Correa. Speaking at an airport in Argentina, here is what Correa had to say about being called up:

“The truth is that this call up took me by surprise because it caught me in Rosario enjoying myself with my family. That’s why I’m going to Qatar with a big dream.”

“I spoke with Thiago Almada and he is very happy. It’s a big joy, a reward for all of the work that I have done over the years and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest.”


  1. As usual. People are over exaggerating here.

    But Acuna is a must though. Messi loves to pass to the LB. Even Tagliafico is a decent option for NT football, but Acuna has an edge because he was an ex winger.

    Apart from this, team is still in a good condition.

  2. 😔I am tired of all this player and that player comments.
    Scaloni is the Boss and he knows how to make a perfect “asoda”. The Argentine Delight.

    I am to enjoy. Vamos Argentina 🥂

  3. Enough of this team looks unbalanced nonsense. 11 players take the pitch. 3 subs. The key is to keep your starters healthy for 7 games. Many people are talking like all these guys are gonna play. If we are ahead the first sub is usually Guido to play a stronger double pivot. My God the overreaction here is ridiculous stupid.

    • Totally agree and thank you for putting it out there…

      I see so many talks about garancho and what a mistake not calling him. Interesting enough, he got called up in march and didn’t get called back . Attitude maybe ? Wasn’t impressed by Scaloni ? Who knows but if it’s attitude why bring something toxic where the players themselves have said what makes them so strong is their personal bond.

  4. Some thoughts of mine in this complete madness and meltdown from some of the Mundo fans:
    1. Calm down a bit guys. Remember 2002 & 2014 WC? In 2002, we were one of the hot favourites and yet failed to pass the group stage due to tired & unfit players. During 2014 WCQ, we were unstoppable due to our fantastic 4. But what happened in the WC? We never had the chance to test the fantastic 4 during the main competition. The reason? Again injured & unfit players. Hell, even our CB pair was changed after the group stage (although due to footballing reasons). Demichelis never played during the WCQ as far as i can remember. The point being we have to be prepared for everything if we want to be the champion. It’s better to omit unfit players when we have the chance rather than carrying them during the tournament. We have to find the right combination with what we have in our disposal. That’s the mentality of a champion team.
    2. I salute Scaloni. He’s a no nonsense coach. He didn’t hesitate to omit his favourite players and put the team over his personal preferences. It sends a clear message to everyone that nobody is above the team. The last times we had this type of mentality, we were successful enough (2014 WC runners up, 2021 Copa champion).
    3. Now, regarding the new call-ups. Angel Correa is a definite upgrade over J. Correa in terms of quality. His hassling nature will definitely suit our style. Inclusion of Almada is 50/50 for me. Is it the right decision? It depends on how Scaloni plans to use him. I think not calling Garnacho is the right call at the moment. The kid is talented that’s for sure but clearly Scaloni prefers players with greater defensive work rate and smaller ego. None of those qualities has been shown by him till now. And for those who are concerned about our lack of wingers, Scaloni’s go to formation is 4-4-2 (disguised as 4-3-3) with two wide midfielders. He has rarely used wingers to attack from the wide areas. And even if he would have, we don’t have proper options inside the box apart from Lautaro to convert those chances. Tell me how many goals we have scored from crosses, supplied by the wingers and converted by the strikers? So, that’s a weakness of this team but it is what it is and that’s how we won the Copa.
    4. The only thing i’m concerned about is the lack of height in this team. I mean the average height of this team was below average even before the injury of J. Correa and N. Gonzalez and JC wasn’t even helpful in defending the set pieces. Although, we have tall defenders and DMs but it’s definitely something that Scaloni has to be concerned about. The reasons? 1. To win the world cup, defenders and midfielders must help the team by scoring goals from the set pieces, especially in the knockout stages when the front line will not be scoring goals in every match. 2. Tall forwards and midfielders will help defending a lead in the later stages of a match, especially when we will be playing against the Europeans.

    Overall, fingers are crossed and hope for the best. I truly believe, if it’s written in the stars then Argentina will be the champion. They have the right players and the coach.

  5. The fact that a player enters the field and is at risk of injury is inevitable. It has always been an obsession for us. There are many injuries that have robbed players of opportunities at World Cups. Doctors through years of medical training in an education system rife with mistakes don’t help much, especially when you’re a professional player with a lot of competition. If you have the right nutrition, exercise and proper rest, you will greatly reduce injury, miraculous recovery and the time factor will favor you. You must understand that when you have a foot injury, you are not only focused on treating the foot. In that case, you have to take care of the whole body. If you are prone to injury, not only are you moving the wrong way, but your body has shown signs of weakening due to an excess of toxic substances. Leo used to have a bad time eating, but God took him to see a dietitian. He was right to have to go to Italy to find a way to improve his health. It was a revolution that gave him the foundation of lasting health. Leo is a role model for our players to follow. It is difficult for a professional player because the doctors will have to do everything like surgery to bring a contaminated player back quickly. As a result, he is more prone to relapse and the likelihood of recovery will be worse than the last time. He will gradually lose his form and even have to retire early. I rarely leave long comments like this. Hopefully a few ideas that are foreign to most but worth thinking about can open up a very positive outlook for our players going forward.

  6. Unbelievable that you all have courage to come and bash players and Scaloni like that! You may forgot same coach who hold Varsil 180 minutes without scoring against us! Same coach who beaten them in last two years twice i believe, same guy who out smarted coach like Tite & Mancini. I find it amazing you all have cheek to say stuff about the player he called? Have some decency and praise him that he has guts to send players back from camp only sake for team well being. He didn’t shy away from his responsibility like other coaches in previous world cup after finding out they ain’t 100%. It takes guts to take decisions like that not like one of your Fifa game that you just swap with highest ranking players you have available. Also ask for Garnacho when he start atleast more then 15 full games for Man Utd then come back and cry for him. Whoever calling Almada fraud or blah blah you guys maybe Argentine die hard fan but you know nothing about Argentine league otherwise you wouldn’t say stuff like that. YES he plays in MLS which is unfortunate but he is one kind of talent. He is the most closet to Lo Celso we have no disrespect to MacAllister but I feel like he offeres nothing in making things happened when it comes to final third even in last game(yes u saw his assist & stat). He is best in depp lying CM. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong. Support our boys because crying over some players didn’t get called is unnecessary. See you in Qatar.

  7. It’s evening now, here in Qatar. Crucial practice session for Argentina will be now. Hopefully no more injury news…!
    Acuna, Papu, Cuti and Lautaro… please….no more bad news…

    ##############(3 GOALKEEPERS)

      • NO BETTER CHOICE ,we are crying out for left wingers. i strongly believe a team must have at least 3 wingers.ocampos can be no .9 .he played CF in marseille long times ago.

        • You are crying not coaching staff… Let them do there job… They knows better than all the us. They were professional players….

        • Ocampos is physically strong and fast but lacks skills to play one touch football, according to Ajax staff. He will go back to Sevilla as he is deemed not good enough for Dutch champions. Not NT material.

  9. Now that Nico, J Correa, lo celso etc are injured and out. What are our plan B and C. I didn’t watch Finallisma match so don’t know much about our squad. BBC pundits are full of praise for our Defense

  10. I don’t believe Almada is selected for LW role. Still, I believe Papu will play there and Almada will be in Papu’s place but as a backup for MacAllister, Palacios, Enzo…at LCM role.
    Now, if Papu injured..then IN will be Garnacho or Ocampos. We don’t have much options left


    now gomez and acuna are under examination ,why not bring garnacho ? left side is paralyzed.

    di maria always injury in knock out stages, then we can just rely on angel correa .

    • only one winger di maria, if he get injury or suspended. then every one are staying in the central midfield . if acuna is out ,oh my god ,it looks like we are a plane without wing .

    • MCALLISTER/PALACIOS/ENZO are playing as a no.5 in their football club, ACTUALLY we have 5 defensive midfields. do we need so many DM? foyth is not in form ,do we need 3 RB? on the contrary we lost lo celso ,gonzalez, j correa,or possbily acuna all left side players. what is the point select a MLS who just play one friendly match for argentina ? especially he cant be no.9 nor winger . crazy

  12. Well, although i don’t really have the mood to comment nowadays, i feel to share my feelings with you, fellow albiceleste fans.
    Personally, i am trying to keep my frustration in balance. Many people here are discussing about our rivals, but as per me, what i am afraid most is, firstly our own selves and secondly this falling like flies injury drama, which to be honest, i haven’t witnessed to any other team! During the last days, all i see is new injuries or fitness issues coming out, i mean come on, lets disqualify ourselves already before even the world cup starts!
    Lo celso’s loss was a big blow but if you ask me, Nico’s miss was as huge or even worst! I rate Nico very high, i think that is one of our team’s most infuential player.
    I feel bad for every player who missed out, but i think that Angel Correa call up is a positive. I always liked Angellito, i trully believe that he has all it takes to be in our team and i believe that he really fits in our style, i am very happy for him.
    As for Almada, i am really not sure, i agree that he is a huge talent but so is Garnacho, therefore, i am living that to Scaloni because as i have said many times before, he has earned my respect and trust and thank GOD he is our coach regardless of what happens in wc.
    However, as much as it seems very wise and rational to me Scaloni’s decision to take fit players for the wc instead of non fully fit ones, as the opposite backfired us quite many times in the past, giving the insane falling like flies drama that goes on to our team, you can’t just replace half of your team. Given the situation, Acuna is a must for me even not fully fit and the same goes for Lautaro, Papu and Dybala.
    As for Garnacho, i also rate him very high and want him with us but, as long as he clears out that he wants to play for us, he should better man up, be patient and keep on trying without any bitching and his time will surely come!

    Finally, i won’t give up on my hope, just imagine if we win it this time, i wish this time is our time.

        • Rattlehead and Anu, we already missed 3 and now, i don’t know if the rumors coming out are true or not, Acuna and Papu are under observation and someone even mentioned Lautaro and Dybala. We are talking about almost half of a team!

          • Those r just rumors only doubt is acuna. Others will be fine. I always feel defense is more important than attack. If we r very tough to score thn we have a chance. Messi Dybala dimaria lautaro alvarez there is enough individual quality to score 1-2 goals. Importance is the defense even if acuna is out i know that’s a big blow but still we have tagliafico and medina will give height and solidarity to the defense. I only fear messi injury and somewhat Romero and emi injury otherwise we need not be worried. We will be fine

  13. Angel Correa Replacing J.Correa can be considered as a blessing in disguise. J.Correa to be fair haven’t impressed for us till now in the NT. He can play in multiple roles even as 9 because he is tall where as A.Correa cant play as a 9. other than that A.Correa is a better option. He is a born warrior with all the setbacks he had before. We need players like him for sure. He should have been there in the 26 at the first place too.

    Almada i think wont be playing much in the WC but whatever minutes he gets it will give a massive confidence for him in future. Nico Gonzalez has been a pillar force for Scaloni its a Major set back for us same like Lo Celso. Almada cant replace him to be fair, Ocampos would have been a better option considering he has already been played under Scaloni a lot, May be there is some reason for Ocampos omission.

    This injuries will definitely disrupt our campaign. lets hope all the other suspects be fit for our journey. Papu, Palcios, Macallister are gonna be important for us now with absence of Nico, Lo Celso and suspected Acuna. One of these have to step up.

  14. I think every player that got injured is a big loss (especially LO Celso).
    Scaloni wanted them on the team and now they are out.
    I don’t get the hate for J Correa and Macallister.
    They are flawed players but so are Nico(misses chances) and many other players.
    Almada is not comparable to MEZA and even Pavon.
    Almada went through the youth teams and was considered a big talent and still is.
    Meza was like Jesus Datolo came in and played 20 minutes great and he was untouchable.
    Pavon a better talent but I never rated him that much.
    Almada was always around the team and trained with the team even when he was playing for the U-20 team.
    The players selected are almost on the same level.
    The problem is Nico and J Correa could have helped us on the left but now we have a problem there especially if Acuna also leaves the team.

    Like said earlier most of our players are at the same level of playing, leaving one out for the other will create discussions, but who ever is selected is not undeserving.
    Taking Claudio Hussain and not taking Riquelme is injustice.

    • I think injuries to lo celso and nico are a huge blow…. Nico brought so much pace and energy to this team.
      Now other than di Maria we don’t have any player who can run behind.
      Angel correa, dybala, alvarez, messi, almada, papu they all likes ball at their feet.
      Di Maria is very crucial for us now.
      Even j correa has decent pace.
      Injury to di Maria can make our attack predictible.
      To be honest I m really worried about us now.
      Our true capability will be tested in round of 16. That game will tell our weaknesses and strengths.

    • Man I remember that world Cup 2002
      Marcelo bielse left out likes riquelme, santiago solari who won champions league with Madrid in that year just month before world Cup and young javier saviola .Claudio hussein was biggest joke at all time really was

      2006 zanatti was biggest one

      2010 no zanatti cambiasso, Lucho gonzalez, riquelme and pablo aimar yet old injured veron Mario Bolatti some guy who was righ back I can’t remember his name and Jonás Gutiérrez plus too many forward it was one of the most unbalanced squad

  15. The team is looked bit unbalanced..macalester,
    Enzo,Palacios, papu..and now almada..if have scope scoloni can remove one of them and take Garnacho..Seems all are fit except papu..who know?whats coming!
    But at the end, its scoloni team, hope scoloni gets his prefer players..no more injury…

    • I am telling the truth , no lo celso ,Gonzalez or probably acuna the team is unbalanced. we are crying out for speedy left wingers instead of Palacios, Mcallister, Enzo. Also won’t consider any player from MLS.

    • Stope telling people what to do (yeah I know the irony). People here are powerless. Our opinions do not have any influence on team selection or team strategy. Nobody cares what we say. The most we can do is vent our frustration here. It is a cathartic experience.

  16. According to Olé, there are more concerns in the team. Papu, Acuna, Dybala and Lautaro. If we lose those players, our chances of victory will shrink.
    We already have quite a few mediocre players on the bench. We do not need more.

    • This should never happend. Why every coach playing with messi when it comes to WC..
      2006 he should played
      2018 worst squad
      2022** too early to say let WC start

  17. Two useless players in place of Joaquin and Nico. They can.’t do defencive duties.Players playing in out of position cause problems. I still feels at the moment Scaloni couldn’t pick right sub for Locelso Nico and jaquin

    • at the moment, any sub for lo cleso isnt 100% for sure . only Gomez ,Angel correa ,Buendia can try .
      but definitely not mcallister or Palacios.

      look at first half versus UAE the worst player is foyth then the second is mcallister.

      It seems scaloni didn’t realize how important Gonzalez is . Since I am sure di Maria may get injury during worldcup ,he is injury prone.

  18. I always back coach. J correa is not a player i like but still happy that he was named in squad. Coach is always knows better that most of people. If he select almada over garnacho and gio. He maybe have his own playing style on his mind…. Still i thought garnacho is more useful in last 10-15 mints.

    • Some players being a bit selfish, they don’t wanna miss the World Cup. But Scaloni also has to be balanced. He can’t cut everyone because some of them can’t be replaced like Acuna. At worse Acuna should be able to play 45 minutes a game in every game I think. Acuna is originally a starter and is still a starter. We already lost a starter in Lo Celso. We can’t lose 2.

      I remember going into Copa America last year, not all 28 players were 100% healthy such as Aguero, but things were just fine.

  19. Anyway if Garnacho is for real, I don’t think there is any spot for Spain for him as they have Fati, Ferran Torres, Assensio, Pino, Sarabia, Nico Williams, and Morata for 3 forward positions already. All of them are healthy.

    • but argentina is crying out for wingers especially after world cup .IMO we have several talent teenagers in that position
      2, E zeballos (Boca)
      3, Aguirre ( u20, newells)
      4, Buonante (Rosario central now briminghan)
      5, Lucas orellano (Velez)

  20. Guys, I can feel doubts and fear in some posts, but what do you do with the positive vibes, the positive spirit. It could have been Gio, Nico, but its not the case unfortunately. Angel and Thiago are called up. Lets thank God and stay Positive with the crew we have right now. Its all spirit and motivation that will bring out the Best of the Best from each player. They will have to upgrade their performance match after match until December 18th. Lets be confident in the players and coaching staff. We are here for a reason, we are here to support the Team we love at 300% no matter what.
    “Argentina and nothing else”

  21. The team is still good enough to be champions..if our base player fit throughout the tournament we will be champions😊
    Nico is great loss but its better to take fit player.beside nico is out of play like Foyth, thats too risky…..
    Almada is good take by scoloni.. He is going to play gio place.As a midfielder he is fast, good 1vs 1, very good dribbler and can play left wing.
    I think scoloni still confused about gio replace so why take another mid..almada and alister are going to compete.. Actually team want almada..they loved him..after call up almada directly talk with de maria, lo celso etc..
    Papu is decent average player but almada is better version of papu, maybe 10 time Better than him.He is very creative like gio and messi like him very much..
    But we may face height problem in set piece..
    But i know scoloni have plan to overcome height problem ..
    If i hope about some one, next hour he will go out! So i don’t talk about acuna…
    Though we have short one speedy left winger,
    Garnacho is toxic one..we are not take player who has glamour, we are going to win the cup with hard work, teamwork..

    • I recommend you to go through almada’s recent match with Atlanta union in YouTube. He is 70% Gomez .not too fast nor too slow ,not too good or too bad at dribbling or 1 on 1. his value should be ability to run and cover lots of ground to connect the team ,sometimes Longshot. Typical a weaker Gomez .

    • Man I am confident that the coaching staff has selected the replacements as per the reserve list. They had already compared among the absentees and picked the reserve list. So I am fine with Angel and Almada. But in your attempt to show greatness of Thiago.. lets not speak something which has no sense. You are saying Thiago is 10 times better that Papu Gomez? Seriously? Papu who has the highest number of Man of the match awards in Serie A? Who has once made it to the seria A and UCL team of the season? All these with a not so big team Atalanta? Lets not go over the top here. Yes Thiago is younger and in good form.. lets hope he does well.

      • Lol..i think you didn’t watch laliga this season..Forget serie a, that is past tense.i like Atlanta papu but with Sevilla this season he was Below average..

  22. Angel Correa was originally a left forward in his u-20 days. It is simeone who used him as RMF with a lot of defensive duties. This has hindered his growth and offensive ability by a big margin.

    Nico and Joaquin is bench player. They are replaced by Almada and Angel who will also be bench player. But angel is a proven super sub. So that is improvement. Nico is not physically fit for a long time. There is no need to be upset about it. It is what it is.

    I will take half fit Acuna. Half fit Acuna is more useful than Medina.

    Almada over Garnacho is a prudent decision management wise. Garnacho must learn to calm down and express his disappointment in graceful manner. Angel expressed his disappointment for being left out. But everybody felt sympathy for him.

    Pavon was pacy and electric too. How did it went against France? Inexperienced players are easier to shut down.

    • Don’t we have better and experienced player than Garnacho and Almada!? Coz I don’t none of them are at WC level. I believe Buendia is better replacement than Almada as he already played several top level matches in EPL. Strange he is not selected!

      • If it was a fantasy squad I would take both Garnacho and Almada. Garnacho is the hottest teenager in the world. Almada can surprise people because he has that playmaker instinct and tendency combined with winger versatility.

        Messi praised Almada a lot when Almada made his debut. Messi said he is someone who is fearless and is very good in one on one.

        When Scaloni announced the original first 26, I would rate the squad B-

        Now the injured Joaquin and Nico being cut, Almada and Angel joining in, I rate it B+

        If somehow Foyth is out and Garnacho is in (very unrealistic maybe), I would rate it A for sure.

      • As for your suggestions of Buendia or Ocampos before AFA chose Almada. I don’t think both are good idea.

        Buendia is a right winger, he can play left winger but much better as right winger or playmaker. We already have Di Maria and Dybala and now Correa for right winger. Not to mention Messi.

        Ocampos is a left winger but as Richard says he only plays around 20 minutes for Ajax this season. Ajax don’t even consider him at all. I would say his career is over for Argentina unless something dramatic happens to him next year. So I say the final battle of Almada and Garnacho (for J Correa spot) is the best we could possibly have.

      • actually almada is not that impressive at all . Personally I won’t consider players in MLS. Almada played in Velez before being rated as messi 2.0 .However no Europe team approach then sold to MLS . He is probably Meza 2.0 . However Garnacho is different .

        At the moment argentina crying out for left winger too .

        Both garnacho and ocampos are OK

  23. Based on Scaloni diagram on his blackboard the map of the team is as follows (no biased opinion):
    De Paul/Enzo
    Di Maria/A Correa/T Almada
    Lautaro/J Alvarez

    The left ones are the preferred starters.

    J Correa out is very good for me because of Scaloni’s tendency to over use him. When Nico was out, I was afraid that J Correa would be the number one option of the back up of any of Messi/Di Maria/Lautaro. Now it won’t be the case anymore.

    Now I am calm if Di Maria needs to be substituted or Lautaro. I trust all of the back up options of: A Correa/Dybala/Alvarez/Almada.

    Acuna and Papu are being closely assessed. Acuna is believed to be 50-50. Papu should be safe. Acuna is very needed. Medina is believed to be the 100% replacement if Acuna doesn’t make it. But again Acuna would be super crucial.

    If the opponents don’t feel any danger from our left at all (if no Acuna). logically, they would put more extra players such as DM or MC to mark our right sided and central players.

    I just wonder why Foyth is safe? He is clearly not himself? he is hiding his injury too or what?

    News already speculating that 8 players will surely start against Saudi: Emi, Cuti, Otamendi, Paredes, De Paul, Messi, Di Maria, and Lautaro. Molina should start too. That leaves either Acuna/Tagli or Papu/MacAllister.

    • “If the opponents don’t feel any danger from our left at all (if no Acuna). logically, they would put more extra players” good point I agree we can afford lose both nico and Acuna no man I will be super angry if Acuna doesn’t make it but I’m positive thinker and he will probably fine

    • J correa has his value in the team ,he is all round though not typically smart at all .But when there are no lo celso ,Gonzalez,.He can be a sub . since J correa is speedy ,skillful. just too bad at heading and finishing . But what worry me most is missing locelso ,Gonzalez plus probably acuna . The mainstream of left side .

      angel correa is right foot player,can dribble or creat chance for teammates so tactically both Gomez and A correa can fit in locelso ‘s position .however Enzo, Mcallister, Palacios are more no.5 type . Though Enzo can be a little bit more offensive .he is still far from that of lo celso . So I think one of those three should be replaced by a left winger such as garnacho or ocampos

    • @el_principe even with acuna noone fears our left side. Top teams fear stars or superstars and we don’t have any stars in left side. That maybe good also as messi or dimaria will attract lots of players and left sided player work will be easier and they will get their chance to score just they have to take it

  24. My suggestion due to so many left side players missing or in doubt
    1,using angel Correa compete with Gomez to replace lo celso .
    2, take out one or two of those central midfielders Enzo ,Mcallister, Palacios. They are too similar can’t replace lo celso nor de paul
    3, Bring one more left winger garnacho or ocampos as back up to di Maria.
    4, foyth is not in form replaced by Medina
    5, acuna is a must
    6, Messi can be used as a central forward if needed 7, if dybala is out then bring simeone, actually messi doesn’t have any sub at all. he is irreplaceable

  25. Excuse me please guys but I have to give this guy since he came back after bashing Lisandro martinez his first two difficulties games in elp.
    Hey maxilopez830 tell us now how licha martinez doing in elp and how Brentford manager targeted him being small.

      • > still not impressed by licha in epl, licha is slow & physically weak & and short

        Oy vey, gotta interject here..
        Most pundits and EPL fans are in direct contrast to you. The silly height issue was quickly dismissed after watching him perform. What he lacks in height is made up in his ability to time tackles and aerial duels perfectly. He has really good tackling and recovery stats, hell he even has 80%+ win aerial duals, higher that most top EPL defenders.
        For pace and strength, it’s hard to believe you even watch him. He’s fast for a center back and he punks the opposition constantly. Furthermore, Ten Hag deploys a high backline, which by default, requires pacey defenders and that’s part of the reason why Ten Hag brought him to United.

        Also, another key attribute is his leadership. He’s always calling out plays, correcting his teammates positioning, congratulating and pumping up his teammates. I can see him fulfill the “Masche” role in that department.

  26. Two Players with height replaced with two smaller ones again. Not very good in case of standards against us.

    who do we have that are good in ariels now???
    We got the defenders, Cuti Ota Licha Pezella Foyth then there is Guido… Out of this 5 players there will be at most 3 of them in a Match…

    We can not get a lot of set pieces against us… When we face the Europeans… It’s gonna be hard to defend… Because Nico and J. Correa were pretty good in ariels…

    Anyways we have to trust our staff and look forward… Let’s hope we have an awesome start in the WC.

    • Neither Nico nor J.Correa are starters and honestly when was the last time you saw J.Correa defending in the air? I sure as hell don’t remember him doing any important aerial work, be it defensive or offensive.
      More importnatly those 2 were excluded because of fitness issues and if there is anything we learned from 2014 – and all the injuries that came with it – is that fitness, not height, is paramount. With being said the team is hardly what I’d call “short”, Dibu, Molina, Pezzella, Otamendi, Cuti, DePaul, Paredes and Guido aren’t short by any stretch and even the shorter players like Tagliafico, Lautaro and Licha are strong in the air.

  27. actually I think scaloni is too strict .Nowadays even messi is not 100%healthy . no need to make sure all players are 100% healthy ,some players are irreplaceable no matter whether they can play in first match or not .sometimes you need to rely on them in knock out stages .

    otherwise you suddenly change lots of players only make the case even more worse .

    according to ole ,dybala ,papu, acuna even lautaro are not 100%sure

      • IMO
        Messi(Dybala but he is not 100% under examination )
        Di Maria (A correa)
        Papu (almada ,Mcallister, Palacios, Enzo)
        J correa(None)
        Acuna(tagliafico, Medina or Molina versus UAE)

        ACTUALLY angel Correa back up for di Maria, and Gonzalez doesn’t make sense at all . almada = 70% Gomez .

  28. Garnacho is immature cause he is a typical generation x social media-raised brat.
    However, he is a world-class player as we all can see with our very eyes.

    I knew he wouldn’t be called up after praising Ronaldo and calling him “the greatest of all time”. To us fans it’s nothing, but the football world is egotistical. Why else would Aguero respond?

    Why else does every Barca player say Messi is the best or RM players say Ronaldo is the best? Rooney said Ronaldo was the best until he retired and told the truth.
    There is a reason the reporters purposely ask transferred players, “who do you now think is the best”. It’s a trap question.

    Garnacho would have been a great addition in counter-attack and playing out wide. He is not an ordinary player. His defiant attitude is because he himself knows this. Hopefully, he matures before his ego ruins him because I believe he would have been called up if it weren’t for those antics. Ronaldo also was milking the situation.

    • What Garnacho does is terrible by putting likes on him being a Spaniard, but again that is a sign of immaturity. Not all 18 year old can be matured for sure. Talent wise, there there is no doubt he can be the next superstar. No matter what, we have to make sure that he is ours.

      I don’t think he means it when he put likes. Maybe he just wants to tell the world how disappointed he is when 2 spots were open and all were his positions (Nico and Joaquin), but he still does not get selected despite all his achievements in the last recent weeks for MU.

      The only way now for him to make the World Cup is if Papu, who is closely being assessed is out. But it is very unlikely.

  29. Not just Acuna ..Papu also will be monitored closely..!
    More bad news coming out..?
    Entire left side will be cut? ..what the fk happening ..left arm and leg cut…!

  30. papu Gomez, acuna under examination too . All left side . lo celso ,Gonzalez ,J correa ,acuna ,papu .

    I am confident this unbalance team can’t reach too far in knock out stages.

  31. Garnacho is too much on social media. .
    Now, news coming out that.. he liked a comment saying. “They didn’t take him because he’s Spanish” after the two new replacement.
    Hopefully he won’t take it that sense .

    • Lets be honest here, the kid scored in two consecutive games for ManU, he looks promising but you never know until it actually happens but what we do know is that Scaloni and his staff had a chance to call him up but didn’t for some reason(s).

      My guess is, team chemistry, now I’m sure some schmuck on social media is gonna say that MESSI didn’t want him on the team because of this or that.
      They didn’t see enough of him.
      Its not his time yet.
      He’ll get his chance very soon if he keeps his nose clean and attitude in check.

  32. Angel can be a backup of dmaria or Messi. If any injury to Messi or dmaria angel can be a best replacement for them. .Angel is always playing in rightwing or in attacking mid. He can’t be a best replacement for Nico. Nico is better by considering other thing also. Currently scaloni n
    doesnt have much options in his armory.Whenever playing for NT Nico and Joaquin’s body language shows some advantage for Arg.in field and left wing is safe in thr hands..

  33. Crazy that all the bad luck on injuries is on us. Brazil players were playing till last club game ( xcept Richalison) & entire team is fit. What are they doing different as they are in similar clubs & playing same schedules. I think only England & France midfield is now worse than us in injury impact
    It was expected that Scaloni wouldnt take the leap of faith on Garnacho. Wld have been very exciting. But Scaloni always prioritizes team chemistry & integration. So too late for Garnacho for 2022. Happy for Angelito & hope he makes it count.
    On Almada it surely is a risk as MLS & Jamaica game cannot be a benchmark considering the lower quality of opposition. But what can be reassuring is Almada came in as a sub & played well in Olympics compared to Macclister & lot of the other starters. In fact Ledsema, Medina & Almada were the only plus points in Olympics. So may be he will rise to the occasion. Given the situation we are in – most crucial now is we have a healthy Acuna. Else it will be a triple blow in left side ( post Locelso & Nico G) & already hard to absorb.

  34. Argentina and Uruguay have taken 2,000Ibs worth of premium beef EACH to Qatar …..asado galore and a chef along for the ride.
    The boys will be properly fed 😉

  35. Word of advice for everybody, The WC is a marathon not a sprint……..things will happen during that period!
    Luck is the X-factor for all.
    It could always be worse…..Sadio Mane out of the world cup……

  36. Hey guys, i do not usually comment… I read all of them though…. I have been reading these comments and all the negativity and toxicity made me sad…. I know we have disagreements on some player but in the it is what it is…we had dis agreement in all the call up, so take a chill pill… We believe in Our team, our coaching team, Scolani and our captain… They know better than us, what is the plan and who is better to execute them… All the call ups been there with the team, so who is good for dressing room is also important as well as team tactics and other technical things…..

    They are from Reserve, so they are there to back others up, they are not starter, so we should not worry much, judge them and wish them luck, so that whatever their roles are they fill it up perfectly.

    I know we are all anxious and excited and love this team too damn much, and show our emotions different way, so all the fear creates negativity in our mind and hence the comments but I love reading all of yours thoughts, so always keep them coming. I don’t know u guys but I love u all. Cheers mates…

    I do not care who is in the team, just need the golden Trophy…. So it doesn’t matter anymore, Let’s enjoy the ride, it is time to turn into those players biggest supporters and vamos🫡🫡

  37. I am telling the story of Aguero here before the final list was out ….to point we should not take any injured players…
    Plus, Scaloni told he will only take players who are fit to play from the first match …

    Still, I never thought it will happen after the list came out…
    After Scaloni’s last interview, I understood there are some issues..and this is not mind games..

    My thoughts..

    1. J.Correa – The actual replacement is A.Correa.

    2.Nico – I believe Papu will be used in Nico’s place when DiMaria not playing. And Almada will be in Papu’s place.

    3. Medina will be the next for Acuna or Foyth.

  38. Some coaches here are always arguing about who deserves to be on the 26 list. Leave that to Scaloni. I see the players he chose as pieces that make up a solid team. I believe him. Like he said, in terms of football, it’s all playable. The problem here is health even if it’s Leo. If he gets injured and can’t play, 100% he has to go home. Health plays a very important role in his greatness.

  39. A.Correa is very well deserved to be there. But Almada is a big fraud, whose skills and experience can’t even qualify for Costa Rica NT. Scaloni brings Almada is like Sampaoli loves Meza from one single friendly match. I am very worried because Scaloni now has a Sampaoli vibe right before the WC.

    • What on earth u are talking about again ? Scaloni might had once worked with Sampa, but that is so long ago that whatever perspective u want try to put your comparison’s between those 2
      Sorry to say, but it will never work as u are just wasting your time to try establish something that is mission impossible !

    • OMG! Incredible ! Don’t know what to say any more as better start doing my meditation as it has been a very long day indeed, so long as i honestly can’t really remember when 4-5 days before WC starting so many things coming up from Arg’s WC camp, well hopefully Papu will be fine as i will pray for Acuna even as semi-fit, will just do fine now, thanx again fir your update!

    • When it rains it pours. For sports, i have never gone from an emotional high to low in such a short period.
      Chin up, lads. Scaloneta champagne futbol will find a way.

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