Gio Simeone, Roberto Pereyra added to Argentina World Cup reserves


Gio Simeone and Roberto Pereyra have been added to Argentina’s reserves for the World Cup.

Simeone and Pereyra join Juan Musso and Facundo Medina as the reserves for Argentina. According to Fernando Czyz, those four players are the reserves should something happen.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has already called up Ángel Correa and Thiago Almada to the team.


  1. Roberto pereira nightmare is not going to leave me alone. For some weird reason Scaloni loves him. I thought McAllister took his spot but alas, now both are in the show.

  2. Let’s hope the new reserves are not needed. From Lo Celso to Pereyra is a downhill ride straight into mediocrity.

  3. I seriously don’t understand why people want garnacho to be selected…He has just played 10 competitive games for man utd…while Thiago has 100 games for Velez. And moreover, Thiago would play for the batch while garnacho would play for himself..(His attitude is not the best)

      • Seems like our backups are good enough. Simione and Pereyra are playing well for their clubs. Garnacho needs to prove himself. A goal against Fulham is not good enough.

        Almada is a natural player at GLCs position. MLS brings discipline and games are more physical (Since Local player grow up with playing their football/rugby). Almada/Enzo could be game changers at left mid side.

        McAllister is consistently playing against big EPL teams. He should keep his form. A long range shot goal from our mid could be a decider in the quarter/semi..

        I would rest DiMaria till the final (unless we are behind and need a equalizer). Dibu, Molina, Cuti, Licha, Tagliaf, RDP, Paredes, Enzo, Messi, Lautaro, Papu. EnzoMcAllister, PapuAlvarez/Correa, 3rd sub is for licha/cuti/paredes whoever gets a yellow.

    • No they are stand by till Tuesday in case of injury etc
      For example Correa was in Rosario for vacation when he informed to fly to Qatar imidietely together with Almada.

  4. I don’t understand why some people are going crazy to take Gatancho in….he has started playing at the top level a few months before….he is so young…the world cup might be a too big platform for him….and he has not played a single big match for Argentina….there is not a strong case in favour of including him….the unnecessary hipe might become a challenge for his career growth….

  5. I am glad both are safe. If Papu were to be replaced I think they would replace him with Simeone or Perreyra instead of Garnacho. That would be even a harder slap in the face for Garnacho.

    Acuna is extremely important for us. If we play MacAllister or Enzo or Palacios as MCL I don’t think they can combine with Tagliafico as there is no pace at all. Only with Acuna. But if Papu or Almada, then OK with Tagliafico.

    • You are definitely correct my brother… acuna adds a dimension that is crucial to our World Cup success … thank God he is healthy … more important than even Locelso

    • Acuna has been one of most important player for us in Scaloni era and most underrated aswell. He has many direct assists in national team from his crosses. I remember when we came from behind to tied Germany in friendlies and Acuna assisted both goals.

  6. It’s not the talent pool. Argentina has a history of not bringing “all the best possible players who are 100% healthy”. The only exception is the 2006 World Cup. The 2nd issue is putting and keeping and subbing all the right players on the field – why we lost 2006 (best WC selection, blunder subs against Germany).

    In 2014 WC – Pastore, Tevez, Icardi, Banega, & Lamela should have been in instead of Enzo Perez, Lucas Biglia, Maxi Rodriguez, Rodrigo Palacio, and Ricky Alvarez

    Maxi was injured, Gago was injured, Alvarez was injured, and the WC final stage was too big for Palacio

    • @Wisdom, you really need to revise your history.

      2006 left out Zanetti and Samuel, Coloccini was taken instead.

      -Pastore was not in form, getting benched in PSG

      -Tevez shown in 2011 copa that he’s curse on the NT, where Batista included him in the opening round ahead of Maria and Argentina nearly got knocked out on the 1st round

      -Banega wasn’t in good shape and hence why Sabella sent him home during training camp, just a week before the worldcup

      -Lamela was injured (back or shoulder injury). Nuff said.

      -Icardi would’ve been good but Palacio was chosen ahead of him because Palacio had one of the highest goals + assist tallies in Italy, far more so than Icardi.

      -Enzo Perez was voted MVP in Portugal that year.
      -Biglia moved to Lazio that year and played very well.
      -Ricky Alvarez was doing well with Inter and was superb against Italy in the friendly prior to WC.
      – Maxi Rodriguez scored 5 goals in the WCQ including 2 against Uruguay in the last game of the WCQ. He did very well in the few minutes that he was given.
      – Maxi and Ricky were both fully fit when they to the WC and didn’t have any injuries during the WC. Gago wasn’t injured but he was constantly struggling with fitness but he was essential for Sabella’s system and he had to be included.
      The only player who wasn’t fit from the get go was Augusto Fernandez.

      • @mamoun elpipita
        Dam, take it easy on me bro. lol

        But I do have to disagree with Max and Ricky. None of them played after match 1.

        Regarding Tevez, WC version is always a different player. 2014 he was in top top form for Juventus. Only our NT would leave him off the team that year.
        Also, Lamela was available in 2014. I believe he was featured in all the WC promotional for Argentina and was among the practice squad, but ultimately not called up. Afterward, he played against Germany in the rematch where he scored a volley.

        Biglia played well after the world cup then digress after 2016.

        Gago got injured in game 1, so Banega could have been backup (honest I just brought him up for sakes cause.. He wasn’t really consistent in NT). I just love Pastore because that year he bossed Barca and Chelsea in the champions league prior to his injury.

  7. Roberto over garnacho? Is this some kind of joke? Is being born in Spain the big issue here? Are we gonna lose a future star because of this? What madness is this? Why not buindea at least? But Roberto? Na man them can’t be srs

    • As Papu is fine chance for Garnacho. If need, Scaloni will use Papu or A.Correa as left winger.
      So, Pereyra is a reserve for any of the midfielders. That’s it.
      Simeone is the reserve for any forwards.
      Medina for any defenders.
      Musso for any GKs.

      • I get that, but would Messi prefer to put his head down when he loses his last shot winning a world cup by brining players like Almada, or should he think critically and bring the best of the best on the bench?

      • One of Messi’s son likes CR7. So what? If you just follow man utd, barca, psg and big team matches, then I understand why you are talking like that.

        If you never typed udinese or Verona or Fiorentina or Brighton or levercusen in your search list, you have no idea what Argentine football is now about…

  8. This means we don’t have any replacement for Acuna. Keep Acuna.

    When we have players like Pereyra and the pathetic MLS fraud as our WC reserves, this really indicates our talent pool now..

    We might win titles with genius players like Messi and Di Maria, but we need to do something to produce better footbal talents in the long run. Football will be even more tactical in the future, which will be in favor of countries like Germany and Spain that can consistenly produce tactically strong players.

      • @karl is right selecting a player from mls will lead young players into to a thinking that its ok to go to mls and the league is so poor our league is so much better look at barco since coming back from mls he has been one of the worst player in the with 25 players or choose langioni garnacho or buonanotte anything but a player from mls is a red flag i used to follow almada when he was in argentina but since his move to mls i stopped full stop i am sure scaloni will see his level is very low and i will be surprised if he sees any minute may be in the third group game but scaloni makes his changes on purpose

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