Lionel Messi to join Lionel Scaloni at Argentina press conference on Monday


Lionel Messi will join Lionel Scaloni as the Argentina will hold a press conference on Monday.

Messi will be with Scaloni as they will hold a press conference before their game against Saudi Arabia. This will be held after the team’s last training session before the game.


  1. My friends….at a joyous time as now, with the World Cup upon us, let’s focus on our similarities and not our differences! We are all Argentina soccer fans and should be rejoicing about our chances in this World Cup to be champions. It matters not our racial background, religion or beliefs. WE ARE ALL EQUALS HERE AND IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WOULD WANT TO BE TREATED, KINDLY LEAVE THIS FORUM. There is no place for racial comments on Mundo Albiceleste because we are all bigger than that!
    So please gentleman, with a fucking cherry on top, respect each other, enjoy the games and Vamos Argentina!

    • Well put. Enough of racist and bigoted comments. There is no place for racist, homophonic, and xenophobic comments on Mundo. In general, treat and say things to people how you want people to treat and say things to your family including your mothers and children.

      Btw, your final sentence reminded of the The Wolf in Pulp Fiction when he asked Travolta and Jackson to clean the brains “So pretty please, with sugar on top, clean the fuckin’ car”

  2. Asian futbol is at best rival the North American futbol like Honduras, Costa Rica, Jamaica, etc but a bit weaker. We need them at the WC as it is impossible to play WC with 20 European teams and 9 South American teams for example. In 4 years, the numbers of weak teams will grow even more as the numbers of team will expand to 32.

    But to think that the gap between the giants and the weak teams has narrowed, I disagree. It has widen yes, not narrowed. We saw the UEA team against Argentina. Then today this Iran vs. England then yesterday Qatar vs. Ecuador. Angel Di Maria, Saka, Rashford scored goals that would never be a goal had they had better defense. It was very amateurish defense.

    See this is the difference between futbol and basketball. In basketball, the strength of the giants and the weak ones get narrowed. Today, USA basketball would never win against anyone by 40 points like they did in 1992 dream team gold medal dream team era. Sometimes they even lost in Olympics. But in futbol 10-20 years ago, the likes of Jamaica, Saudi Arabia got trashed 5-0 or so today it remains the same… (if not worse).

    • USA played not with their star players in last international tournaments, rather with the B/C team which are not that strong. In 92 USA B would have been not fearful. But the 4 best players of the world from the TOP5 are not americans right now: Giannis, Jokic, Doncic and Embiid.

    • One possible answer to your question is look at who are the scorers of todays 6-2 win for England. Five out of six goles were scored by players not having a pure British ancestry. Many European countries got this advantage because of their economy, culture, and the advancement in science and technology, drawing migration from the rest of the world.

      Some Arabs are also doing similar thing but their history is short and they are not getting the quality as the incentive is mostly centered around money only.

      Argentina is an aberration. Don’t know what are the reasons but Argentina is still a super power in world football without an ancestry mixup.

      But, surely, that’s not the only reason. Economy has a direct impact on it too. Look at how the quality of major European leagues are changing over time. Where is Italian or Spanish leave today compared to the premier league. Money talks.

  3. When our rival is starting 19 years old superstar Bellingham, we just called a 21 years old backup from MLS and dellusionally believe he is talented 😂😂😂

      • My point is that our talent pool is just embarrassing and we are doing nothing. When Messi and Angel retire, our talent level will go to the same level as Columbia and Uruguay. If we keep promoting youngsters like Almada, we will never ever see an all-star lineup again.

        When your NT coach ignores MU player of the month and follows MLS games, then younger generation will always consider MLS. I am sure that Tete and Southgate will never watch Atlanta United game for a second. 😂😂😂

        • dude stop whining.. There’s no comparison between England and Argentina as far as talent pool. Perhaps Bellingham is a starter because he’s the best they have to offer at the moment. Whether it’s Almada or Garnacho, I doubt either of those guys would get major minutes in this WC. Also, everyone seems to focus on Garnacho’s attacking prowess. How’s the rets of his game? Can he press? Does he track back? NO.. Just be a fan…Let Scaloni be the coach

    • I was saying the same thing. The media criticized Argentina coach for shutting out Garnacho whose speed and athleticism is what the team needed. Almada who?

  4. I am not from India or Bangladesh but I am from Asia living abroad and the kind of comments made below by some senior members is what boils my blood. Why do you have to generalize and get racist. Yesterday it was people from middle east that were being racially attack now Asians. We all chose to support a country we are not from and we are getting humiliated because of a player preference? My neck hurts from moving it side to side in disbelief. You guys have no idea how people in South and South east Asia worship Argentina and Brazil. Grow up guys!!!

    • Just ignore. M from nepal and been supporting Argentina since 1986. Racism is everywhere (just ignore) . Lets get together and pray that we will win this time.

    • We live in a world controlled by the media and everybody is supposed to blindly conform to whatever is mainstream and GOD help you if you step out of line, at least that’s what they have you believe……the weak minded will go along with whatever they’re told as long as they don’t step on anybody’s toes.

  5. Here in Qatar, there was a little wind and dust yesterday. It’s common when changing the climate. But the chance of getting sickness ( fever, headache, cold etc ) due to climate change are high this time especially for outsiders who are new to this country.

    Today it’s clear until now. Hopefully none of our players hurt.

  6. Senegal or ecuador will give test England, the Netherlands will probably beat England
    Iran is shocking can’t wait the Netherlands vs Senegal its looks good game on the paper

  7. Saudis are much better than Iran or Qatar not to mention UEA. We will lose sadly, a WC contender, much more than Argentina. Without Garnacho we have no chance.

  8. @Mitthrawnuruodo
    “Hunger is a huge problem worldwide. All these filthy arab countries are responsible. They produce almost no food of their own but suck the rest of the world dry with their dirty oil money. Then those filthy zealots have the gall to proselytize what other people should eat or drink, or who other people should love. Disgusting.”

    You seem to have an issue against Arab countries, not just because of this comment but your other comments. I say it an issue because you are using propaganda to support your argument. Here are some facts:

    1. The USA, Germany, France, and the Nederlands import more food than the rest 233 countries combined.

    2. The total population of these four countries are around 500 million, one sixteenth of the total world population of 8 billion.

    3. So, 0.5 billion of the world population is importing more food than the rest 15.5 billion population. If you take out US from the equation, which has over 300 million people and a major producer of global food, the statistics is stark for the EU.

    4. The EU WASTES 153 million tones of food each year perhaps, enough to alleviate global food shortage.

    5. Can’t remember the exact statistics, but recently read somewhere that each EU household waste about 70 tons of food each year. (Could be wrong on this number).

    So, please stop your propaganda. I understand that you are upset about something, but this is not the way to express it.

  9. One person who has a tremendous understanding of the game is Lionel Messi.
    He voted for Sadio Mane for Balon Dor long back. He wanted him in Barcelona. I was initially surprised when he said England is a contender. Will be interesting to see how they do eventually. Their run is easier too.

    We must start well tomorrow. I am good with the team. Argentina will be the team with greatest support. An early goal is good to settle the nerves. Get a goal in 15-20 mins.

    Early trend is no upset.

    • Both England and Brazil has included a lot of wingers. And what makes the difference between the two is Neymar. Our full backs have to be at their toes and in full flow and concentration especially Molina who may turn out of focus while defending.

  10. We need to win big against Saudi. Match against Mexico and Poland will be very competitive. Points and goals count will be crucial in the end. (I hope we score 9 points)

      • And guys from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan blame our team and players, Thiago Almada is more talented than every football player were born in India in their history combined. This horrible Iran would humiliate an India not to mention Bangladesh. Have some shame!

        • Csabalala you re troll 🤣 I’m joking mate Honestly speaking this kind country shouldn’t play football can’t even make 2 passes together
          BTW I like the England beating Iran as know the media will overhype them again which is good.

          • England NEEDS to top the group. If they finish second then it would be England vs top of group A (Netherlands or Ecuador) and the winner will face us. Let England be on the other bracket killing each other with Germany/Portugal/France.

        • That’s a deplorable comment, those guys don’t see Albiceleste as a foreign team. I am a Bangladeshi living in the USA after living in Finland for 26 years. I don’t have a team of my own! My team, my dream, and my joy is Argentina! That’s something you’ll never understand! This is not a criticism against the Argentine team, it is a discussion as a critic. There may be some moronic trolls here, but most of us are die-hard Argentine football fans eagerly waiting for a World Cup victory since 1986. People die for Argentina in India, Bangladesh, etc. I still google and I am pissed for losing Folkland to those mofos.

        • This is very objectionable comment from you Casabala not because you have a point but because it’s rude and morally not a right thing to do.

          Football today is a global sport because these shitty Asians play and participate in the game. Cricket is a very popular sport in certain parts of the world, but it has not reached the same level as football because not many countries play the sport.

          Why do we forget that this tournament is not a European or South American competition. It’s World Cup because the world participates to it. You want to exclude the Asians and still call it a World Cup? What about the EURO?

          You referenced India and Bangladesh in your comment. The South Asia has more Argentina Supporters than the total population in Argentina.

          And, these shitty Asians still call the sports “Football”, not “soccer”.

          So, even if you may be right about the quality of Asian football and Almada, your comment is hurtful, rude and not appropriate. I hope you understand it.

          • @el_Torero sorry, but @Csabalala or neither @karl obviously don’t care about humanity, as theese kind of post’s from are very insulting against others as we are not here to insult anyone as we are here because of our beloved ALBICELESTE AND LA SELECCION, but those 2 insulting others specially openly as instead of some Person,( which is not also tolerable at all as there is no any kind of respect with anything or anyone) still now they are insulting whole nations who are supporting Arg…as should that be allowed in the first place or is this the meaning why we are all here ? As i suggest to everyone not reply tontheir comment anymore rather just ignore those 2 until they will no longer exist etc….

        • You should be shame to comment like this we love Argentina thats why we compare Argentine player against top players
          You @Casabala your mind is very narrow bro you compare a talented player of world Rank no 3 wc players against 105 rank indian players😁😁😁. We also have rights to talk about Argentine player bcz we love Argentina, You don’t know how difficult to Watch Sauth American Football match in Our country
          All matches are starts at night 3/4/5/And we watch our beloved team I think india has kore Argentine fan than total Argentine people thats much we love South American team 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 I think a 10 year old child has more knowledge about football than you(Sorry for my English if I mistaken anything 🙏🙏🙏))

        • Csabalala November 21, 2022 At 8:48 am
          And guys from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan blame our team and players, Thiago Almada is more talented than every football player were born in India in their history combined. This horrible Iran would humiliate an India not to mention Bangladesh. Have some shame!

          Csabalala November 21, 2022 At 9:22 am
          No, its like blaming the cricket legends from India etc. with a non existing cricket in my country that they are shit players.


  11. Iran’s goalie subbed out due to bad collision, this is why having a good no-2 keeper is very important. I am not sold out on both Rulli and Armani. My choice was Musso but let pray we will have Emi playing all 7 matches.

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